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  1. I have a weigh in on Wednesday and I *think* I may be at my goal? My highest weight was 380-390lbs a year and a half ago. When I started the Bariatric program in January of this year my weight was 339, I had lost 40 or so pounds from exercise and mild/inconsistent dieting. They wanted me to get to 322 to approve me for surgery. My scale says I’m at 316 now... but that’s my naked weight- so I figure as long as my clothes don’t weigh more than 6lbs I should be okay. My *personal* goal is to get below 300 before surgery. The reason why I’m so focused on hitting these goals before surgery is I know my weight is a result of diet. If I can consistently lose weight before the surgery, it means I’ve started to really tackle the root cause. I have had some success- like now I actually prefer water or no calorie Powerade to soda. I’ve gotten better at portions and self control. I’ve really got more work to do with meal planning and breaking up with my good friend the potato... [emoji23].
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    I had mine a month or two ago. I was sedated. I didn’t remember any of it. I can’t remember if I had to get fully undressed or if it was just my upper half that had to. The only surprise was they really wanted me to take my nose hoop out, because they said if they biopsied anything it could leave a black mark near the piercing... but I explained how difficult it would be for me to remove and they let me keep it. They did take a few biopsies (which it is totally normal for them to take biopsies so don’t freak!) and I didn’t get a black mark on my nose. I guess it’s totally rare that it causes a mark, but they have to warn you and encourage you to remove any piercings anyways!
  3. I have told husband, mother, one brother, sister-in-law, two aunts, like six friends, my personal trainer and my boss. The only one not super supportive was my sister in law who said she didn’t agree with it, but lord knows there is plenty I could pipe up and say I don’t agree with but I’m a little too grown for all of that... [emoji23] She doesn’t have to get it or support it, it’s not her body or her life.
  4. Yes. I did a home sleep study a few weeks ago and have my results appointment next week. However, they tried to call me today (but I missed it) so I’m hoping it wasn’t to tell me I need to do it again. But I am pretty sure they’ll say I have OSP so I’m not sure what the next step will be...
  5. I am more than likely having mine in July. I’ve had most my pre-op stuff done, but I’m in limbo with the sleep people. Hopefully they clear me next week, but who knows! I started in January, but have had a bit of life-stuff come up that has made me slow the process down so I’d get approved at a more convenient time. Luckily the program I’m in is okay with my slowed down process and said as long as I keep losing it’s no big deal! [emoji3] Also, glad to meet fellow summer folks!
  6. I feel like I am hitting a bit of a wall. I have been to so many appointments in the last three months and I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, because I’m missing a lot of work to go to all of the appointments... and I really need my job. I think I’ve had around 14 surgery-related medical appointments since January? Is that normal?
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    Pre Op Diet

    So basically what I have had success with is... Protein shake for breakfast (love the premier protein shakes) Avoid pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, corn... but if I must indulge, try for whole grain items and follow serving size rules! Stick to serving sizes for meats, ~6 oz lean mean with lunch and dinner. Aim for protein rich foods.. If I’m eating green or veggies other than potatoes, corn, or beans... I eat as much of them as I want to. Lunch is typically a salad of spinach, chicken, sharp cheddar, and almonds with a balsamic dressing. Dinner is usually a lean meat with two diff veggies. I try not to snack (this is tough though). I don’t really dig lean cuisines personally ... not enough food to make me feel full and they have a lot of salt. I lost 15lbs the first month following the above pattern. I’ve lost 5 the last month, but I’ve really been slacking and had a lot of events going on. Good luck! You got this!
  8. The endoscopy was fine and really had no pain or trouble with it. However, they said I have a hiatal hernia, reflux with possible Barrets, AND gastritis. I never really had any idea there were issues in those parts of my body but [emoji44]..: I was leaning towards RNY and I think this sealed the deal for me.
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    Had my endoscopy today!

    I don’t recall any of the actual procedure. I last I recall being told was to rotate more on my side and bite down on the bite block when I felt the medicine. It was super gentle sedation and super gentle waking up. Also they let me drink water immediately after so I was stoked! I wish yours is as much of a breeze as mine was! I’m sure it will be!
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    Had my endoscopy today!

    My understanding is that doctors won’t perform or strongly discourage you from gastric sleeve if you have reflux issues or Barret’s esophagus, as the sleeve increases reflux for some (possibly most?) patients. However, gastric bypass is still an option as it does not increase reflux and may even decrease/cure reflux related issues.
  11. Hi all! This forum was recommended to me. I’m a few appointments into the process for a possible RNY. My highest weight was probably 370 and my starting weight was 340 and current weight is 323. My goal to hit to get approved is 322.6. It’s only taken a month to get close to the goal... Great, right? However, I’m nervous about my ability to stick to a diet long-term. I’ve been super successful losing the required weight, but only because I’ve given myself cheat meals and then gotten back on track. I know that with the surgery, it will be a long while before I can tolerate cheat foods... and that makes me nervous. I’m also nervous that a month isn’t really a long enough time to address a lifetime of bad eating habits and that if I proceed too quickly, I won’t have fixed what got me here in the first place... anyone else have similar concerns or suggestions on how to work through this? Thanks!
  12. My endoscopy is Friday, so I haven’t had it yet. I did have a similar test done a month ago (a TEE) and can tell you the worst part was not being able to drink water that morning. The only discomfort was a slight scratchy throat the day after.
  13. Hey y’all. New to the boards and fairly new to the process. Had first appointment on January 24th. So far I’ve had 2 dietician appointments, surgical appointment, psych, and primary doc. I have my endoscopy in a week and then will just be waiting on my cardiologist to sign off and the sleep study, both of which should happen in April. I’ve been working on fixing up my diet issues, (quitting soda and caffeine) and I’m almost to my pre-surgery goal weight. I’ve also got to ween off my electronic cigarette that I used to help quit smoking. I’m just wanting to get it over with at this point. I’ve got a lot going on in my life and I’m trying to squeeze this in to family and work obligations. It’s so hard to accrue sick time with all these appointments and I’d really like to get a full salary while I’m recovering. I suppose there’s never a good time to do it, though... so no time like the present! How would y’all rate the recovery compared to gallbladder removal recovery? I had my gallbladder out about 10 years ago and bounced back super quick... so I’m hoping I have the same luck with this!
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    How long?

    I am a month and a half in. It’s looking to be about 5 or 6 for mean, but only because the sleep place is so darn backed up. I could probably get approved earlier if I didn’t have to wait until April just to have the consultation for a sleep study.
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    New to process and torn

    Thanks, all! You’ve all helped to ease some of my anxiety... as someone who suffers from anxiety.. a permanent change to my body has it through the roof! I just keep telling myself it’s a bit of hardship to improve the rest of my life.