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    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Oh man. My taco love is so strong I participated in team lunch, because they were going to a Mexican place. I never go to team lunch, because I’m a total “lunch bringer”, but the tacos were calling my name! Had taco al pastor refrained beans and a beef enchilada. I’ve go the enchilada left and some beans for tomorrow.
  2. insta_adventurer

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Can usually eat two small tacos.. basically either chicken or beef.. or sometimes chorizo.. Chicken can sometimes be a little tough for me to digest if it is over cooked. But I usually top them with salsa Fresca (tomato, onion, jalapeño, cilantro) and some low fat cheese. I’ll use shredded lettuce if we have anything. The craziest thing is before surgery I was super picky... but now? Not so much.
  3. insta_adventurer

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    I certainly fall into ruts. Breakfast is always coffee and a protein Belvita bar. I know the bars aren’t super healthy, but it’s 10g of protein and the carbs are good morning energy. Plus they’re tasty and I can enjoy it while I go through my morning work emails. I try to go low carb after that. Lunch is always basically meat. There might be a little veggies involved, but I typically try to fill up on the protein parts of whatever I’m eating. I like getting the freezer lean cuisines or smart ones and basically eating everything but the carbs in them. It ends up being a good portion for my pouch once the carbs are removed. Dinner’s always meat and veg. Usually chicken. I live for taco day. I could eat Mexican food and dishes (minus the rice or shells) every day and be a very happy girl. I am seriously buckling down on the head hunger battle. Has anyone tried therapy for specifically this? I know the answer is “find something else to do” or “don’t do it”... but I’m wondering if anyone has had luck with therapists in finding strategies to not cave.
  4. insta_adventurer

    Food Before and After Photos

    Girllll those look delicious! Save some for your wls neighbor!
  5. insta_adventurer

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    23 and me reports on BRCA mutations now. If you’re down for signing over your genetic source code to some corporation, it can be interesting/informative.
  6. insta_adventurer

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    23 and me reports on BRCA mutations now. If you’re down for signing over your genetic source code to some corporation, it can be interesting/informative.
  7. insta_adventurer

    LADIES ONLY! Period after vsg

    I got an IUD about two months before surgery. My periods were longer and the cramps lasted for the entire period vs only the first two days pre-IUD. I’ve now had the IUD for about 9 months. My periods are still longer than they normally were (8-9 days now vs 5-6 before), but they are so incredibly light these days.
  8. insta_adventurer

    Fighting addictions pre-op/post-op

    What did you use to break your snacking habit? This seems to be the thing I struggle with the most.
  9. insta_adventurer

    Wish I never let sweets back in

    I am lucky that sweets don’t settle well do I hardly crave them. Carbs though... the struggle is real with those.
  10. I try not to eat anything processed that has more than 10g of sugar, but that’s about the only counting I do. I don’t eat enough fruit to really feel like I’m overdoing the sugar on account of that so- that’s why I only worry about sugar in processed or things that have added sugar like yogurts and protein supplements.
  11. insta_adventurer

    Post your progress pics!

    Gosh, this was a good thread to see this morning. Seeing a before and after I had posted reminded me why I’m up early on a Sunday to go train. 😂😂 Must. Keep. Moving.
  12. I think it’s important to be mindful that most of the people who are 600lbs got that way due to some serious mental health struggles. I mean, their issues aren’t as simple as, “eats the wrong foods” and are more like “compulsively eats due to past trauma.” Regarding the enablers on the show, it can be extremely difficult to reason with people who suffer from certain mental health illnesses. It’s also exhausting to constantly fight someone else’s battle for them. I give anyone that goes on that show a lot of credit for opening their lives up for public consumption and ridicule in exchange for *maybe* having a shot at a healthy life.
  13. insta_adventurer

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Wow! Hitting onderland will be an amazing high! My plateau/stall has finally started to give way. I’d been hovering at 228 for the previous month or two. However, the last week it started creeping down again and now I’m at 223. Once I break 220 I will be the smallest I’ve ever been as an adult. I’ve got 5 months to hit my team’s goal of onederland before my year anniversary.
  14. insta_adventurer


    Good to know about CMB. I’ll let my brother know to monitor our mother’s credit/identity cause I know she was on that app for a bit. Thanks! Love life? I’m presently in a long distance marriage it feels like. He’s in SF this week and was in the city last week. I think he’ll be relatively local for a month or so after that. I just keep telling myself that now is the time for us to get our hustle on career wise and it’ll be worth it in the long run. Ah well, silver lining is it gives me plenty of time to focus on me and my fitness goals!
  15. insta_adventurer

    Coworker Flat Out Asked If I Had WLS

    Yeah. I would have said, “well, I don’t really think my health or medical history is really any of your business.” Or ask her if she’s had any Botox or fillers lately and let her feel how over the line such questions are. I know, crazy advice coming from Ms. Open Book, but folks have a right to go through this process however they are comfortable in doing so.
  16. insta_adventurer

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Exactly. What an amazingly difficult situation you’re in! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Giving yourself a chance to work through and process your feelings might be just what you need! Good luck!
  17. insta_adventurer

    BM Relief?

    I’ve backed off on the protein shakes and do ducolax 2x a day, miralax if I haven’t gone in two days, and alternate between benefiber and Metamucil. The laying off the protein shakes is a recent attempt to regulate that... so fingers crossed!
  18. insta_adventurer

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    I try to focus more on things/changes I can make forever. Really trying to use the weight loss to get more active as I know for me, that’s what will determine the difference between success and failure long term. So I really try to focus on that and trying not to snack/graze and avoiding unnecessary calories (like beverages).
  19. Aww happy endings are the best! The pain is temporary... I know it’s hard to think that way when you’re in the thick of it, but it will pass.
  20. A friend had her sleeve with him last year. She seems happy with her experience and has had amazing results.
  21. insta_adventurer

    NSV (nothing major)

    You’re doing amazing!!!
  22. insta_adventurer

    100 lbs in under a year?

    Frustr8, sorry for the troubles you have had, but if I remember where you started, 260 something is quite impressive! Especially in light of the troubles you have experienced. My weight loss has started to slow. I need to step up my workouts and track foods better. By hook or by crook I will get there!
  23. insta_adventurer

    Fried Chicken

    That’s the one we have! My only complaint is the basket is quite small. I was raving about air fryers to my brother and had to tell him I thought they’d be too much hassle for his family of six! Could you imagine how many batches it’d take to air dry dinner for that many people?
  24. insta_adventurer

    100 lbs in under a year?

    Right so- I lost 100lbs in under a year. I was 339 when I started the program and 302 on surgery day in July. I’m now 225. I do think this is different for everyone. Likely, the closer you stick to plan- the better your results will be. Also- seems like the big losers are usually hitting the gym like crazy, too.
  25. insta_adventurer

    Does this look infected?

    Yes. Looks fine. Might get a keloid scar there, but it doesn’t appear infected.