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  1. Hello everyone I’m sorry I haven’t posted much I had my surgery March 9th and unfortunately after surgery about a leak was found and repaired immediately less 24 hours after surgery I’m covering and its taking much longer then I expected due to my leak a sequela of it I developed a abscess where the repair was so that will be drained Wednesday. Due to all of this I’m just overwhelmed. I’ve wanted to update but I’m just not up to much lately.


  2. Doing really well, weight loss is slow, guess I just have to be patient.
    Feeling really well no issues with anything apart from a little constipation. 1 month out 6 kg down. All bloods cane back today perfect, been using the Patches.
    Best of luck for tomorrow, will be thinking of you. Update when you can [emoji4]

    I m glad you’re doing well and thank you for the well wishes I will definitely update tomorrow if I’m up to it.


  3. Hello everyone. I’m Ashley and I am 32 years old set for RNY on March 21, 2018. Who all is set to joint the losers bench this month? I’d love to connect and share our journey and have that support.

    Well Hello I’m scheduled for MGB Friday hopefully I will still be able to because the storm hit my home no power and a big tree on it so I may have to reschedule hopefully not


  4. Premier is a mix and not a pure whey isolate. I am GUESSING this is the reason that my team prefer I not use it and use only pure whey isolate. We absorb things differently post op.
    Like I mentioned, I am guessing at this. I will ask at my weekly class on Wednesday and post back. This comment was mentioned at a class on a totally different subject by another patient so I do not have any details as to why. I feel sure that the reason will be solid though.
    My Dr and my team are top notch.

    Well thank you for your response it’s not on my list either I was just wondering if they gave you a reason and my team is top notch as well Good luck