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    Dadtryingtoloseit reacted to SassyScienceNerd in Am so tired of people who ask every ten minutes why they're not losing weight   
    Here's a rant:
    You know what I don't like? Country music. So when I stumble into a local bar called "Cowboy Saloon" and there's a room called "This Room Is All Basically Country Music At High Volume" and they are, in fact, playing country music, you know what I do? I leave. I leave as voluntarily as I came in.
    You know what I don't do? I don't walk around the bar full of people enjoying country music telling them that it's soulless and cliche and isn't what I like to hear and offends my ears and I demand they stop.
    I just leave. I don't make some big scene and scream "Country music is the worst and I am leaving!" I just... you know, take off, and find a bar playing jazz music. Or sit in my car and listen to NPR.