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  1. I don’t think saying that I will pray for someone assumes anything about them rather it says something about me. To use the chicken example if you choose to slaughter a chicken in my honor I don’t care. I’m not slaughtering it, you are.

    The act of praying for someone doesn’t mean I think that person is religious it means that I am.

    I wouldn’t be offended by that....

  2. I say that the feeling is different. I’m not stopping because I’m satisfied and ready to stop, I’m stopping to avoid feeling sick. I’m still getting use to portion size at 2 months. I tried to eat 4 grilled chicken wings for dinner.... nope couldn’t do it. Don’t feel satisfied but I am full. To me satisfaction came from eating the amount I “wanted” and saying “that’s enough” and that was usually after at least 10 chicken wings. Of course that’s why I weighed as much as I did/do :)

    I accept my limits now because I have a different goal. At least I can still enjoy foods I liked before even if it’s just a taste or so.

  3. First - I’ll honestly say I didn’t read the article; so take this with a grain of salt.

    Disney manages to make better rides that are much more accommodating with no problems. They are safe for a 45 pound child and a 450 pound adult.

    I don’t expect cheaper places like 6 flags and pop up amusement parks at state fairs to spend the money to accommodate larger bodies but if Disney can do it so can Universal. It’s purely a choice albeit probably financial but it’s not a safety issue. It can be done.

  4. About to start week 7 and I’m between 800-1000 and try to get close to 1000 especially on days I workout. 50 total carbs or less and at least 80 grams of Protein.

    Upping my calories helped me break my stall. I started at a much higher weight than most an less than 800 calories was not working after the first couple of weeks.

  5. I like to buy fresh foods mostly when I grocery shop but I always end up with more than I can eat. I bough 3 avocados (what was I thinking?) and 2 went bad before I got around to eating them. Same with cucumbers and zucchini. It’s such a mental thing I know. I’m still shopping like my stomach is pre-surgery size. I used to eat an entire zucchini in 1 meal - now it’s at least 3 meals.

    I need to figure this out. I don’t want to have to go grocery store stopping all the time but I don’t want to waste money or food either.

    Fun times!

  6. Hi everyone I don’t post much, but I often read a lot of problems people are experiencing. I wanted to know if there are any local sleevers here to converse with? I had me procedure 3/26/18 and things are still new for me, I also have my ups and downs. I must say some days I regret having this procedure and some days I think everything will be back normal soon ....if anyone have any hard times and have overcame them please share!!!

    Hey! I’m an Atlanta sleever too - 3/14.

    The only problem I’m currently having is that I’m not losing any weight.

    I know if I keep up following the rules I will get down as I expected. I haven’t had regrets but have been in disbelief that I had my stomach cut out!

    Whats going on with you? I think we just need to keep in mind that we are still pretty new out and our bodies are adjusting. Things really are going to be ok!

  7. So.... I know about the dreaded stall but I’m worried that I will not continue to lose weight. This has been my previous problem with calorie restricted diets- the weight drops at first and then stops.

    Here is a snap shot of what I’ve eaten today - I’m on regular food.

    Total -730Image1524187084.432403.jpg calories

    My Weight - over 350 pounds

    How can I not lose weight on so few calories? On My 600 pound life in the hospital some of the patients eat a restricted 1200 calorie diet and lose 100 pounds laying in the bed. I move around everyday and workout 3x’s a week.

    Now my mind is going in circles like it used to - should I stop exercising, do I need more calories? Or should I exercise more and eat only 500 calories? Ugh! I was really hoping not to have to deal with this BS after having surgery. I thought the “tool” would help with portion/calories and as long as I exercise and ate nutritious food the pounds would drop.

    I’m hopeful that one day I’ll just come back here to say I was being impatient, but I’ve been trying to lose weight since I was a child, I’m tired!

  8. I always get called for the scanner, always. My husband gets to go through the metal detector. I definitely feel there is some fat discrimination going on there.

    Every time I go through the scanner my left boob/ heart area gets flagged and my thigh. Guess one of my thighs is lumpier than the other and my left boob sweats more [emoji6]. It’s annoying to have to get patted down and then sometimes they have to check my hands for residue. Every time I ask the agent why I always get flagged they never know. If I were packing something I actually don’t think the pat down would catch it.... it’s not that detailed. Still annoying...

    I don’t fly often so pre-check doesn’t make sense for me right now.

  9. I had my surgery 3/28, I’ve lost 15 pounds in the first 2 weeks but now I’ve been stalling for the last week. I’m not sure what’s going on, maybe not drinking enough?

    I lost 20 pounds in the first month but at some point hit a stall (I don’t weigh enough to know when the stall happened, but I’m sure it was around the 3 week mark). I spoke with my dr. And he’s concerned that with my exercise of aqua aerobics 3x’s a week for 1-2 hours each week may not be enough calories. Funny to be told I may need to eat more calories... I’m scared :)

    I know I need to drink more Water too. TOM is right around to corner so it could be anything causing the stall. Fortunately I knew about it ahead of time because of all the posters before me that ran into the same thing. Meeting with my NUT next week. Fortunately I track everything I eat so I will have good info for her to review.

    My luck it will be those damn Protein Bars I’ve been eating on the days I workout. They only have 200 calories and 9 carbs and I’ve managed to stay in low level ketosis but maybe my body doesn’t like them. I don’t want to have to go back to the Protein Drinks. :(

  10. Since WLS has been proven to reverse and at the least help with diabetes I wonder why they would not do surgery on someone with a 7 or 8 or even a 10 A1C. That would seem counterproductive. Also these aren’t ranges that people typically end up hospitalized and coding. Diabetes is progressive so while having it will put you at higher risk it won’t kill you over night. I would imagine other things such as kidney failure, heart conditions and even something like open sores that won’t heal combined with the high A1c might prevent your operation.

    In the hospital they constantly measure your current blood sugar and will provide you insulin if needed to keep it in check.

  11. Thanks so much!! Are you going to be documenting your journey via social media

    I thought about it and even made videos. I haven’t decided to post them yet. I love the ones that Ive seen and appreciate people being so open and sharing their experiences. However not yet sure if I want to open up my life to the Internet like that.

  12. Congratulations!! I’m more so concerned with the feelings or ‘pain’ right after surgery or coming from the anesthesia. How was the initial first days for you post op

    So this was my first surgery ever so I was nervous at first. Also I was a high BMI patient. Once at the hospital EVERYONE was so awesome! When it was time to go home I didn’t want to leave.

    Once I went to sleep in the OR I don’t remember anything until they wheeled me to my room. Apparently I was in recovery for a couple of hours first but I don’t remember it at all.

    I really didn’t have much pain. They kept the drugs in my IV going so I’m sure that’s why the pain didn’t bother me. When I left the hospital on day 2 I actually just took liquid Tylenol and ended up not needing the Oxy prescription given to me. My incisions never bothered me either. I had 5 of them. The bigger one had some stitches poke through which I will show the Dr. next week.

    Now, I did throw up once (with blood) while I was still in the hospital. I’m not sure why other that I tried to get up too fast. I walked every 2 hours and was able to start drinking and eating Jello the same evening of my surgery.

    I took 4 weeks off from work and I needed it. Trying to relearn eating has been a struggle and I have been tired. Had a problem getting all my Protein in and still working on that.

  13. I was sleeved in Atlanta at Northside. My Surgeon is Dr. Procter from the Family by the Ton show. I actually started with him before the show aired so that’s not how I learned of him.

    Physically I’m doing well. I got permission from my nutritionist to advance my stages a little sooner because the liquid diet was starting to drive me crazy. I’m on my 5th week out and eating soft foods and starting to try regular foods.

    I have not lost my feeling of hunger but I know not everyone does. I take a daily acid reducer and will do so for at least 3 months.

    What specific questions did you have? I feel like I’m just babbling. :)