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  1. Be sure to obtain all the medical records, including labs, surgical report, and anesthesia record BEFORE bringing any of this up to anyone. Funny how those records can become "closed" if something is amiss. Just go to the Medical Records department, fill out the form, and they will get the paperwork for you within a couple of days, if not then and there. The anesthesia record will tell what drugs were used and how much. Both the surgical and anesthesia reports should say that a "time out" was performed before the procedure started. The time-out is the last, stop gap safety opportunity before the actual procedure starts. This is where the results of the pregnancy test should have been mentioned, if not before.
    Our hospital policy is that ANY female of child bearing age (12-50) has a pregnancy test unless she has had a hysterectomy. Anyone outside that age gets a test if they have had a period within a year.
    Do you remember being asked to pee in a cup when you went in?
    Yes according to the surgeon office I had a pregnancy test that came back negative on October 22 but it's clear to me that it might of been too early to tell.. but I've got a meeting with my surgeon this coming up Friday

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  2. I would be getting a copy of my medical records and surgical report, including all labs that were done. Before surgery, there is a "time out" in the OR - to verify your identity, correct surgery, and any pertinent information like a pregnancy test which absolutely should have been done. Someone really slipped up, and I would be gathering all the info I could. You also need to let the compliance officer know that this is not OK. You have 21 years to claim damages (hopefully none!) to a child. They need to squirm a bit on this one - really not acceptable medical practice. A medical lawsuit would be hard to fend off in a case of such obvious oversight. The nurses, the surgeon, and the anesthesiologist all should have caught this.

    Thank you I'm most definitely gonna be looking into it

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  3. After having a lapband for 8years about a mouth ago I had to have it removed due to slipping. Now that I don't have it i have try hard to keep my weight off in fact im scared to even weigh myself. So on this coming Tuesday I'm going back to my doctor and talk about getting the sleeve. I just have a question that I hope someone can answer. I already have two children and I most definitely want to have 1 more with me getting the sleeve would that be impossible? I would love to hear any successful or unsuccessful stories from people who have had the gastric sleeve and what I can expect 8 years is a long time and things have changed so much with weight loss surgery.

  4. It happened to me. Almost 10 years. I lost 120 too wow. I had to go to the er too. I was in horrible pain. Couldn’t keep Water down. You will feel better soon. Sorry it happened

    Had lap band for almost 10 years. Lost and kept most 120# . It ended up finally failing and 8 had to go to the er to get it removed.
    Sleeve surgery scheduled February 1, 2017.

    Yes it was bad & I wouldn't keep anything down going on two weeks I'm glad I went to the ER. After getting your removed did you get another surgery?

  5. Hello everyone! I'm Christina I've had my lapband 8years. Haven't had any problems till after a year ago maybe two I've had two kids while having my band I never gained out of control while pregnant both times but recently I've been having alot of vomiting can't keep anything down not even fluids I've been to the emergency room, I've been having pain where my band is located and I'm looking to get it removed and possibly getting a gastric sleeve. Feeling a little discourage like I let myself down. Starting weight was over 300 got down to 189 before my kids now I'm at 220 after having two kids.

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  6. Dr. Medhat Allam has 21+years of experience. Bariatric Surgeon and General Surgeon based in Riverhead & Southampton. Stony Brook Southampton Hospital. He can be Google or I would gladly give you his information. He does take most insurances.

    He is 1 of the best and I'm not just saying that he cares will answer all your questions but the most important thing is he wants you to be Successful in your weight loss but somethings he can give you tough love but trust me you will thank him.

    Every procedure that I have had has happened at Stony Brook Southampton hospital formerly known as Southampton hospital was born there down to having my band put in down to having my babies there. The staff and doctors and nurse are.Excellent!

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  7. I've had my gastric band for over 8 years and have had two kids along the way. I had my band undone and I still watched what a eat during both pregnancy. I just had my second baby in November of last year so if anyone has any questions feel free to send me a message.

    Congratulations ladies on your weight loss and your bundle of joy

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  8. Hello everyone my name is Christina I was apart of this app a few years back and left but Iam back. Just looking for new people that can related to me here is a little about me. I've had my lapband 8years now the first few years I loved it when I started this journey I was 300 but being 5"8 you couldn't tell. My only problem was I had alot of issue with my knees so at the time me & my parents decided weight loss surgery was a good idea. Fast forward I was down to 189lbs when I got a Tummy Tuck shortly after that I received well a month after that I was pregnant with my first child. I was lucky you couldn't even tell I was pregnant with her but since then I just had my second baby last year a boy! They share the same birth day just different year 11 20 15 &17 anyways. Since having my son I've been experiencing some pain where my lapband is located and the vomiting has gotten alot worst and I suffer from heartburn really bad. I made the decision today that I'm going to get my gastric band removed and possibly get a gastric sleeve.

    Looking to meet people in my area really don't have any1 to talk that's around my age I'm 27 besides my mom who had her gastric band for 10years and got it replaced with the gastric sleeve. Feeling excited to start this new chapter in my life alot has changed since me getting the surgery so I wanna know what's new and learn more and maybe help someone who is new to this. Look forward to speaking with you all and Happy New Year

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