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  1. On 3/2/2018 at 6:40 AM, lovemylab13 said:

    Yes I had a diet plan. Followed it. Yes I have gone to my f/u appt. Went to nut, have a dr app in a couple of weeks. I am in Pueblo West. I don't even get any pleasure in grocery shopping. I read labels a lot, look at sugars and carbs, fat content. I can't believe all the junk I use to eat. I have tried some things but they don't even taste good anymore. I will email my nut to see if she has any suggestions. Thanks for your assistance.
    What part of Colorado you in? What surgery and when?

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    Good morning! I am near Boulder so not very close unfortunately :( I had the sleeve on January 15 so we are pretty close together! It is definitely very hard when your tastes have changed so much! But wonderful too! At six week (in my practice) we are permitted to try any foods we want, but eat dense Protein first. Chili is a great protein source. Do you have an unflavored protein that you can add to your foods that you already like? Canned chicken and tuna are great-have you tried those? What about eggs? I survived on deviled eggs for quite a while! I have eaten a lot of lunchneat wrapped around string cheese. My recent (and favorite) and favorite addition has been rotesserie chicken leg (half of it) and roasted veggies.

    I hope any of this helps! Did you diet wean you onto solids? Is your sleeve not handling food well or is your new palate just not liking anything?

    message me if you want to chat more in with!


  2. Having trouble finding things to eat. I am 6 wks post op sleeve. Protein Shakes only thing that taste and sound good. Sometimes I can eat some cottage cheese but most everything nauseates me. Any suggestions?

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    Where in Colorado? I am here too. Are you going to your follow up appointments? Your practice should have support groups and a nutritionist to help you. Did you have a diet plan you followed for the first 6 weeks?

  3. I am planning on having surgery March 26th but I keep going back and forth if I’m going to do it or not. I have lost almost 40lbs on my own since I have started this process. I just keep wondering if I can do it without being sleeved. I have heard some horror stories about the way you feel after surgery and I just worry I’m going to feel sick for longer than I originally expected. I have a hard time recovering from the flu how will my body react to major surgery?!?! Has anyone gone through the whole process then backed out?

    I had all the same thought/feelings that you are. I had a really difficult time with the anesthesia but at Day 5 I felt great. DAY FIVE!!!! What is five days of discomfort and hardship compared to a life of the pains that come with obesity and its affects?! Big big hugs! You got this!!!

  4. 10 days post op! Plus a hiatal hernia repair to boot. I didn't have heart burn the first week but the past 3 days I've had heartburn on and off! Seems like it's worse when I'm laying down.... Does the heartburn go away? Did u even have heartburn? Is it true that if u have heartburn a lot after vgs u may have to get bypass?
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    Mine started around three weeks postop. I'm taking over-the-counter Nexium and it seems to be helping a ton!

  5. On 1/23/2018 at 12:45 AM, Little Green said:

    You are not alone!!!! There's a few of us who are doing a mostly plant-based bariatric adventure. I plan to supplement Protein via shakes/bars for the first few months since as @Creekimp13 pointed out we do need more to get by as we heal and lose significant amounts of weight. But I definitely plan to eat as nutrient-dense as possible - focusing on all areas, not just Protein alone. I'm still planning out what I want to try - and I know it will be trial and error with my new stomach anyway - but some of the things I'm thinking about are mashed bananas/banana ice cream, veggie juices/smoothies, blended oatmeal with bananas, flaxseed, and Protein Powder, blended veggie Soups, and whole fruit sorbets as ways to get nutrients and Fiber (and FLAVOR) in during the soft food phases. It doesn't all have to be ricotta bake and yogurt!

    I LOVE Dr. Weiner's videos. He is the first person who made me believe I could be successful at permanently changing my diet. All of the low-carb, high protein, "fruit is so unhealthy, too much sugar!" stuff that is often preached in bariatric circles was so depressing to me. Really, Beans and fruit are unhealthy? Eat a chicken breast and then if you have space, a bite or two of broccoli? I just didn't think I could live that way and that was all I saw when I read about post-op diets. Now I know, thanks to Dr. Weiner as well as Dr. Garth Davis, that bariatric patients can thrive eating veggies and fruits and legumes. I also firmly believe that just because a diet helps you lose weight doesn't mean it's nutritionally adequate or protects you from disease. Fruit intake (2+ servings a day) is strongly associated with reduced risk of cancer so it bums me out reading posts from people who say they just don't bother with fruit because of carbs.

    Hope this post is not too inflammatory! Don't hate me, y'all! I just got excited for you, OP, cause I love where your mind is!!! I totally agree with you and hope you can find a happy place where you and your surgeon will both be happy with your choices! Good luck :)

    I love all of this thank you so much!!!!

  6. Just one more full day until you can find out. Did your surgeon tell you three weeks? I was cleared for fully submersible activities (bath, swim) when I had a checkup about 2-3 weeks. Will you be having a check up?

    Check up on Wednesday. The discharge nurse said about 6 weeks or until wounds are healed. I felt like 6 weeks was superfluous and my wounds look great! I guess I shall wait although I feel like it's safe. I won't die from wanting a bath in the next couple days I suppose!