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    to answer Kadaroo.... for me it was lack of weight loss. I lost 50 lbs the first year after my band. in the three years since I've gained it all back. My experience with the band wasn't positive. Once I finally had restriction, it was too much and I vomited most things back up. I could only hold down sweets and was so damn stubborn I refused to have any of my fill taken out since it had taken soooo long to finally have restriction. But with time even with restriction, all the weight came back. I have a sweet tooth and was told I prolly wont have good results with lap band b/c of no dumping syndrome. After the first year or so you become hungry again, I have heard many people say the same happened to them. I just wish I would have went with RNY the first time so I wouldn't have to pay for it. I've decided to try to pull out my retirement to pay for my surgery. It makes me sad, but I wont live to retirement age if I don't do something soon.