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  1. to answer Kadaroo.... for me it was lack of weight loss. I lost 50 lbs the first year after my band. in the three years since I've gained it all back. My experience with the band wasn't positive. Once I finally had restriction, it was too much and I vomited most things back up. I could only hold down sweets and was so damn stubborn I refused to have any of my fill taken out since it had taken soooo long to finally have restriction. But with time even with restriction, all the weight came back. I have a sweet tooth and was told I prolly wont have good results with lap band b/c of no dumping syndrome. After the first year or so you become hungry again, I have heard many people say the same happened to them. I just wish I would have went with RNY the first time so I wouldn't have to pay for it. I've decided to try to pull out my retirement to pay for my surgery. It makes me sad, but I wont live to retirement age if I don't do something soon.
  2. Back for an update,,,,, After talking to Doc I contacted my Insurance co. They will pay for the band removal. But they have an wls exclusion meaning they wont pay for any further bariatric surgery. I'm just lost. I don't know what to do. Ideas for self pay? I mean my doc had wanted to do it all at once, take band out and do gastric in one surgery. But rny is an inpatient surgery and being self pay, thats not an option rite now. I can save forever, but be miserable the next few years until I can pay for it. I'm just so sad that at 35 years old I've lived like this for 20 years. Had lapband 4 years ago and am now in the same exact place I was then. Has anyone went to Mexico for removal of band and then RNY at the same time? I live in ohio.
  3. glad to have found this site! I too was banded in april of 08, lost a grand total of about 40 lbs, completely on my own, not b/c of the band. Saw a surgeon today & we've decided to look into band removal to gastric bypass. I'm so excited to see others in my situation!!! I felt like such a failure for the past 3 years. Are you happy with your decision Leslie??? Thanks for being a welcoming bander/gastric bypass friend!
  4. I am 4 years post op. I never lost more than 40 lbs. I havent seen a dr, or had a fill in 2 years. I have always had a problem with spitting up I don't consider it vomiting, b/c the food never hits my stomach, its bulges up above the band in the bottom of my throat and it HAS to come back out. Its worse in the mornings, but sometimes at nite, I can eat as normal people do. I've learned to live with this. ALL OF A SUDDEN, I cannot hold ANYTHING!!!! Its not gastritis b/c I have no acid, stomach pain, swelling etc. I have no clue what to think about this, but I am starting to get weak. I've lost almost 20 lbs in 2 weeks, I'm so thirsty and dehydrated i guzzle guzzle and it all just comes rite back up. even if I take baby sips, it comes back up. I CAN hold small amts of food. Very small. I no longer have medical insurance and wonder if anyone else has had this happen??? I don't know how much longer I can do this. I keep thinking that since i'm losing weight, my band will loosen and I will be able to hold liquids again. I can take my vitamins at nite, but the next morning when I drink and then spit it up, I can taste the vitamin, so I dont know if i'm absorbing the vitamin.......I dont know what to do............
  5. Ok, FREAKING out here, I am 5 months post op. Everything going smoothly. Not really losing, but its my fault I have been eating fast food etc. I know how to get back on track, that is not what this post is about. This is hard to explain but, I am having a twitching either at the top of my stomach muscle or bottom of my chest?????? Its like when your eye twitches involuntary. There's no time or situation that it happens, empty or full, morning or nite, just a lot lately. At first it scared me like maybe a heart murmur or something, but I dont think that is it. Theres no pain involved. Anyone EVER heard of such a thing????? suggestions????
  6. It all just started today, but its definately a muscle twitching. I dont think its gas and I am going to call dr. tomorrow. Its the same exact feeling as when your eye or leg or arm starts twitching involuntary. but its right between my breasts about 1-1.5 inches down.
  7. I had my surgery 4/15/08. I have lost close to 40 lbs. My ankle is NOW deciding to swell daily. When I wake up in the mornings, the swelling has gone down, BUT both feet are both so stiff that I can barely walk. I image its how a body stiffens up after death, to give an example. My heels and toes actually all of it is immobile. Has anyone else ever had this problem? The only time I ever had them swell even at 250 lbs was during 6 plus hour drives in the car. I ended up making an appt with a podiatrist on friday. (I have even taken a dieretic (sp) to see if that would help to no avail. And my choice of tennis shoes vs. flops makes no difference either.
  8. reenie11

    Swollen ankles

    went to doc this am, did xrays, no breaks/fractures. I do have heel spurs but he said it would not cause the severe swelling I have. I have good circulation, bp is perfect. He ordered full labs and put me on presidone to subside the swelling. go back in 3 weeks. He said it could be a case of acute ankle arthritis. YEA!!!!! 32 and arthritis..............bummer.
  9. All of go through those thoughts. On several occassions I've worried that I've stretched my pouch. But every post I read about it, someone says, no, your just in bandster hell. So I want to know has ANYONE ever had their doc say......"You've stretched your pouch." And what is the next step if you actually have?
  10. Wow, I am having the same problem. My surgery was 4/15. I've lost right around 35 lbs. I've completely stopped losing. I actually called doc to get my 3rd fill moved up b/c I'm eating soo much. I have NOOO restriction. I've never had any. Any weight I've lost, I"VE LOST, the band hasnt seemed to do much for me. But I'm tired of dieting, I'm getting burnt out and have slowly crept back into the old habits. Now I need to jump back on the bandwagon but am having difficulty doing so. My willpower is one of the reasons I got the band. I thought it would help tremendously. so far nothing. sad. discouraged. disappointed. Everyone keeps saying "wait til you get to your sweet spot" I hope its soon. I'm close to giving up. :wink_smile:
  11. reenie11

    Any anger from dating?

    In the beginning I got SUPER mad that guys were dropping compliments. But I dont find skinny guys attractive, so I think of it that way. We all judge, some are just really rude about it.
  12. Salsa, Did you exercise a lot to lose that much that quickly? I was banded 4/15. all together, pre-op diet included I've only lost 24-26 lbs. I'm walking close to 2 miles every nite when I get home from work. scale is not budging. I feel like maybe I need to kick it up a notch with the exercising, maybe that will help?? I have very little restriction but have kept myself on Lean Cuisine's, smart one's etc. I dont have another fill til 7/15. I really thought this would be (pardon the pun,) a piece of cake!!
  13. I'm slowly losing. My legs, arms, back, bottom are all slowly shrinking. I'm starting to look like I'm wearing clown pants, baggy everywhere. EXCEPT my stomach. My jeans all fit the exact same, even a little tight. Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas on how to get the stubborn rolls on the belly to shrink up a lil? lol
  14. She said if I dont follow the 2 week diet, the surgeon may get started and thenn close me up. Is this true? or a scare tatic? I am following the diet and am loosing weight ....... I just cant imagine they could do that. surg. 4/15/08
  15. All went well. Although I have had many days doubting I'll lose weight. I lost the first 3 weeks, that was 3 weeks ago. I'm stuck at 223 for the past month. And I was very niave thinking I wouldn't be hungry. I think I am more hungry than I was before. I've only had 1 fill of 2cc's so I have little to no restriction. I've realized how slow of a process this actually is. But I'm sticking it out and looking forward to being under 200. That is my goal for the summer.
  16. reenie11

    How do you determine goal weight?

    I personally think goals are not something we should set. Feeling good about myself is MY GOAL. Stop hiding behind my friends when walking into a restaurant, bar, store, walk in with my head held high. I dont want to live by anyone's standards. My body will tell me when I've hit my goal. Everyone is shaped different, you cant put a number down on a piece of paper and try to live by that number, it will drive you crazy. And what if you go below that number? how will you feel then? Its too much emotionally, physically, and mentally. Be who you are.
  17. reenie11

    on the fence

    If you do not have insurance to cover, there are many places to have this done. I know Mexico is a bit far and I would think a little scary, but there is a lady in Cincy that is cheaper than that. Just ask around on here, tons of self pay's under 10 grand. Most say they would do it again in a heartbeat.
  18. reenie11

    Kind of down in the dumps

    When I went to my first seminar, I wasnt aware how NEW the lap bad was to this practice either. Towards the end, someone asked how many he had performed. 7. I was a little concerned. but it took 9 months for the approval so by the time I was on his table, it was old news!!! good for me. Actually he did 5 lap bands the day I was operated on. I asked him not to make me the first or last patient that day!!! He didn't, I was 3rd. lol But he had done tons of gastric bypass, so I had NO doubts in his abilities.
  19. I go for my first fill next friday. woo hoo!!! I swear, the 6 weeks between the surgery and first fill have been worse than the year it took to get approved. I have this thing in me, I went though the pain and suffering of liquid diets, missing work, being sore and not feeling myself , co-workers asking "Oh Beth, how much have u lost", no more, thanks for asking!!! lol for it to stop working 2 weeks out. Needless to say the past 4 weeks have been torture!!! My question is for those of you who have these horror stories of painful, long, prodding fills, do you carry most of your weight in your stomach? My stomach is my biggest part, I have NEVER felt a port. it must be buried sooo deep. Which makes me nervous about the first fill and the possibility of it moving after some weight loss......... Thank God I've never had a fear of needles, and I know it is a big, long needle....thanks to youtube!! But I also know its only going to be pushed through nothing but fat. So no big worries, ie, poking or hitting something that it shouldn't. ........wow, I really rambled on!! sorry guys. :blushing:
  20. reenie11

    Going CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

    I know some of you may think I'm nuts, or that I'm brilliant, who knows, but I am a single mom and I had to feed my kids those first few weeks whether I could eat or not. So 5 days out, I'm frying bacon, eggs, all the goodies. I was about to break and cheat. So I started taking a mouthful of whatever I wanted, chewed it up, then spit it in the trash and rinsed with water to be sure none went down. It helped with the cravings. I felt it was better than eating and hurting myself.
  21. I felt like I was reading my own post. A co-worker and I went through it together. all the appts, emotions, everything. I was approved and she was denied. It was my worst fear come true. I always thought it would have been the other way around though. As she has health problems and I dont. She has been a real sport and very supportive to me. I dont know how she's done it. I would be devestated had it been the other way around. She is in the final stage of her appeals with the insurance. I pray she is approved as she deserves this just as much or more than I do. Just remember if you are approved, its NOT a quick fix. Its much slower than I expected and has discouraged me from time to time. Just read on here and educate yourself as much as possible to prepare for everything. They dont tell ya "everything" at the docs office.
  22. So, how r things going for you? we were banded the same day and I wonder how others are progressing, when is your first fill? I"m scheduled for 5/30 cant wait!!

  23. reenie11

    Throwing up??

    What could you possibly be throwing up? I started dry heaving while being woken up from surgery, the nurse practically ran and put anti nausea meds in my IV. But I had had NOTHING to eat or drink for over 24 hrs, so nothing was coming up. They were adamant about not wanting me to even dry heave, let alone throw up. I loved them. lol I didn't want to gag either.
  24. I'm a single mom of two boys, 11 and 13. I have always taught them that it is disrespectful to ask anyone what they weigh, how old they are, how much money they make, etc. And women are completely nutso about weight, age, all that stuff. Their prob. afraid you will cry or go off on a rant. Just be happy on your own about it. Everyone here is happy for you too!!!
  25. I take it whenever I want, I just open the pill and dump it towards the back of my throat with a drink. I've had no problems. I havent had a fill yet so I am eating too much.