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    How long before eating gets better?

    I noticed your surgery date. Hang in there... it's still very early for you, Lainey, and your new stomach is still healing. My surgery date was 11/8/17 and for me, right about last week (at 4 weeks post op), I started seeing an ease with eating things - still with the restriction, but not feeling awful after eating. Different surgeons have different post-op programs, but I will say my surgeons program post op (although it was tough) actually helped ensure my stomach was ready to take on progressively thicker foods over a 4 week period. Week 1 (clear liquid diet), week 2 (true liquids like protein shakes, yogurt, etc), Week 3 (pureed to soft diet (eggs, tuna , soft meats, etc.)) and Week 4 (add 1 new food at a time). Nevertheless, I had similar reactions you did during my week 3 (when I first started eating soft foods like egg and soft meats) and I too also became scared to eat. It's all in the process I think. Just remember you (we ) November sleevers are still healing.
  2. Positive Outlook

    How often so you weigh in?

    Christina. Rose - OMG this is me too! I am now 5 weeks post-op. I decided to only weigh at doctor's appointments for my first 4-6 weeks post-op. Afterwards, I have told myself that I will only weigh myself on Friday mornings. I have to make a strategy with scale time given my past (and somewhat still current) obsession with the scale and the psycho impact of not seeing what I think I should see. I can't risk derailing my focus on all the other important things with my new VSG new lifestyle; I have enough to do with making getting enough protein, getting enough water, supplements, avoiding constipation, etc.) Thank you!! Now I know I'm may not be such a weirdo afterall lol :-)
  3. Positive Outlook

    November Sleevers

    HI karamelmami - I was sleeved on 11/8/17 and am 5-days post-op today. I am new to this so I am not expert but I can share what worked for me. Regarding advice, this far out (6-7 weeks before your surgery date), my advice is to relax and take pride in the reasons you have decided to do this surgery. Doing this was a kind of an affirmation for me and kept my nerves in check and made me happy because I began focusing on the outcome I will have. Also, from a practical sense, you may also want to begin preparing - like you would plan for a vacation or trip. For example, maybe begin practicing those big changes sleevers have to make now... 1)things like eating protein first, 2) the no drinking 30 minutes before eating and until 30 minutes after eating, etc. Also, read and re-read any doctor instructions you have received (my program has a manual) and start preparing your house with the items you will be allowed to eat. I did research on vitamins, etc. to occupy my time. I wish you all the best with your surgery and pray that you will achieve all you set out to do by doing it!!

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