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  1. Scheduled for surgery May 17 and i haven’t told a lot of people. Number 1 I’m nervous I’ve never had any type of surgery. Also on top of that the very few people who know all aren’t supportive but there’s a good amount who are but many seem to think I dnt need it by which one is my mom. I’m 31 years old 282 lbs and i really have struggled over the years with my weight and have been boarderline diabetic and hypertension. Has anyone else dealt with similar backlash? Btw my wife and I doing it together

  2. Just curious for some of you what your longest stalls were and how far along you were post-op that you had your first stall?
    I had bypass on 10-17-17
    I started my journey in Jan of last year I was 581
    I was 475 on surgery day
    Today I’m 404 but I have been 404-408 since 2/18
    Still doing all the right things or at least I think I am. I’ve also tried upping and lowering my calories no luck.
    I’m trying to not get down about it but I just have this goal of being 399 or less and my first major milestone and to be at 404 and having this stall like I have been is getting to me.
    Just curious any advice or encouragement any of you other guys have for me as I keep telling myself it’s only temporary but how long does temporary have to last.
    Thanks everyone.

    Haven’t had the surgery yet but 2 if my friends have had pretty much the same dilemma and the nutritionist recommended upping the Protein