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  1. Mrambition30

    Second thoughts

    Scheduled for surgery May 17 and i haven’t told a lot of people. Number 1 I’m nervous I’ve never had any type of surgery. Also on top of that the very few people who know all aren’t supportive but there’s a good amount who are but many seem to think I dnt need it by which one is my mom. I’m 31 years old 282 lbs and i really have struggled over the years with my weight and have been boarderline diabetic and hypertension. Has anyone else dealt with similar backlash? Btw my wife and I doing it together
  2. Mrambition30

    How are the May sleevers doing?

    Sleeved May 17, 2018 down 39 lbs since surgery. Enjoying the journey! Just started in the gym
  3. Mrambition30

    Considering Gastric Sleeve but I have Gout

    I’m a month and 4 days out it’s been an up and down recovery process. Had a couple gout attacks ended up on crutches but all is well now. Actually will be returning back to work midweek. I’m gonna get back to my cherry extract to keep the gout away
  4. Considering the sleeve because my weight has fluctuated literally all my life. I’m 30 and weigh 280 I have gout and I was wondering does anyone have any experience in this field. Does gout diminish or does flare post surgery?
  5. Mrambition30

    Second thoughts

    Had the conversation with my mom and I am now at ease! Still a bit nervous but a burden lifted!!
  6. Mrambition30

    Men: Fitness Evaluation?

    My only requirements are to maintain weight and psych eval
  7. Mrambition30

    Weight loss Stalls

    Haven’t had the surgery yet but 2 if my friends have had pretty much the same dilemma and the nutritionist recommended upping the protein
  8. Mrambition30

    255 Starting Weight ?

    I’m 289 with a BMI of 39 so my question is since surgery and weight loss do you guys have loose skin since you all started at fairly low weights
  9. Mrambition30

    Considering Gastric Sleeve but I have Gout

    So since I originally authored this post I’ve started the process toward wls I have one more nutrition appointment before getting my date. I haven’t had a flare up in a year and i take cherry extract supplements everyday and my doctor suggests that I continue to take it daily after surgery so that may help you guys out
  10. Mrambition30

    Considering Gastric Sleeve but I have Gout

    Do you keep the medication on hand just in case?
  11. Mrambition30

    Considering Gastric Sleeve but I have Gout

    Going for my first session in a month! Definitely will be something I will inquire about.