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    Before picture

    People!! Take a full body before picture. I’m coming up to my one year anniversary and I literally do not have one full body picture anywhere to compare. I’m so so sorry I didn’t do this. I didn’t want any pictures to remind me of how big I was, but this isn’t about defeat in weight loss, this journey is about celebrating how far we have come, and a picture is worth a thousand words!!
  2. Road Runner

    Anyone with leaks?

    I had extreme pain in my side and back and nausea. My Dr. said that it just happens sometimes. It has nothing to do with the surgeon or anything I did. I knew I was at a higher risk because it was my second surgery. I was just part of the unlucky percentage that developed a leak.
  3. Road Runner

    Anyone with leaks?

    I had a revision from lapband to bypass last December and 3 weeks later had a leak. I was hospitalized for 49 days, on TPN, and horribly sick. Now, almost a year later, I’m finally starting to feel back to normal. I’m 3 pounds from my weight goal. Its been a really rough year. However, I really can’t say I regret it because I’m so happy with the results! Leaks are very rare, so yes it’s a possibility, but still very unlikely. Don’t worry, and I wish you the best of luck!
  4. Road Runner

    Ten Months progresd

    Look at you! Congratulations you look great!
  5. Road Runner

    Fever, pain & vomiting . IM OVER it

    How are you doing today? Did you see your Dr.?
  6. Road Runner


    Praying everything is ok for you. I had a leak that was discovered 3 weeks after my surgery, and even though it was tough, I made it thru and am ok today. stay positive!!
  7. Road Runner


    Crunch on some ice. It may satisfy you for the moment.
  8. Road Runner

    Let's hear some normal poop stories

    I’m 7 months out now and my bowels are normal. I have have 1-2 each day, and have never had any problems on that end. I’ve never been constipated either. I’m vegan so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Theres a lot of stories out there, and I was nervous also, but still it has been a great decision for me. Stay positive, and I’m sure you’ll do great!
  9. I’m 7 months out and I do not have a full feeling at all! I keep my portions small, 3-4 oz., and I’m satisfied. However, I could eat a lot more!! Im vegan, so I eat a lot of beans and veggies, plus a protein shake once a day. All the best with your new tummy! Congratulations!!
  10. Road Runner


    I had revision lapband to bypass 12/17. I had horrible gerd before my bypass, but since the surgery I have not had one single episode. The bypass completely solved the problem!!
  11. Road Runner

    Trying again

    You are still very young, and I’m very proud of you for taking your health in your own hands by making the decision to have wls! Keep a positive attitude and I’m sure things will work out for you!
  12. I had a revision from band to bypass 12/17 and I’m very happy with my weight loss. Congratulations on your surgery date. This is your first step to anew you!!
  13. I gained 11 pounds, but ay the end of 2 weeks I was down 14. You’ll do great!!
  14. Road Runner


    I stalled for 6 weeks and now I’ve only lost 9 pounds since March 9th. Very frustrating! i saw my surgeon Monday and he told me I’m doing everything right. He said as long as I’m following the plan you will continue to lose for 12-18 months after your surgery. Also, how close to your goal weight are you? I’m 15 pounds away. So the loss is very slow.
  15. Road Runner

    One year later! Update and Photos

    You look fabulous, and your attitude and courage is inspiring !! Congratulations and best wishes for the next chapter of your life!
  16. I have no restriction issues after my revision. I can eat anything I want, just in tiny amounts.
  17. Road Runner

    Costco: suggestions on what to buy.

    A word of caution....I stocked up on protein powder and drinks before my surgery and afterwards I couldn’t stand the taste. So maybe be cautious how much you buy for afterwards until you see what your taste and tolerant level is.
  18. Road Runner

    Gastric bypass

    I had it done 12/17. I had some complications but I’m doing good now. My weight loss is so much better with the bypass, and I don’t have that stuck feeling you get with the band. Congratulations and best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  19. Road Runner

    I’m officially six months post op!

    100 pounds in six months?!?! Wow! Congratulations, you look great!
  20. No aspirin only Tylenol after your surgery. Also, I can’t absorb capsules well anymore. I use chewable vitamins and meds are in a coated tablet form. My GERD is gone! Wishing you the best in your future surgeries!
  21. I had a revision in 12/17 and the weight loss after bypass has been great! My band was put in 2007 and I never lost significant weight with it. The risk of complications is higher with a revision so make sure you take really good care of yourself afterwards and listen to your body! Wishing you the best!
  22. So sorry for all the pain and suffering you are going thru. I had gastric bypass 12/17 and was back in the hospital with a leak three weeks later and had emergency surgery. I was in the hospital for 39 days. I had an infection in the PIC line, and developed pneumonia. The TPN made me terribly nauseated and constant diarrhea. Once it was out of my system I was much better. The j peg was left in until about 5 weeks a go. It was so uncomfortable and made it hard to get around. But, once it was out it was immediate relief. Hopefully your nausea will go away once the meds are out of your system and you can rest better. Im feeling much better now, but still get nauseous once or twice a week. Also, I’m not able to follow the proper diet and eat mostly mashed potatoes and chicken dumplings. I never feel nauseated with them. Hang in there, and know we are supporting you. PS..not comparing my story to yours. It’s not been nearly as long. Hoping you feel better soon.
  23. Help! I'm five days post-op and have had terrible dumping. Yesterday and today I omitted my clear whey Protein, and no problem. But now what should I do for protein? I went to the health food store today and all clear liquid has whey in it. I'm four days out from full liquid. I"ve contacted my Dr. office and am waiting for a reply from them. Has anyone used a Protein Powder this early on and just watered it down a lot? I don't want to hurt my pouch. Since I stopped the whey yesterday I've felt so much better. No dumping, and no horrible gas pains. I'm still sore, but able to walk just fine. All in all, I'm happy with my recovery. Any advice you could give will be greatly appreciated!!
  24. After 7 weeks my stall finally broke!! I’ve been going up and down 2 pounds for over 7 weeks now, and today I was down 3 pounds, putting my total weight loss at 61.2 pounds! I’m so excited!! I haven’t done anything different, I just rode it out. However, I have to say I was scared that I might be done with the weight loss, and I was getting depressed. So, for all of you in the dreaded 3 month stall, hang in there!! (Surgery 12/13/17)
  25. Road Runner

    Stall finally broke!!

    I didn’t do anything. I just stuck to my plan and it just started coming off again. Finally!!!