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  1. Hi guys,

    I am two years out from surgery. Now down to 224lbs (I am 6'2) but finding that I am still 25% body fat. I've been working out for the last 8 weeks at the gym but I am now wanting to get more serious with training and tracking results.

    If anyone is in a similar position I would love to find some one to help keep each other accountable.


  2. Hey Scott, well done on your progress so far!

    As far as your question, I think the timing is right when you feel ready. I don't know if there is value in waiting - I was tempted to write some contrived comment about the right person seeing past whatever stage your journey is at.... but... yeah.

    I think when YOU feel ready, the time is right. Get out there and sleep your way to the top! (or you know, find someone to "go steady" with... whatever floats your boat) haha

  3. I guess it happens at different rates for different people - it’s not always easy to see others losing weight faster but I found that taking measurements helps (not all progress is shown on the scale).

    One thing I noticed is that I lose faster if I DONT work out! I know that doesn’t make sense, but it’s true... when I focus on walking long distances every day or going to the gym my weight loss slows to a snail pace, but when I avoid exercise but keep up my Protein intake I seem to have the biggest loss weeks.
    Note: I’m using a digital scale to measure my body fat % and it seems the loss is mostly fat loss, so I don’t feel it’s (too much) muscle being lost. Though I’m starting with a personal trainer next week so I can focus on strength building from this point onwards.
    Good luck!

  4. Hi October Sleevers!

    I'm almost 4.5 months in, and so far so good! I am down around 110lbs and it's been smooth sailing so far. I've been eating a variety of food and doing a "reasonable" job at keeping up my fluids.

    A few days ago everything seemed to change... All of a sudden I have zero appetite, and when I do try and eat something (because I am keeping in mind that I need to fuel my body) it just sits VERY heavy and I get stomach cramps for the next couple of hours.

    This means for the last 3 days I have literally only eaten a few spoonfuls of food - after that I get stomach cramps for 2 hours then I feel fine again. I am not hungry and don't have any other complaints... But I am worried that suddenly I am not eating anything, and my attempts to eat are not going well.

    Has anyone experienced this? I searched the forums and the only other posts I could find about loss of appetite were from people immediately pre or post surgery. Or some others had it 3 months in but it was related to integestion and stomach acid issues... I don't believe that's what I am experiencing as I feel fine, just not hungry at all.

    Previous to the last few days I had a good appetite and was eating (and enjoying) three meals per day.

    Added: I am still able to drink fluids without any problems, so I am keeping my fluids up - I wish I could eat something though just so ensure I am getting some nutrients in.

    Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


  5. Rainbow_Warrior that's amazing, well done! It sounds like your surgeon offers great support post surgery :)

    I hit a stall about 4 days ago, every day I wake up and hope to see some good news on the scale but so far no luck... I just hope it doesnt last for a month or more! I'll just keep on doing what I am doing and making sure I hit all my numbers (protein, Water, exercise, etc)

  6. I lost 30lbs in Nov, that's the most I have lost in one month. December was just under 20lbs. I am hoping for 15-20lbs in January.

    I have started using an app called Argus to track my daily steps (hitting 10,000 per day) and also tracking my food and Water. I have never been one to track things like this before so it's taking some getting used to, but I am happy to see that I am hitting my numbers daily. My Protein is about 100g per day.

  7. Creekimp13 - Well done! That's amazing progress, and it's clearly showing in your amazing weight loss since your surgery. I'm impressed!

    I love Fitbit, I had an earlier model but it stopped working after a few weeks, I considered getting a new one but then found the Argus app and went with that as it's very similar.

  8. Hi Guys, is anyone using the Argus app to track steps, calories, Water intake, and other stats?

    I've been loosely using it for a few months and have decided to start using it daily to track my results. I've tried a number of other apps and Argus seems to be the best and most comprehensive (and free!).

    There's an option to create "challenges" with others and I thought it might be a good way to stay motivated and accountable.

    If anyone has it please add me, my username is Three79

    My goal is 10k steps per day, which I have managed to achieve for the last 2 days in a row... From a certified 'couch potato' it's a fair bit of effort to him 10k per day so I am enjoying the challenge! Hopefully, some other guys from here will join me.

  9. It's awesome to hear everyones' progress - Particularly those with surgery right at the end of the month... I was sleeved on October 31st and I have always been unsure if I should look at October or November groups.

    Since being sleeved I am down 50lbs, though I am really terrible with my diet and Water intake. I really struggle to get enough Protein in and my water intake is far too low. I keep putting it off but I think this week I need to actually sit down and and put together a plan to make sure I am getting what I need to stay healthy.

  10. Good on you for realising it, I hope you can turn it around! I'm just beginning my journey so I don't have any advice for you - Other than to maybe consider digging up an old photo of yourself and stick it in your wallet so that the next time you're about to buy something you shouldn't it might help you to remember how it felt to be so big, and how far you've come since then.

  11. That's great advice - thanks! I guess it's just hard not to see the scale moving so early in to the journey... I get that I need to be patient, and I will be (I have no choice... haha).

    I switched to purees about 3 days earlier than I should have because I feel I am ready, so that's keeping me distracted - There's so much to research on how and what to make so I have options pre-prepared. Fun times :)