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  1. three79

    10 days post surgery and in a stall

    That's great advice - thanks! I guess it's just hard not to see the scale moving so early in to the journey... I get that I need to be patient, and I will be (I have no choice... haha). I switched to purees about 3 days earlier than I should have because I feel I am ready, so that's keeping me distracted - There's so much to research on how and what to make so I have options pre-prepared. Fun times
  2. Hello, anyone else here sleeved on October 31?
  3. three79

    October 31st Sleevers?

    Yay! I am doing well, not so sore now but I notice the last 3 days I am not losing weight... I am able to drink a lot more than last week so I am assuming that y body is just rehydrating. My clothes are feeling a little looser so that gives me confidence
  4. three79

    VGS today

    Well done! I am just starting, I was sleeved 10 days ago so currently reading all I can on what to expect for the first 3 months.
  5. three79

    VGS today

    How's the progress Shermand?
  6. Just jumping in on the thread - I am a 36yo gay male from Australia. My surgery was on October 31st and I am looking to loose around 150lbs.
  7. three79

    Week 2

    Hi Rei, how is your progress now? I am almost at the 2 week mark now (which is where you were when you posted this) so I'd love to know what your progress is now.
  8. three79


    I got really sick of them too, but then I got a Nutribullet and started blending them with a lot of ice (and water) to make it more like a slushi - It doesnt change the flavour but it made it a little more interesting.
  9. three79

    Daily Podcast

    I'd certainly check it out - I am always on the hunt for new podcasts to listen to while walking
  10. three79

    Any other gay sleevers out there?

    That's great advice, thanks!
  11. three79

    Australia - Melbourne

    Good for you @Kiwijet! I was at a very similar starting weight (sleeved 9 days ago) so I am hoping to achieve similar success.
  12. I barely know my surgeon, I had a phone call with him before surgery but didnt meet him until 24hrs after the operation. I can't say I love him, but I love what he did :-) I don't think liking or loving your surgeon is important, I think that what IS important is that mutual respect is shown. If you research well and you're comfortable with who you have chosen then that's enough (for me).
  13. three79

    Any other gay sleevers out there?

    Thanks @defibvt ! Well done on your 89lb loss, amazing effort!
  14. Jerr_Bear your comment is even funnier when I saw your signature!
  15. I must learn these tricks you speak of!
  16. three79

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    My highest weight was 401, so I just qualify for this thread! I am 2+ days post sleeve and so far no complications. The first 48hrs were ROUGH but then suddenly the clouds parted and I feel great!
  17. three79

    Extra / Loose Skin

    Loose skin is a concern of mine too, but it's certainly a better option than continuing to live life at 400lbs. I plan to get in to lifting as soon as I am able (I believe 10 weeks after surgery...?) Hopefully that will help!
  18. three79

    Any other gay sleevers out there?

    I am 36yo and gay - I was sleeved 2 days ago. Looking forward to getting down to a healthier weight!