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    I am 69 years old and had RNY gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago. I definitely was not too old for this surgery. I lived around 120 miles from the hospital where the surgery was performed. My wife drove me home form the hospital. The ride was not bad. I had to stop off at the pharmacy to pick up by blood thinner medicine on the way home. This took about an hour. Not all pharmacies have this medicine in stock so it was better to pick it up near the hospital because they normally stock it.
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    Hey everybody. Thanks again for all is the input! I had my surgery on Monday and I can tell you what I was glad that I took and what was provided for me.

    1. My phone and charger. This was important because several people wanted to know how I was doing. Also because it was a good distraction for when I couldn't sleep.

    2 My own nightie, soft robe, sweats, and undies. I wasn't able to change until the next morning, but that was okay because I was so out of it the day of due to the anesthesia that I didn't care what I was wearing. I wasn't discharged the next day until 5pm, so it was nice wearing my own comfy clothes. I did use the robe the night I was there. Of course you can only put one arm through and drape it over the other shoulder where you have the IV.

    3 Chapstick. They provided some, but I liked my Burt's Bees vanilla flavor better.

    4 Small brush

    Things they provided:

    No slip socks. They were nice and comfy. When in bed, I was always hooked up to the leg massagers (not sure what to call them). I liked them though. I didn't have to wear the long compression socks.

    Toothbrush and toothpaste

    Alcohol pads - very helpful to sniff when feeling nauseas (just ask for some, you don't need to bring your own)

    Lots of ice. It helped so much chewing on ice! I had a plastic breathing device to help with getting in deep breaths, but it really dried out my mouth so the ice really helped!

    Also, I took gas x chewable tablets, but they wouldn't let me take it in the hospital.

    That is all I can think of. I was blessed with amazing nurses and exceptional care when I was in the hospital. I hope that go all who undergo this.

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    I live about 45 minutes from where my surgery will be performed and have the same concerns as you. A five hour drive after surgery seems a bit much. Maybe once you leave the hospital you can just spend a few days in a hotel nearby just to heal and be sure everything is okay before you start that long drive. There's also the consideration of how much pain you'll be in, access to bathrooms, winter driving conditions, and if the hospital will even let you leave by yourself. Have a backup plan ready just in case. I've already prayed for your smooth and uneventful surgery and safe passage home.
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    I live an hour from where my surgery was done. I could not drive due to the hospital policy stating I had to have a ride home and did not drive for over 2 weeks because of the anesthesia and pain meds. The ride home hurt, but I had my pillow and kept it pressed to my belly and it helped a lot. Bumps sucked.
    I'm 43 and thought I was too old for this, but with my health on the line I pushed forward and did it. The first 3 days were very painful, but getting up and walking a lot helped the pain. You may want to talk to your surgeons office about your situation. They may be able to help you come up with a plan post op. You can do this. Just get in the mind set that this surgery will help make you healthy and happy. Feel free to PM me if you need to talk! Good luck!

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    Sue, you are not old. This is you taking care of your body and choosing to be healthy. There are no age limits to that.
    275 is too long a drive even after a minor surgery let alone this surgery. The suggestion to book into a motel for a few days seems reasonable I think until you are stronger. It will also give you time to be near your surgeon for a few days in case some unforeseen event come up right after the procedure. Hope all goes well for you.

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