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  1. If you can find another surgeon, RUN, don't walk away from the first practice. There are a lot of competent bariatric surgeons out there, but the office staff is what truly makes a good practice! You won't often see the surgeon but you have to deal with the staff every visit and the failure of nurses to return your phone calls is a major red flag. Even if you have to travel a bit to find a practice you like it'll be worth it. My doctor is 5 hours away and I'm so glad I "fired" the one that was only three hours away.

    The best of luck to you!

  2. 22 hours ago, WishMeSmaller said:

    This is more of a before and during, as I am not quite to goal. First pics were right before starting my pre-op diet in late June and the last pic is two days ago. Size 20-22 down to an 8 in less than seven months. Loving all of the energy I have now!




    You lost 100 pounds....and gained a dog!😁

  3. These are extremely trying times for anyone, much less one going through weight loss. During the day try diversionary tactics--take a walk, watch some TV (but dang it, the food commercials are brutal...) The nighttime munchies are tougher. Talk to your dietician and see if you can incorporate a very small night snack into your total food consumption for the day. As long as you are still losing weight it probably won't hurt, although eating and going right to bed can certainly give you heartburn.

    Alka Seltzer had these chewable heartburn gummies that have some melatonin in them. They do have 30 calories and 6 grams of sugar per dose, but they will help you sleep.

    Good luck--you got this!

  4. Google "medicare requirements for bariatric surgery" you can find lots of info. It paid for mine, and it was a revision from a lap band to RNY. The first office I visited told me incorrectly that Medicare WOULDN'T pay for a revision, so I actually dropped my plan to do it until the lap band slipped and had to come out anyway. I went to a different surgeon whose office said they WOULD pay for it, and long as I met the criteria, and between the Medicare and my supplemental insurance, all I had to pay for was the psych consult and the dietician! I was sweating bullets until all the bills came that I would be stuck since Medicare doesn't do preapprovals-they either pay it or they don't...but they came through.

  5. Hi KelliG2020. I just had my one year anniversary and couldn't be more satisfied. I was only aiming for a final weight of 140 and now weigh 120. Jessica actually wants me to start eating a bit more! That's the first time in my life anyone had told me that...😄

    I can't say enough good things about Dr Fitzer and his team. They've changed my life.

    Good luck to you with your own journey, keep us posted!

  6. I had to have my surgery in a hospital 5 hours away due to the lack of bariatric surgeons where I live. I had to go by myself since my husband is unwell and can't travel. I took an Amtrak train and stayed in a hotel a half mile walk from the hospital. I walked in the day of surgery and then after discharge I took an Uber back to the hotel and stayed another night. The hospital tried to say I couldn't take an Uber but it was either that or walk back to the hotel since I was alone. They finally okayed that after some phone calls.

    As far as being alone in the hospital I actually prefer it. I like to be left alone and not have anyone hovering over me when I don't feel well. I love my hubby but I'm glad he wasn't there.

    Good luck, you'll be OK if you have to fly solo!

  7. 55 minutes ago, The Greater Fool said:

    Not all guys are as open and eloquent as I am ;)

    Generally, we're idiots. Most of us only have a theoretical idea of how women work.

    I think I was getting to a point, but I think I lost track... Hey NFL is back! Woohoo!

    See my other posts.


    Haha! I was going to be nicer and say "Men manifest their insecurities differently than women" but Tek hit the nail on the head. Don't feel bad, Tek, us women THINK we know how men work, but not really...Hey baseball is back, also! Woot!

  8. All of this here is good advice. Your health should be your primary focus, but you don't want to destroy a relationship if you can avoid it.

    Your husband sounds just like mine...he was worried that once I lost the weight I would not still want to be married to him. And unfortunately the data after WLS shows many marriages do dissolve. But that's all up to you...if you want it to work, it will! But again, your health is the most important consideration. The marriage will certainly be over if you die due to your weight issues!

  9. 23 hours ago, The Greater Fool said:

    Worse, you didn't dump. Didn't even feel anything negative. THIS is the scarier scenario, and it scares the crap out of most post-ops. What did you learn? That you can eat Cookies with impunity. That is a dangerous lesson. How will it impact future choices?

    This. The fear of dumping is an incredible motivator to avoid eating high sugar foods.

  10. This is hard, isn't it? But don't give up hope. It WILL get easier. Also my nutritionist said 64 ounces is ideal, but she's happy with the 48 that I currently get. Also Arabesque is right--as long as your pee is pale yellow you are getting adequate hydration. Hang in there and be patient with yourself.

  11. Hi Hope to Resolve

    Your story sounds a lot like mine. Long story short--12 year old lap band slipped, caused hiatal hernia, constant sliming with no fill in it, etc. Had it taken out and revised to bypass in one surgery. My only regret was I wasted 12 years futzing around with the band.

    Your concerns about Vitamins are valid, but easily addressed with Multivitamins and Calcium supplements. Hair loss is likely to occur with both the sleeve and bypass but is not as terrible as say chemotherapy--usually only YOU notice it, and it will grow back. Dumping is totally avoidable by not eating sugary or fatty foods, and I consider it a plus since it makes it easier to avoid potential trigger foods for fear of dumping!

    One definite plus is my a1c and glucose are now totally normal, and that's without ANY metformin at all! I was on 1000 mg a day and now take none. I think the bypass has better statistics for resolving diabetes than the sleeve.

    Whatever you decide, good luck, and keep us posted!

  12. 7 hours ago, Starwarsandcupcakes said:

    Even after my VSG I was still drinking at least one a day, mostly for “breakfast” mixed with coffee

    I heard about using the Protein Shakes as coffee creamer on these boards and now it is all I use...you learn the most useful stuff here! But I'd be afraid to store stuff in my oven--I'd forget it was there and turn on the "Preheat"...I HAVE stored things in the microwave since I don't preheat it...

  13. 16 hours ago, Myturn4me said:

    I met with my surgeon in February 2020 and he said bypass will be my best option. Based on my health insurance I have to meet with a Dietitian for 6 consecutive visits and have to talk with a Dietitian at the insurance company for 12 consecutive months as part of the requirements for surgery. I have a couple other requirements to meet also before being approved. I don't feel like I am getting knowledge on the Dietitian side of things from the hospital. They just ask if I have questions and their answers are always you will need to ask your surgeon when you see him again and that will not be until February 2021.

    I just want to know how to plan meals and how to make the most out of each stage of eating.

    I want to know how much it is going to hurt because I don't like pain.

    I just feel like I am not getting guidance on things and I feel like I am all by myself.

    Thank you for your time.

    Do you have a e-reader like Kindle? There are TONS of free or low cost books that will help with your meal planning and the different stages of eating.

    As far as pain, I think you will be surprised at what a small amount you have. The hospital should stay on top of your pain relief the first day or two so the worst pain you will have will most likely be the gas pains from the surgery. My doc doesn't even send anyone home with pain meds because it's usually minimal!

    If you feel like you aren't getting guidance from your bariatric team you might have to get sorta pushy about it. Make a list of questions that you have and when you go in for a visit be sure to bring your list and get them all answered. Be proactive about your care and you'll get a far better outcome!

  14. Since you are only a few weeks out be patient and a lot of your troubles should subside. I struggled with fluids at first but it WILL get easier--your stomach is probably still swollen from your procedure. Is your flushing from a fever or is it more like hot flashes? If it's a fever you need to let your surgeon know but if it's like menopause hot flashes that's normal...surgery will upset your hormones something awful at first. Hang in there, give it a couple of weeks more and things should be easier. If not PLEASE contact your doctor. Good luck!

  15. 28 minutes ago, sillykitty said:

    I don't think we need to insult any body type on here. Haven't we all experienced enough of that?

    7 hours ago, GreenTealael said:

    Looking Good ❤

    You are totally correct--I apologize. I'm just trying to affirm that being curvy is also beautiful. I heard all my life how pretty I'd be if I was thinner--you know--"You have SUCH a pretty face....

  16. When I'm awake I don't really miss the bad foods all that much. But when I'm asleep I dream of eating all sorts of forbidden things, and then freak in my dream that I'm gonna dump. Also I'm a vegetarian and I dream of eating hamburgers all the time. It's such a relief to wake up and find out that I didn't really eat the forbidden fruit...