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  1. Inquiring minds want to know...
  2. JRT Mom

    Anyone go into surgery alone?

    I had to have my surgery in a hospital 5 hours away due to the lack of bariatric surgeons where I live. I had to go by myself since my husband is unwell and can't travel. I took an Amtrak train and stayed in a hotel a half mile walk from the hospital. I walked in the day of surgery and then after discharge I took an Uber back to the hotel and stayed another night. The hospital tried to say I couldn't take an Uber but it was either that or walk back to the hotel since I was alone. They finally okayed that after some phone calls. As far as being alone in the hospital I actually prefer it. I like to be left alone and not have anyone hovering over me when I don't feel well. I love my hubby but I'm glad he wasn't there. Good luck, you'll be OK if you have to fly solo!
  3. I love the Whisps crisps. Very low carb and that satisfying crunch. They are small but you could put your hummus on them. Love your idea about "Bariatric Nachos"!
  4. JRT Mom

    Can anyone eat carbs?

    You don't have to deprive yourself of sandwiches. There are a lot of low carb high fiber tortillas, pitas and flatbreads that make great sandwiches! Just stay away from fluffy white bread.
  5. JRT Mom

    1 year anniversary

    200 pounds! That's amazing--good job!
  6. Haha! I was going to be nicer and say "Men manifest their insecurities differently than women" but Tek hit the nail on the head. Don't feel bad, Tek, us women THINK we know how men work, but not really...Hey baseball is back, also! Woot!
  7. All of this here is good advice. Your health should be your primary focus, but you don't want to destroy a relationship if you can avoid it. Your husband sounds just like mine...he was worried that once I lost the weight I would not still want to be married to him. And unfortunately the data after WLS shows many marriages do dissolve. But that's all up to you...if you want it to work, it will! But again, your health is the most important consideration. The marriage will certainly be over if you die due to your weight issues!
  8. JRT Mom


    This. The fear of dumping is an incredible motivator to avoid eating high sugar foods.
  9. I've always had a problem of looking in the mirror and seeing a fat chick no matter what my weight. Are y'all like that too? It's so frustrating now that we can't try clothes on and I always buy them too big and have to return them. Is there anything you can do to see yourself the way you truly are? Thanks!
  10. JRT Mom


    This is hard, isn't it? But don't give up hope. It WILL get easier. Also my nutritionist said 64 ounces is ideal, but she's happy with the 48 that I currently get. Also Arabesque is right--as long as your pee is pale yellow you are getting adequate hydration. Hang in there and be patient with yourself.
  11. JRT Mom

    Prerequisites Completed!

    It's amazing how you work and work to get approval and how looooong it seems to take. But then you get that phone call with your date--BAM!! it's here! Einstein was right about time....
  12. I was diabetic taking Metformin every day....glucose and a1c totally normal now and no more metformin! I had sleep apnea....gone Cholesterol and Triglycerides elevated....normal now I still have some blood pressure issues but I've been able to cut my dosage in half.
  13. Hi Hope to Resolve Your story sounds a lot like mine. Long story short--12 year old lap band slipped, caused hiatal hernia, constant sliming with no fill in it, etc. Had it taken out and revised to bypass in one surgery. My only regret was I wasted 12 years futzing around with the band. Your concerns about vitamins are valid, but easily addressed with multivitamins and calcium supplements. Hair loss is likely to occur with both the sleeve and bypass but is not as terrible as say chemotherapy--usually only YOU notice it, and it will grow back. Dumping is totally avoidable by not eating sugary or fatty foods, and I consider it a plus since it makes it easier to avoid potential trigger foods for fear of dumping! One definite plus is my a1c and glucose are now totally normal, and that's without ANY metformin at all! I was on 1000 mg a day and now take none. I think the bypass has better statistics for resolving diabetes than the sleeve. Whatever you decide, good luck, and keep us posted!
  14. JRT Mom

    I may have a small problem...

    I heard about using the protein shakes as coffee creamer on these boards and now it is all I use...you learn the most useful stuff here! But I'd be afraid to store stuff in my oven--I'd forget it was there and turn on the "Preheat"...I HAVE stored things in the microwave since I don't preheat it...
  15. Do you have a e-reader like Kindle? There are TONS of free or low cost books that will help with your meal planning and the different stages of eating. As far as pain, I think you will be surprised at what a small amount you have. The hospital should stay on top of your pain relief the first day or two so the worst pain you will have will most likely be the gas pains from the surgery. My doc doesn't even send anyone home with pain meds because it's usually minimal! If you feel like you aren't getting guidance from your bariatric team you might have to get sorta pushy about it. Make a list of questions that you have and when you go in for a visit be sure to bring your list and get them all answered. Be proactive about your care and you'll get a far better outcome!
  16. Since you are only a few weeks out be patient and a lot of your troubles should subside. I struggled with fluids at first but it WILL get easier--your stomach is probably still swollen from your procedure. Is your flushing from a fever or is it more like hot flashes? If it's a fever you need to let your surgeon know but if it's like menopause hot flashes that's normal...surgery will upset your hormones something awful at first. Hang in there, give it a couple of weeks more and things should be easier. If not PLEASE contact your doctor. Good luck!
  17. JRT Mom

    Before and After Pics

    Dang, Viking, you look GREAT!
  18. JRT Mom


    You are totally correct--I apologize. I'm just trying to affirm that being curvy is also beautiful. I heard all my life how pretty I'd be if I was thinner--you know--"You have SUCH a pretty face....
  19. JRT Mom

    Missing my old eating habits!!

    When I'm awake I don't really miss the bad foods all that much. But when I'm asleep I dream of eating all sorts of forbidden things, and then freak in my dream that I'm gonna dump. Also I'm a vegetarian and I dream of eating hamburgers all the time. It's such a relief to wake up and find out that I didn't really eat the forbidden fruit...
  20. JRT Mom


    You've got gorgeous shoulders--you should wear that style top all the time.
  21. JRT Mom


    Dtrain84, you gotta stop posting pictures of your manly goodness--you're giving this girl heart palpitations! Don't wear too much camo or we won't be able to see you...
  22. JRT Mom


    Look out--Dangerous Curves ahead! A shapely woman is a sight to behold--much nicer than those stick-skinny ladies...
  23. JRT Mom


    You'll have to get in line behind me...
  24. Barbwired--I am one of the lap banders who had to get mine removed when it slipped and caused a huge hiatal hernia. I got it removed, got the hernia repaired and a revision to a RNY bypass in one surgery. I couldn't be happier with the results! No more vomiting and sliming every other meal. And in seven months I lost all the weight I had regained and thirty pounds more than the lowest I ever got with the band. My only regret is that I ever got the band in the first place and wasted 12 years before doing what I should have initially. I haven't dumped once, but I'm very careful not to eat anything that could cause me to dump. It's good incentive not to eat too much sugar! The bypass encourages more of a total revision of how you eat than the band does...I discovered quickly about "slider foods" with the band but an much more discerning with what I eat after the bypass. And I'd guess you can still enjoy a glass of wine now and then but would stick to a dry wine rather than a sweet one. I'm just not much of a drinker so I haven't tried it yet. Whatever you decide good luck!
  25. JRT Mom


    ms.sss--you are only 5"2"? Your outfits make you look tall and willowy--beautiful! And that outfit that shows your tummy--perfect. Sophie7713-I love the way Bobby is also sticking to the white fashion theme...