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  1. JRT Mom

    For soda/diet soda drinkers..

    Do you mean diet soda, or the regular version?
  2. JRT Mom

    For soda/diet soda drinkers..

    My surgeon said carbonated drinks were ok two months after surgery. He doesn't feel that there is a danger to the pouch/sleeve as long as it's well healed. I don't like a whole lot of bubbles, but I pour it into a glass and then stir it until most of the carbonation comes out, then it goes down without a whole lot of burping going on. I also often add sugar free lemonade to help dilute out some of the bubbles. Dale P, have you tried the new Mountain Dew Zero? It's waaaay better than the original diet Mt Dew.
  3. I just had my three month checkup last Thursday and it was in Northern Virginia, which at the time was the only place that had confirmed cases in Virginia. I'm really glad my doc didn't cancel, but I about turned blue from holding my breath for 5 hours until my train ride back home. I can understand cancelling surgery to save valuable resources, but a weigh-in? That uses nothing--I don't get it.
  4. I've had to take Miralax once so far. Just be careful not to overdo whatever you use since there's a toilet paper shortage....
  5. JRT Mom

    What is the deal with toilet paper?!?

    Maybe people think they can make masks outta toilet paper...
  6. JRT Mom

    What is the deal with toilet paper?!?

    Ha! You can probably make a killing selling them on Ebay...
  7. JRT Mom

    Two big goals reached

    Wow! Congrats--you are doing great! And in an impressively short time, to boot.
  8. Awww, man, this majorly sucks for all y'all awaiting surgery. Let's hope for a quick turnaround with this problem so you can continue your journey. Maybe y'all should go to West Virginia--it's the last state with no (for now!) Covid cases.
  9. JRT Mom

    Hey everyone its been a while!

    WOWZA!! You've done wonderfully! It looks like you will do great long term, which is the scariest part of WLS--keeping it off!
  10. I had a revision from a lap band to RNY and I know for the first 4 days I had terrible "buyers remorse". But around day 5 I felt like I was gonna make it, and every day was better than the day before. It's totally normal to think "what the hell did I just do to myself???" Almost everyone of us have thought that right after surgery. Your doctor should have you on a PPI for a few months after your surgery. I had heartburn for about a month after mine. Be patient with yourself on the fluid drinking and don't force it. It will get easier. Hang in there, YOU GOT THIS! It WILL bet better, I promise...
  11. JRT Mom

    Silly plan

    I LOVE it! It sounds like a great motivator and loads of fun!
  12. The hospital that I work at hasn't talked about cancelling any surgerys yet, but so far we have no Covid cases. I have a feeling that once we get our first case everyone will panic and they will cancel. Good luck to y'all out there waiting for your surgery--I hope you can get it!
  13. Hi y'all, before I got my RNY I had a touch of diabetes. Hemoglobin A1C as only two points above normal with a fasting blood sugar of around 110. My FCP started me on Metformin and after three months my A1C was within normal limits. My surgeon told me to stop taking the Metformin the day before my surgery-said I wouldn't need it anymore. Well, in preparation for my three month post surgery visit the surgeon had me get some labs, and now my A1C is elevated again, and my fasting blood sugar is 117. Have any of y'all had that happen? I haven't cheated once on my diet with sugary stuff. I'm still showing ketones in my urine. So why is my glucose and A1C back up? I see the surgeon Thursday--hopefully he can explain it...
  14. Hey, that's an advantage to WLS. At one half cup food per meal, three cans of refried beans and a box of protein bars and I'm set for two weeks...add a dozen eggs and I'm good for another week!😁
  15. We don't have it here yet (SW Virginia) but if it gets here there's not much I can do to avoid it since I work in a hospital. But in reality death from flu is more likely than from Covid-19.
  16. A low carb protein bar is good for a meal on the run. If you nuke them about 20 seconds it really improves the taste and texture of them.
  17. JRT Mom

    Vsg or rny and why?

    I needed to have a revision after my 11 year old lap band slipped. I thought I wanted a sleeve, but when the surgeon explained about the risk of GERD after a sleeve I went with the RNY, since I had GERD before I got my lap band. The RNY isn't really any more invasive than the sleeve-actually is it theoretically reversible, unlike the sleeve where they remove 80% if your stomach. And the threat of dumping syndrome has aided me in not eating any sugary foods, which I consider to be a plus rather than a minus.
  18. JRT Mom

    i'm being submitted ❤️

    I've always said that Einstein was right about the theory of relativity when it comes to the WLS approval process. Time c-r-a-w-l-s while you are waiting, and then you hit a time warp, and BAM!! suddenly you are checking into the hospital for your surgery. Buckle up and hang on--it's gonna be a WILD ride!!
  19. I'm not a vegan so I do get a lot of protein from dairy and eggs. I also eat a lot of beans and nuts, and I DO like tofu. Maybe you just haven't found a good recipe? Tofu to me doesn't have much taste, it just picks up the flavor of what you cook it with. I like it with Kung Pao sauce, General Tso's sauce and Korean barbecue sauce. Let it marinade for a while and then put over a bit of rice, heat it all together--YUM!
  20. JRT Mom

    Medical marijuana card

    Random drug tests? Dang, that's harsh. What are they gonna do if you test positive after the surgery? Go back in and reconnect your bypass??
  21. I know I'm not long term yet, but since I have had both a lap band and a bypass I feel qualified to answer. With the lap band I NEVER had that comfortable feeling of fullness. I always felt queasy rather than full and vomited often, depending how the first bite landed. I ALWAYS regurgitated meat of any kind, that's why I'm a vegetarian today. With the bypass I get that nice "whew, I'm full" with no feelings of queasiness, and I haven't vomited once since I got my bypass. I got my band a month before yours and it worked well for 5 years, but I also developed s slip, a hiatal hernia, and even with the fill pulled out I was vomiting up almost every other thing I ate. I don't miss it it all, and like elcee if I knew then what I know now I woulda gone straight to the bypass. Good luck!
  22. JRT Mom

    Primary care doctor lied

    It sounds like he is doing what he can to help get you approved, unless like Hop_Scotch said he's looking at the wrong chart. Since it is bothering you I would discuss it with him.
  23. JRT Mom

    i'm being submitted ❤️

    Hang in there! It will come faster than you expect. It IS exciting, isn't it??
  24. catwoman7, that makes perfect sense. I'm VERY postmenopausal, but since my surgery I can cry seeing a cute puppy or a Hallmark ad on TV! So I guess I'm finding estrogen I've stored all those years! I'll be glad when all that she-juice is gone and I can go back to my cold-hearted bitchiness...