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  1. HA! When you've had an RNY, you have TWO stomachs. I can never tell where the sound is coming from, either my pouch or the remnant. I guess I'll name mine Romulus and Remus, or maybe Castor and Pollux? Or maybe Mary Kate and Ashley?
  2. JRT Mom

    Low Prealbumin

    Wow, I'd be getting hold of your surgeon asap. That much protein is bound to be hard on your kidneys. Are you getting enough zinc, B12, B1 and folic acid? It might be a vitamin or mineral deficiency that might make it harder for you to absorb the protein you eat.
  3. My "go-to" mushies phase food was vegetarian refried beans with a bit of cheddar melted on the top. I also ate a lot of hummus and baba ganoush. A half cup of food one week out is probably a bit too much at this point. I was allowed one tablespoon at first. I'm four months out and only heat half cup servings.
  4. Your stomach is probably swollen from your surgery causing that stuck feeling. Have you experimented with hot vs cold beverages? After my surgery I found that warm drinks went down easier than cold ones. But hang in there--you should find it a bit easier each day to drink. Good luck, it WILL get better!
  5. JRT Mom

    Is There Enough Time?

    Maybe because of all the delays and backups that Covid 19 has caused maybe you can get an extension on your time limit? Can't hurt to ask...
  6. I have a motorhome so I know that paper well. There is a two-ply version that is marginally better than the single ply. With the single ply you'd be better off with a handful of leaves out of your back yard.
  7. JRT Mom


    I've got some gummy edibles from before my RNY that I'm kinda afraid to try. There's no nutritional info on the package so I don't know how much sugar is in them. And I had gotten used to how much to eat and the timeline of when they would kick in before surgery and that's up in the air now. And I don't even wanna think about dumping while high--talk about a buzzkill!
  8. This post made me laugh out loud. Yes, I am twelve...
  9. JRT Mom

    Am I eating too much?

    Fluff, good point. Three weeks after my surgery I was finally allowed a half of a scrambled egg, cottage cheese, applesauce and watered down mashed potatoes.
  10. I know it's tough to be cancelled when you were so close you could almost taste it, but trust me, you don't want to be anywhere near a hospital right now. You would risk being exposed, and many of the staff are distracted with all that's going on around them. Many people have had to call in since their kid's schools are closed and they have no child care so there is a staff shortage and the ones that are still there are frazzled picking up the slack. They are worried about the same thing everyone else is ("where can I get toilet paper? Am I gonna take this virus home to my family?"etc), and feel more at risk since they are on the front line. It's just gonna get worse as the case loads go up and shortages of medical supplies occur. I work in a small rural hospital and until yesterday have had no cases in our area, and this was already occurring even before this first case... So please hang in there, this will eventually be over and we can get on with our normal(?) lives!
  11. Wow, Maddie, you are an inspiration to us all! You were beautiful BEFORE your weight loss but now you look so full of life!
  12. JRT Mom

    Am I eating too much?

    Are you eating very slowly? There are "sensors" in your stomach that signal your brain that you have eaten enough. Unfortunately, they trigger fairly slowly so if you are eating quickly your brain doesn't get the message until you have eaten more than you need. If you eat your meal in tiny bites with pauses in between each mouthful you can trigger that response before you eat a lot. I only eat around one half cup of food for each meal, and by eating this way feel full, and the fullness lasts several hours.
  13. JRT Mom

    For soda/diet soda drinkers..

    Do you mean diet soda, or the regular version?
  14. JRT Mom

    For soda/diet soda drinkers..

    My surgeon said carbonated drinks were ok two months after surgery. He doesn't feel that there is a danger to the pouch/sleeve as long as it's well healed. I don't like a whole lot of bubbles, but I pour it into a glass and then stir it until most of the carbonation comes out, then it goes down without a whole lot of burping going on. I also often add sugar free lemonade to help dilute out some of the bubbles. Dale P, have you tried the new Mountain Dew Zero? It's waaaay better than the original diet Mt Dew.
  15. I just had my three month checkup last Thursday and it was in Northern Virginia, which at the time was the only place that had confirmed cases in Virginia. I'm really glad my doc didn't cancel, but I about turned blue from holding my breath for 5 hours until my train ride back home. I can understand cancelling surgery to save valuable resources, but a weigh-in? That uses nothing--I don't get it.
  16. I've had to take Miralax once so far. Just be careful not to overdo whatever you use since there's a toilet paper shortage....
  17. JRT Mom

    What is the deal with toilet paper?!?

    Maybe people think they can make masks outta toilet paper...
  18. JRT Mom

    What is the deal with toilet paper?!?

    Ha! You can probably make a killing selling them on Ebay...
  19. JRT Mom

    Two big goals reached

    Wow! Congrats--you are doing great! And in an impressively short time, to boot.
  20. Awww, man, this majorly sucks for all y'all awaiting surgery. Let's hope for a quick turnaround with this problem so you can continue your journey. Maybe y'all should go to West Virginia--it's the last state with no (for now!) Covid cases.
  21. JRT Mom

    Hey everyone its been a while!

    WOWZA!! You've done wonderfully! It looks like you will do great long term, which is the scariest part of WLS--keeping it off!
  22. I had a revision from a lap band to RNY and I know for the first 4 days I had terrible "buyers remorse". But around day 5 I felt like I was gonna make it, and every day was better than the day before. It's totally normal to think "what the hell did I just do to myself???" Almost everyone of us have thought that right after surgery. Your doctor should have you on a PPI for a few months after your surgery. I had heartburn for about a month after mine. Be patient with yourself on the fluid drinking and don't force it. It will get easier. Hang in there, YOU GOT THIS! It WILL bet better, I promise...