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  1. JRT Mom


    Is everyone doing well? I hope this nasty bug hasn't hit any of you...
  2. JRT Mom

    Insurance denied

    Hang in there. It's like these insurance companies don't really want to spend the money on you so they often deny the first attempt hoping you'll give up. If you jump through the right hoops you should be OK as long as you are willing to play the game!
  3. My hubby and I used to be the same size and I'd wear his jeans, which ticked him off because he'd go to get a clean pair and I'd be wearing the last clean pair. The thing that made him happiest about my weight loss was that I couldn't steal his jeans any more. It was a non-scale victory--for HIM!
  4. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post these happy posts for us--we all enjoy that there is still good news out there!! I appreciate that you may feel it's insensitive to post such things, but believe me, we ALL can benefit from someone's success. I relish reading people's "atta boy/girl posts"!
  5. JRT Mom

    Three Month Mark

    That may be, but OWN IT, girl!!
  6. JRT Mom

    Three Month Mark

    WOWZA!!! Great job! People call WLS just a tool, but I call it a miracle!😁
  7. JRT Mom

    Hunger Question

    Technically, ALL hunger is in your head--your body sends signals to the brain..."FEED ME!!!" It's whether or not we give in to the messages from our brain that can make a difference. Misdirection works well-if you are feeling hungry and it's not time for a meal try to distract yourself with something--sometimes even a few minutes of distraction can make the diffence when you have the urge to eat. AJ--where are you???😁
  8. JRT Mom


    Hah! Before the stay at home order I was struggling to justify all the time I was spending being a couch potato. Now I don't need an excuse--it has been mandated by my Governor- I'm just being a good citizen! 🤣
  9. JRT Mom

    170LBS & MAINTAINING !!!

    I can't believe how much weight you've lost in such a short time. Congrats! But that's a man for you...they can cut out one gram of carbs a day and lose 50 pounds in three days....😉
  10. This devastating virus not only has had a major impact to those who have contracted it, but much collateral damage to the rest of us. Lives have drastically changed in a matter of two months as many here awaiting their WLS can attest. Eventually life will resume--we just all need to hang in there and be kind and gentle with ourselves and each other. Good luck to all of us!
  11. JRT Mom

    Lap band adjustment

    Mine was eleven years old and even though I had no fill in mine and was still vomiting almost every time I ate. I could only get things like ice cream, pudding and yogurt through it. I went to a different surgeon (the one who did the band moved away about 5 years ago) and said it had to come out because eventually I wasn't even going to get water through it. During the band removal and revision to a RNY they discovered that the band had slipped, and the slip caused a hiatal hernia. I had this done a bit over 4 months ago and weigh less than the lowest weight I ever got with the band. If your surgeon doesn't want to consider removing it, maybe you should consider finding another surgeon who will work with you before it gets worse.
  12. JRT Mom

    I'm Bored...Quarantine

    I've been going to the Red Cross to donate platelets. Gets you out, you get to talk to strangers (I love my husband but he's driving me crazy...) and the Red Cross really needs blood and platelets right now. Win-win for everyone!
  13. JRT Mom

    Lap band adjustment

    I had to have mine removed, but I remember how hard it was to get the fill "dialed in". And it could change day to day from being too full or barely enough. Ideally you should be able to drink water, but feel full quickly on solid food. Good luck!
  14. I'd guess that the bad taste in your mouth could be from the ketones in your blood from low calorie intake. If you are curious enough you can buy Ketostix (places like Target, Walmart and pharmacies sell them) - you pee on them and if they turn pink or purple you have ketones in your blood. Large amounts of ketones can also cause appetite suppression! That's why ketogenic diets work well. I like to use Ketostix when my weight loss stalls. If the stick is negative, I cut carbs until the stick is positive, and the scale usually starts moving again. Sounds like you are still in the "honeymoon" phase of weight loss--it will get better (or worse--depending on how you look at it...Not having a raging appetite can be a good thing!)
  15. JRT Mom


    I've never gotten the foamies from eating. However, I get them almost every time I drink liquids. I'm still struggling with liquids and I'm four months post surgery. Eating slowly and chewing well should help with that.
  16. JRT Mom

    I'm Bored...Quarantine

    I hear ya! I'm super bored now also. What's weird is before all this started I could veg out at home with the best of them. But now that you tell me I HAVE TO stay at home, I go crazy. Walking hasn't been a great option so far because it's been really rainy this spring. Hopefully when the weather gets better I can start walking again. Good luck--hang in there!
  17. JRT Mom

    Pain and vomiting hell!

    You need to go back to your doctor and have some of your fill pulled out. I'm sure even with a lockdown you are allowed to go to your doctor.
  18. I am 4 months out and still taking Protonix. BUT, I'm now only taking it once a day instead of twice a day, and not having nearly as many reflux episodes which were nightly the first two months, even with the Protonix. My PA thinks I'll only have to take them another month and then not need them anymore. Hopefully you'll find a similar resolution-you are not even a month out yet. Try not to eat or drink anything near bedtime and that might help also. Good luck!
  19. You are in the "three week stall" zone. Trust the process, you will start dropping again. I agree that a few more calories might actually help things moving again.
  20. JRT Mom

    Unsupportive Partner

    You wanna lose 150-200 pounds instantly?? Kick him to the curb!!😉 I know that is a terse, non comforting comment, but your post makes it clear that this man doesn't have your best interests at heart and is in this relationship for his own benefit. I am glad you followed your own desires to improve your health by WLS. If you want long term happiness you may have to question y'all's relationship. Ask yourself "will I be better in five years with him or without him?" and then follow your heart. Good luck, we are here for you!
  21. Oh, I'm so happy it's good news! Can you take a small dose of antibiotics all the time to keep the UTIs at bay? That's what a urologist was doing with my MIL who had them all the time. Worked well until she died--at 94!
  22. Buck nekkid, of course...
  23. I always recommend people not to weigh daily in order not to get discouraged at stalls. However, I can't seem to follow my own advice as I weigh daily. I CERTAINLY don't practice what I preach! 😊