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  1. Thanks--I need a new one soon--I'll check into those!
  2. I also have sleep apnea and suspected I did, but it was confirmed after sharing a hotel room with a woman who happened to be a nurse practioner. She said she was up all night listening to me struggle to breathe and stop breathing. So I had the study as a formality--it only took two hours to document it. Sleeping on a BiPap is a love-hate relationship--I do sleep more soundly, but waking up with strap marks all over your face is the pits! But having sleep apnea will make it easier to get approved by your insurance company, so in this case it's a good thing. And I'm really hoping that if I lose the weight the apnea will go away!
  3. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great--you have a great attitude. It's downhill from here for you!:party:
  4. It's amazing some of the preop work some of us need to get. I almost wonder if some of the other docs are in cahoots with the lap band surgeons to get their piece of the pie!:smile2:
  5. I had my pysch eval today and for some reason I was dreading it more than anything. The guy was very nice, and as I expected asked lots of questions about my relationship with food and my eating habits, and asked questions to test my understanding about what a lap band entailed. But then he pulled out some of the "shrinky" stuff.....he asked me if I found a stamped sealed addressed envelope what would I do with it? The flip side of me wanted to answer "it depends on who it was from or where it was going" but of course I immediately gave the safe answer "put it in a mailbox". He then asked me to spell the word "world" and I was tempted to spell it "whirled" as in spun around, or maybe "whorled" as in fingerprints but again I played it safe. Then he asked me to spell it backwards! I SUCK at backwards stuff, and spelled it d-r-l-o-w and he smiled and said "try again" and then I got it right. I told him "wow, that was tough....I'm glad you didn't ask me to try 'antidisestablishmentarianism'" But the longer I was there I coudn't help myself as the "class clown" side of me emerged..... He asked me if I ever heard voices in my head and I looked to the side as if there as a imaginary person there and asked it "I dunno--do I?" When we were done he said I had to come back for a personality test and I asked him "was that when he was finally going to pull out the inkblots--he wasn't a real shrink until he pulled out the inkblots...." He laughed but had that "omigod get her outta here" look on his face also......so maybe I'll pass, or maybe not.....
  6. I have a husband, but I am one of those people that when I am under the weather I want everyone to leave me the hell alone. So hubby can drop me off and pick me up, but I want him outta my hair while I'm in the hospital overnight. Maybe I can send him to you??:biggrin2::biggrin2::biggrin2::biggrin2:
  7. I love hearing the excitement in everyone's posts as they actually get dates and have their surgery! I know "bandster hell" is the period after surgery and before fills, but I want to propose another "bandster hell"...the kind where you know you want a band but you are still jumping through the hoops anxiously awaiting news....maybe we can call that "pre-bandster hell?" Anyone else out there with me???
  8. I'm so excited for you! (And more than a little envious....:biggrin:) I wish smooth sailing to you--I'm sure you'll do great!
  9. I haven't been banded yet, but I found Centrum Silver Chewables (for us ol' farts). They aren't too bad!
  10. JRT Mom

    Question Help!

    Too funny!:biggrin:
  11. Hoping for a June date also-keep your fingers crossed! Going to the shrink on Monday--wish me luck--I REALLY want to go in there and say "the voices in my head told me to---MWUHUHUHUHUH!":tt2:
  12. Hi all- I've read the posts regarding support from friends and family members when you have your surgery. I see the need to have this support after you get home, but I'm one of these people that when I'm sick or having surgery I just want people to leave me the heck alone! Are you required to have a support person at the hospital if you don't want one? Thanks for any input....
  13. JRT Mom

    Upper Gi !?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Sounds like me after a few beers!:smile: Actually I get my upper GI in about 4 hrs--I can't wait---NOT!
  14. I was told that I would be able to go back to work after a week or two, but our employee health department governs when you come back. Since it says in my job description that I have to be able to lift 75 lbs, they won't let me back until the MD will release me with no restrictions, and that won't be until six weeks! I have the time saved up and have worked this job for 30 years without a break longer than two weeks, so I'm sorta looking forward to it! Just one more incentive to get the band!
  15. JRT Mom

    Embarrassing Question

    I want some of those drugs.....:smile:
  16. Hi Amy-

    I saw the VT logo under your name--are you in the New River Valley? I live in Christiansburg and am looking for fellow bandsters in the area. I'm not banded yet--still jumpin' through the hoops......

  17. JRT Mom

    Too Health?

    jetsy-I was in your position when I was 45. All the numbers looked great. But then I hit 50..since then I've developed sleep apnea, borderline glucose, chol and BP, and my knees hurt, to boot....you really should find an MD that will help you act now, while you still are healthy and not wait until you make that downhill slide! Good luck!
  18. JRT Mom

    Sleep Apnea Questions

    I would LOVE to get off my bipap--I have never had such an intense love-hate relationship with anything in my entire life! Hubby has sleep apnea also--it sounds like Mr and Mrs Darth Vader in our bed every night! And when we travel we have to lug TWO machines...
  19. Sweet! After you get them made you'll have to put them on YouTube!
  20. You guys are all an inspiration for the rest of us just starting our journey! Good luck to all of us!
  21. Mine's big enough to do just that! Your's is shrinking so fast you won't be able to for long!:biggrin2:
  22. JRT Mom

    Hospital stay

    Only the second most miserable night of your life? I ain't gonna ask what your first most miserable one was......:biggrin:
  23. Wow, you've lost a lot of weight already! I'll bet you do great with the lap band!
  24. I was on phen-fen years ago and lost 80 lbs, but then they pulled it off the market and I gained it all back plus the usual 20 more..... Now since I was on it my surgeon wants me to have an echocardiogram. Any of y'all had to do this also?