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  1. JRT Mom

    I'm a Newbie

    Katie- Welcome! You've found the best place on Earth with the best people to help you every step of the way. Sounds like you have your head on tight and want to lose weight for the right reasons--getting approval should be very easy for you!
  2. Gail- I'm being banded on Friday and I have wondered countlessly about whether or not I'd miss food too much. But then I go to bed and have to hook myself up to the dad-blamed Bipap machine, and then the next morning have to mince down the stairs because my knees and feet hurt so much. What I suggest is try making a list of the good things about your enjoyment of food, and then make a list of the good things what will happen after you get a band and lose weight. I'll bet the band list will be LOTS longer! And you don't have to give up food totally, but eating large amounts of it. And there's nothing wrong with worrying about anaesthesia and complications, it's your self-preservation instincts kicking in, but remember this is "old-hat" for the professionals, and they certainly will minimize all risks for you. Good luck with your consult and post how it went!
  3. That's my June lapband date! Who's with me? Man, it's only a week away!
  4. JRT Mom

    Body Image issues

    I have the same problem. I got down to 113 lbs once and saw a fat girl looking back at me in the mirror, until I saw pictures of myself and I saw I was too thin. Have someone take pictures of you--hopefully when you see them you'll see how much thinner you are!
  5. A whole week??? I'm gonna go crazy...well, I'm supposed to walk anyway--feet don't fail me now!
  6. JRT Mom

    Lingo for beginners

    Purping....I like that!
  7. JRT Mom

    Wife get surgery 6/9

    Don't believe a word he says--he is a Pod Person!!!:smile: Just kidding, DustyDog you sound like a wonderful man and I must admit I'm a teensy bit jealous....:tongue2: I have to stay overnight also which his freaking me out because I've never spent the night in the hospital as a patient before. I'm sure my husband of 32 years will be supportive also, but he's not very intuitive when it comes to knowing what I'll need. So I've actually asked him NOT to hang around all day...I suggested he come in the evening when I'll be walking so he can help me get outta bed!
  8. My BMI is only 40 and I have to do a week of liquids only. The coordinator told me it is an age thing also--older people naturally have fattier livers.
  9. JRT Mom

    Anyone a Nurse?

    Are you old enough to be in perimenopause?
  10. JRT Mom

    Pre Op diet

    My preop diet is a week of full liquids. It has to be 60-70g of protein but only 800-1000 calories. And 64 oz of water! I'm spending all my time in the bathroom!:incazzato:
  11. JRT Mom

    Upper GI ?

    You might want to take a stool softener like Dulcolax--barium is VERY constipating. I didn't take one, and got stopped up for three days.....when I finally went I was pooping little white bricks...man you coulda built a house with those things.....
  12. I've gotten the carb free isopure. 40g protein in 20 oz. The guy there said the same thing--only drink half of it at a time because you'll absorb more of it that way.
  13. Queenzjade- One of the things they will focus on is your past diet history--have you dieted several times and lost weight only to have it come back? Failed diets seems to be the most important thing they are concerned about. Also-is your weight affecting your way of life? Making it hard to have the energy to care for your lil man? Is it hard to keep up with him? Those are factors that will make it easier to get your band. Do lots of reading here on this website and you'll be prepared when you meet the doctor, and things will go easier for you!
  14. Txfella- You look GREAT in your avatar shot! Do you have before and after pix you can post in the pictures section? I'll bet it's really dramatic!
  15. :thumbup::smile::thumbup: WOOHOO!!!! FINALLY got a date--lucky June the 13th! Good thing I'm not superstitious or anything, but I guess I better take my rabbit's foot...:biggrin2: These docs make you stay overnight in the hospital. I'm almost 54 and NEVER been in a hospital (other than working in one--never as a patient!) Any advice to help keep it from being too wierd??
  16. This is what I gotta say about this: [ame]http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbY9ePebWB8[/ame] :eek::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  17. Wow it's amazing the difference in what you have to do presurgical. I had to meet with a dietician, and exercise therapist and a psychotherapist. Then I had to have an upper GI, a bunch of labwork and an EKG. I would have had to have a sleep study except I've already been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I also would have had to have an endoscopy except I had one about a year ago due to GERD.
  18. OK guys, this is gonna sound crazy as hell, and I want to know if anyone else here has felt this: I haven't been banded yet, but sometimes I wonder if I already had the surgery and forgot about it.....lately I'm missing meals and not feeling hungry, and when I DO eat, it seems like I get filled rather quickly. Is it sympathy pains for my fellow banded brothers and sisters? Or am I seeing into the future with my gut??? Or am I just a bit loco??:biggrin2:
  19. ChaCha-

    Yes, the JRT does stand for Jack Russell Terrier--I have three of them and they are the loves of my life! How many do you have?

    Laura "jrt mom"

  20. JRT Mom

    Phantom Band????

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, BJ!
  21. Wow, I could have written your post myself because I am in the exact same boat as you. Add to the frustration: the company I work for is in the process of getting sold, and I'm scared to death that if we get bought out before I get the surgery the new company won't cover it on their insurance! The office knows this and STILL I don't have a date....SIGH.....:wink2: Oh well, we'll hang in there together, OK?
  22. JRT Mom

    I want a soda pop!

    I haven't been banded yet, and I went to a support group meeting tonight. Everyone looked so dedicated with their bottles of water in front of them, and there I sat with my large diet coke from Burger King...I felt sorta bad drinking it in front of the banders, but enjoyed every drop!:biggrin2: I'll give it up when the time is right without any problems, but for now I'll enjoy it.
  23. Stacie- I am sorry for your lost. I just lost one of my Jack Russells two weeks ago--Checkers was almost 17 and the very first of the six JRTs that we've shared our lives with. PLEASE don't feel bad for eating. It's a manifestation of the grief you are experiencing. You'll gain control of your eating in time but for now you have enough sorrow without worrying about your diet. Rejoice in the 14 years you had with your sweet dog and that she died in your arms knowing you loved her.... Are you familiar with the story of the Rainbow Bridge? I won't copy it here because it always makes my cry, but just google it and you may take comfort from reading it. Laura
  24. Congrats to all you young ladies for taking care of your weight loss NOW! I have watched my weight yo-yo for almost 40 years now, and each time it is harder than the last to lose it. I admire your courage, and am glad you have the lap band available to you--I'm sure there are bunches of us here who wish we had it when we were younger!
  25. Hi Stitchy! My husband and I love our RV but we aren't full timers, but hope to be some day. Obviously since you are such a success story it shows that you can successfuly combine RV living with the lap band diet!:biggrin2: