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  1. Clear liquids for two weeks? That's rough! My doc says two weeks of just liquids (not clear) and it hasn't been that hard. I really haven't been too hungry yet, but I can feel what's coming because when I'm somewhere and can smell good food my stomach starts growling. But I get to start pureed food on Saturday and I'm already planning what I want to eat first! Bigjedda--Don't worry if you have no appetite at first--it'll get so you won't be hungry but at least you'll be able to tolerate drinking lots of liquid. I actually had to force myself to drink and "eat" the first four days after surgery.
  2. Mine did--I only had to make a $35 copay with my visit.
  3. Congrats! Getting a date is exciting and scary at the same time---you have a date knowing when your life is gonna change for the better, but you will start scaring yourself with a big round of "what if"....I always suggest to people to make two lists---one list put all the good things about life being thinner, and the other your fears about getting banded, and you'll see the plus side list will be waaaaay longer than the minus! And remember if you start worrying you have lots of support here on this website. Good luck!
  4. I had my lap band surgery on June 13 and it went amazingly well. When I woke up in the PACU I thought for some reason they hadn't been able to place the band because nothing hurt! Anywhere! I started feeling around for bandages and the nurse saw me and asked what was wrong and laughed when I told her, and she confirmed that I had gotten a band. An hour later after I got to my room I asked to get up and pee, so the nurse unhooked me, and since I was up already I went ahead and started walking laps. Then I went back to bed and slept some. I had to go to Xray to get the swallowing test, and I wanted to walk back to my room. The assistant that was with me tried to say, "no, you have to ride in the wheelchair", but I told her I was supposed to be walking, so couldn't I walk now? So she agreed, and walked back with me. So until three in the morning I had the same routine--pee, walk and sleep about two hours. Here's the warning part--at three am I thought I had to fart so I cut loose--and it wasn't just gas!!:cursing: Omigod what a mess! In ALL the reading I've done about my surgery NO ONE has mentioned this!!! I don't remember sharting as being a possibility!! So forgive me for being crude, but I feel it's my civic duty to warn y'all!!!!
  5. I got one of the Sunbeam "bullets" at Walmart for $25. Works like a charm but I wanted more of the larger cups. I called Sunbeam directly and they don't sell the cups separately! Bummer............
  6. JRT Mom


    Wow, I'm glad to see I'm not alone! We should start a new club--the "code browns"! (hospital terms for what happened!)
  7. JRT Mom

    Baby Food Sucks!

    The chicken and veggies isn't bad if you add lots of garlic powder to it--my answer to everything! There is a tomato soup called Campbell's select in a gold box called Tomato and Basil that has loads of garlic in it and it's delish!
  8. JRT Mom

    Banded 6\13

    Hi Mariliz, We are band sisters! (also banded June 13th) I don't have an appetite yet either. I only have to be on liquids 2 weeks and then start "mushies". As I get more active and don't just lay around I'm finding it increasingly harder to get all the protein and water in also. I haven't been off this long since I started my job 30 years ago and I'm catching up on years of housework! I'm even going to organize my CD collection--now THAT'S bored! ps you lost 30 pounds in two weeks?? Phenomenal!!!!:grouphug:
  9. Actually, the gas doesn't go into the shoulder--what happens is it's trapped against the diaphragm, which irritates nerves that cause the feeling of pain in the shoulder. It's called "referred pain" but it doesn't matter--it STILL hurts!:ohmy: A lot of people have reported relief with a heating pad, and lots of walking.
  10. JRT Mom

    I've Lost An Irish Setter And A Chihuahua

    The list says I've lost 10 doz eggs, but I think I like a Jack Russell Terrier before, considering my user name.....
  11. When they give people blood they give it slowly, usually over 4 hours per unit. That way if there is any adverse reaction they can stop the blood before a whole lot has been transfused---it's a safety issue.... I'm glad it all worked out!
  12. JRT Mom

    12 hour work schdule

    I'm going to have the same trouble when I go back to work, but I am off six weeks due to lifting restrictions also. The water is also going to be a problem--I work in a hospital lab and we can't have any drinks in the work area. I guess I'll be taking lots of quick breaks to guzzle down water!
  13. I was really scared to tell my husband when I was considering getting a band because he's really hospital/doctor/pain phobic (which is nuts, because he's an RN!) and he always transfers those fears to me--for example he doesn't like it when I donate blood. Well, I brought it up over dinner one night. He wasn't happy about it, but he knew my weight was making my knees hurt all the time so while he hasn't been approving, he has been accepting, which is good enough for me!
  14. JRT Mom

    Heartburn & vomiting?

    See your doctor--I read in Lap band companion that severe and sudden onset of heartburn can be a sign of band slippage. I hope it's not the case.... Your history with the heartburn and hernia sounds like mine. But since I've been banded I haven't had a lick of trouble with it! (knock wood) Good luck to you--I hope you get relief!
  15. Hi guys-- Ya know how the docs want us to exercise after our bands? But all I wanna do is sit in front of my puter on lapbandtalk.com? How about putting a generator on an exercise bike attached to the computer so the computer will only work when I'm riding the bike? Hmmmm...maybe I should patent that...any investors out there?:biggrin:
  16. JRT Mom

    Scar Stages Share yours!

    I got 8! When I see the surgeon for my first followup in a couple of weeks I'm gonna ask him what's up with that??
  17. JRT Mom

    Can I eat it?

    Yes, it's a serious, valid question, but when I read the title of your thread all I could think was, "Wow, that would be a GREAT idea for a zany game show!":lol:
  18. JRT Mom

    Lap band after RNY

    12 inches!?!? Wow!!!
  19. JRT Mom

    how long for BCBS approval?

    I have Anthem BC/BC and it only took two days!
  20. What is y'all's recommended portion size for your post-op liquid and mushies diet? Mine is only 2oz! Seems sorta small.....:biggrin:
  21. JRT Mom

    Been STUCK for over an hour now... WTF?

    The book I have "Lap band companion" suggests sipping hot tea--might be worth a shot...
  22. I got my ticker without problems but now I can't get the slider to move. I can't find any instructions on their website--do I have to cut and paste the info each time I make a weight change? Thanks!
  23. JRT Mom


    Freudian slip?:cursing:
  24. JRT Mom

    Blue Cross Blue Shield True Blue PPO

    Hi Melody- My insurance is BC/BS but it is an HMO rather than a PPO. Approval was quick and easy--but you need to be sure your provider has the obesity rider--it is an optional part of the insurance that not everyone provides. My company just added the obesity rider about 3 years ago.
  25. JRT Mom

    Sore Spot

    I was banded Friday 13th and have that same spot. It doesn't hurt unless I sit up or lie down, and it only hurts badly for about 5 seconds. When it hurts I start singing "Happy Band day to you" and by the time I get to the end of the song the pain is gone! Or maybe my horrible singing drove it away?:biggrin2: