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  1. JRT Mom

    Disappearing lapbanders

    melflirt01 hit the nail on the head. Many doctors won't even do lap bands anymore as the patients that have had them a long time are encountering problems. I'm one of those statistics--mine is 10 years old and I'm having it removed next month. Good luck to all the bandsters here!
  2. JRT Mom

    Is lap band that bad?

    I've had a lap band for 10 years. All went well for the first 7. Now I have NO fill in it and still get food stuck in it constantly and can only eat what my doctor calls "squishy" food, so my weight is creeping back on because those are the higher calorie less nutritious food. So because of the constant sliming and vomiting I am having the lap band removed in November with a revision to a bypass and I can't wait! Evidently about 30% of people with lap bands over 10 years old have problems with them and many doctors will no longer do them.
  3. JRT Mom

    Vegetarians and Vegans

    I have been a ovo-lactovegetarian off and on for a few years. But since I got my lapband I find I can't eat meat or eggs at all without sliming like crazy! So about a year ago I went back to being a lacto-vegetarian and find it incredibly satisfying, both mentally and physically. I coudn't be a vegan, though--I love cheese and dairy products too much!
  4. Hi guys- Have any of you heard one way or another whether or not it is safe to SCUBA dive after getting a lap band?
  5. JRT Mom

    diving with lap band

    I assume you mean scuba? I have been told that it's not a problem and dove 5 days in a row without a hint of a problem.
  6. JRT Mom

    Restaurant card experience

    I had a similar experience--we were at an all-you-can-eat buffet in Pennsylvania. We had come in a RV and had to park about 200 yards away, and I carried in my card, but left my ID in the RV. When I asked the cashier about getting a discount and showed her my card, she said I needed to show her ID to prove that the card belonged to me. Well, that pissed me off royally, and I wasn't about to walk all the way back to the RV, so I asked her, "You need proof? Wanna see my scars?" and proceeded to pull up my shirt to show her my month-old scars. Well, she got all flustered, my husband was about to die of embarrassment, and the other people in my party just laughed their heads off. Needless to say, I got my discount!
  7. JRT Mom

    Since Banding I noticed...

    I dream that I eat all kinds of stuff that I shouldn't, and then wake up relieved that I didn't!
  8. JRT Mom

    Driving after surgery

    I was told I could drive 24 hours after my last narcotic pain med. I had my surgery on Friday, took my last pain med on Saturday, and was driving by Monday.
  9. JRT Mom

    What Do you DO!?!?!

    I don't like beer so I'm not tempted to drink it anyway, but I'd be scared of the bubbles in it. On the occasion that I drink, I drink vodka on the rocks without any mixers--it's the lowest calorie way to drink! Another good choice is a dry white wine. But be careful--for some reason it doesn't take much before you feel it!
  10. JRT Mom

    Ladies: Pick your plastic

    The place I'd like cosmetic surgery on is my face--I've always had a double chin and whenever I lose weight it turns into a turkey wattle...I figure clothes can cover the worst of the saggy skin, but your face is there for the world to see!
  11. I went in for my second fill yesterday and my doctor didn't want to give me one because I have steadily lost 2 lbs a week since my last fill a month ago. I had to explain to him that the band hadn't totally done that--my willpower had! I seem to get restriction when I eat but the fullness only lasts one hour then I'm hungry again. The only thing that has kept me from eating more is the willpower I have learned from years of dieting! After I explained this he gave me a half cc fill. Does this make sense? Have any of y'all had similar experiences?
  12. JRT Mom

    Shocked!! Approved!!!

    That's great! Now don't be surprised if you don't hear anything from your dr's office and then one day they'll call and say your surgery is in a week or two!
  13. JRT Mom

    Blech, "support" group.

    AMEN!! Our support group is mixed between LB and RNY also. The last one had 5 post-op folks, 15 pre-op, and only two of us were bandsters. The entire pre-op group was RNY! So us two bandsters chatted quietly in the corner while the other discussed extended hospital stays, complications, dumping syndrome and other "niceties" of RNY surgery! Sometimes I enjoy the meeting just because it so nicely validates my decision for a lap band!
  14. JRT Mom

    Which foods can you not eat?

    I wonder why eggs are a problem? They are a good source of protein so I keep trying to eat them...some days I can tolerate them and some days not.
  15. protein, protein, protein! Get some high protein shakes such as muscle milk. They are filling, and with 22 grams of protein the fullness will stick with you! Good luck, it WILL get easier!
  16. I order mine online at gnc.com. If you order more than $75 worth the shipping is free, which is a big savings considering how heavy they are! They'll deliver it right to your house.
  17. I use the isopure protein drinks. If you order them online they are about $3 a bottle. I drink one a day split over two serving and get 40 grams of protein. Yes, it may sound expensive, but when you think about the money you are saving from the reduced volume of food you are eating at meals it easily makes up the difference!
  18. JRT Mom

    I hate C-PAPs!

    Here's a related question--how much weight should you lose before getting another sleep study to see if you still need cpap?
  19. My doc said just to wait 24 hours after your last pain meds. I had mine on Friday, took my last pain med Saturday and was driving on Monday--the only problem is the shoulder harness chafed my incision.
  20. I have been trying to keep my food at 4 oz or half a cup, but yogurt usually comes in 6 oz servings. I can't stand to waste food, so I eat the whole thing. I'm hoping yogurt is a "slider" food so it's not stretching my pouch.
  21. JRT Mom

    Funny NSV

    What a great story! I have to renew mine next year and I hope that the same thing happens! I just hope they don't have problems with my passport--those things are too expensive to have to get a new one.
  22. No problems at all except when I trusted a fart I shouldn't have......:thumbdown:
  23. JRT Mom

    Please cheer me up

    Hey girl-- You're probably not sad because you only lost six pounds--it's probably a general reaction to the impact of surgery on your body, and the realization that you've just gone through a major life changing event! I went through the same thing you did, but one day when I was taking a walk I started talking to myself out loud (I must have looked like a crazy lady!), told myself that things would get better and I'd come through it a stronger person than ever, and now I'm really happy I got the band. Try surrounding yourself with the things in life that make you happy, and remember you ALWAYS have friends here!
  24. JRT Mom

    where is everyone???

    Hi y'all- I live in Christiansburg, Va and was banded on 6/13. I've lost 24 lbs already and they were the easiest 24 lbs I've lost in my life! Kim--I'm 54 so maybe I'm the old fart here!
  25. JRT Mom

    Nearing a Major Goal!!!!!!

    OHMIGOD! That's incredible! Even if you don't lose the last 4 lbs you should be mighty proud of yourself! You should contact the company who made your band and maybe they could use you in an ad or something. 300 pounds! That's two whole people!!!