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  1. JRT Mom

    Lap band to gastric bypass

    I can't tell you yet, but that's exactly what I'm doing Wed Nov 20. I'll let you know!
  2. Take the vitamin values off the Bariatric Advantage website and compare them to more generic and less costly vitamins. If you can find some that are really close in the RDA percentage you should be able you use those.
  3. JRT Mom

    Pre-Op Roadblock- WWYD?

    IMO it's counterproductive for the surgeon to postpone your surgery. Obviously your obesity is causing you problems and if they delay your surgery that also delays your weight loss progress. And chances are good that after you lose enough weight the apnea will resolve itself.
  4. We need another reaction choice on the "like" button---OMG with a face palm emoji! That's HORRIFYING!!😱
  5. Hi guys, This is a touchy question that I've been wanting to ask but wasn't sure if it was totally appropriate, but damn the torpedeos and full speed ahead... Assuming you live in a state where such usage is legal-have any of you partaken of certain "herbs" after your weight loss surgery? If so are you having issues with the munchies? Has your surgeon made any recommendations since your surgery about usage? If you partake, does it help you at all?
  6. JRT Mom

    3 Year Sleeve Anniversary

    You don't look like the same person at all! Your before and after pics are a great example of how we stereotype people. The guy on the left looks like someone's crazy uncle that everyone loves but no one takes seriously. The guy on the right looks super smart and who everyone asks advice from. And yet you are the same person. Congrats for your hard work!
  7. JRT Mom

    A possible solution?

    I've read that the dumping syndrome goes away after a year or so. If you can eat those many carbs and they don't affect you, I'd say go for it! With your energy expenditure it sounds like you need them! WHOO, I got tired just reading what you do...😁
  8. JRT Mom

    December Surgery

    MOST people, when they get a sleeve for Christmas, get TWO and have buttons or zippers attached to it...😁
  9. JRT Mom

    Surgery coming up

    More expensive, too!
  10. You look GREAT! Waaay different from your first pictures where you already looked great! ps I'm also digging the shoes...😁
  11. JRT Mom

    Surgery coming up

    I'm next week also. I think it's totally normal to be nervous, it IS a major change to your body and life. But try to think about the positive outcomes of going through with it and visit here often to get support and validation. It helps me immensely!
  12. JRT Mom

    Anyone else?

    Ewwwww--that reminds me of the old SNL skit with Dan Aykroyd of the late night infomercial selling the Bass-O-Matic. (check it out on YouTube if you are too young to know it... You'll either laugh your ass off, or hurl-or both!)
  13. JRT Mom

    Pre-Op Diet popsicles

    Yeah, catwoman7 is correct--fudgesicles aren't part of a clear liquid diet.
  14. JRT Mom

    Partner/ spouse support

    When I got my lap band 10 years ago my husband was in good health and supportive of my decision. Now I need to revise it and he has some major health issues and I think he's afraid something will happen to me and then he won't have anyone to care for him. It's giving me some guilt, but being obese there's no assurance nothing will happen if I DON'T get the surgery. If I die from obesity issues he still doesn't have his help, so I'm going to get the bypass. Like all the other posters said in their wisdom, it's YOUR journey and you do it for you.
  15. JRT Mom

    Where did my menopause symptoms go?

    There is no "I hate you" or "you b***h" reaction choice on the "like" button on this forum...seems like there oughta be...(just kidding, or course! ! But I KNOW my flashin' sisters out there were thinking the same thing when they read your post....)😁 Seriously, count yourself lucky, My MIL said she never had them either.
  16. JRT Mom

    Where did my menopause symptoms go?

    I'm 65 and should have been through with that sh*t years ago since I had an early menopause in my early 40's. But I STILL wake up every night with hot flashes, and they aren't JUST hot flashes-they are accompanied with this weird gut squeezing sensation. I wonder what they are going to feel like after my bypass. Maybe go away?🤞
  17. Jake, would it maybe less stressful to weigh only once a week, especially when you are plateaued?
  18. I will remember that. I'm not too nervous, but will never miss a chance for "better living through Chemistry"!😁 I totally understand that feeling of being excited and nervous at the same time. Causes "butterflies in my stomach". Wait, here's a question--if you get half your stomach removed for a sleeve, where do you feel your butterflies?? And if you get a bypass you technically have TWO stomachs-do you feel it in both, or which one??
  19. JRT Mom

    Any Hams here??

    And I don't mean the kind you eat...😁 My husband already has his extra license (K3JRT) and I am testing this Wednesday to get my Technician License. I really don't care to get it but it seems to mean a lot to DH that I get it, so wish me luck! 73s and 88s to you!
  20. JRT Mom

    Any Hams here??

    Like in The Walking Dead!😁
  21. JRT Mom

    Any Hams here??

    Nice! Maybe some night when the conditions are right after I (hopefully!) get my ticket we can talk! My DH has talked to people in CA so AZ should be possible...
  22. JRT Mom

    Early Procedure Confusion

    Another factor for sleeve vs. bypass is acid reflux. If you already have it now, it will be worse after a sleeve. About 30% of people who have NEVER had reflux develop it after a sleeve. Since I've had it for years it made it easier to choose the bypass.
  23. Yay Mikeyy! You've done great. An inspiration to us all.