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  1. Have you definitely decided which WLS you will be having? Be sure to discuss with your doctor both the pros and cons of each type. I thought I wanted a sleeve until the doctor warned me abut possibly having GERD with the sleeve so that made me decide for the RNY. Be sure what you want.
  2. Sounds like you are NOT enjoying life as normal if you are in constant pain from your GERD. Has your doctor explained that constant GERD can make changes in your lower esophagus that can eventually turn to cancer? And you may be able to put off GERD with your "double dose nexium", but studies are suggesting that long term PPI use is being implicated in problems such as osteoporosis, kidney disease and vitamin deficiencies. And your GERD is not likely to improve without some sort of surgical intervention. And once you get through the post op diet, you should be able to eat the same food you feed your family, just a smaller portion. I hope I don't come across as being harsh, but your health will be affected by your GERD, and I know the thought of a revision seems daunting, but in the long run you might be much happier if you address it soon. Whatever you decide, good luck! Keep us posted.
  3. JRT Mom


    Yay! That's a beautiful ring--I can see why you are happy about being able to wear it again!
  4. JRT Mom

    BMI: Normal Weight!

    Congrats! I only have to lose one more pound and I go from being obese to merely overweight, and I consider THAT an accomplishment! But to be normal, WOW!
  5. JRT Mom

    Here I am

    Similar stories: two bariatric surgeries, and we are celebrating our 44th anniversary in May. I agree with ms.sss. Bariatric surgery is a lot like having kids--it'll make good relationships better, and doom the ones that were in trouble from the onset. Sounds like you have a good start!
  6. I had cold symptoms when I had my bypass. The doctor said as long as I wasn't running a fever and my lungs were clear he'd do the procedure and it turned out fine! Good luck!
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    Sounds like a good reason to become a vegetarian! Seriously, I became one eleven years ago after getting a lap band. I would like to think I did it for ethical reasons, but I really couldn't handle the meat, so I just quit eating it.
  8. JRT Mom

    Here I am

    Oh man, what a story. Bariatric surgery done as a couple could be a good thing, you'd support each other. Remember that you are doing it for your health, and being able to be a part of your four boy's lives longer! Are you sure about the 85% divorce rate? Sounds kinda high... What ever you both decide, good luck!
  9. The surgeon I use has a nutritionist on staff, and you have to pay her up front for your consultations. She doesn't use insurance. The surgeon's bill got paid, but I still have to pay the nutritionist. Seems like it should be a package deal.
  10. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this post...so I'll do both. Seriously, good luck. I don't know why they won't go ahead and do your surgery...it'll fix your sugar problem quickly.
  11. JRT Mom

    Should I order Chinese food

    Egg Foo Young is a good choice. Lots of protein and not too spicy to irritate your sleeve.
  12. JRT Mom

    SuperBowl food

    Can I come to y'all's parties??
  13. Hey! A Bobby sighting! He was on the move...now you see him, now you don't. You look great but Bobby ALWAYS makes me smile!
  14. JRT Mom

    Before and After Pics

    Keep 'em coming! These pictures always inspire me.
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    Gastric Bypass for Senior Citizen

    Medicare will pay for it as long as you meet the criteria. I think it was over 35 BMI with a comorbidity. There was a three month "supervised" diet (during which you don't have to lose weight), and documentation of past failures with diet alone. You must be obese for 5 years, and have a psych evaluation. I was nervous because I had been told by another office that Medicare wouldn't pay for revision surgery (failed lap band) which was odd because Medicare hadn't paid for the first one. But they came through and my bill was paid.
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    How do I make changes to my ticker?

    Click on your name at the top of the page. This will open a drop-down menu, then select "my tickers". Then click "edit ticker". This is where you can change things. You have to click "continue" at the bottom twice to get to your weight. Hope this helps!
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    TPN anyone.?

    TPN=Total Parenteral Nutrition. It's usually used on patients that for some reason shouldn't take in food or liquids by mouth. Are you having trouble with your sleeve healing correctly? Or are you having a leaking issue? We've had people at the hospital where I work be on TPN for a long time after non-WLS stomach surgery. They do labs and tinker with the formula in the bag to get the best nutrition results. Hopefully, this is a temporary thing for you! I'm glad you are being able to do it at home through your PICC line. It's good that you got the PICC line because the solution given through a regular peripheral IV can be hard on the veins due to their smallness and people can get phlebitis from that. You have enough going on without having to worry about that. Get well soon!
  18. JRT Mom

    Finally Approved After 3 Years

    Yay! I'm glad it worked out for you. Get ready for a new life!
  19. Getting out the popcorn--this should be a topic worth watching!!
  20. JRT Mom

    No Nsaids..

    I have had a right knee replacement and the left might eventually be replaced. I had to stop taking NSAIDS right after my knee replacement because they were giving me duodenal ulcers. I have had a revision from a lap band to a RNY, and have only lost 34 pounds, and can already tell a MAJOR difference in both of my knees. If you have severe enough osteoarthritis, you may still need a knee replacement. But you will likely buy yourself several years before you might need one by losing weight. Good luck!
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    🎈 Pity Party🎈

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    I've not used them, but I've heard people get great results from a law firm out west called Lindstrom Obesity Advocates. If you google the name you can find their website, and the first consultation is free. I agree with Puffy-no-more...check your height. I was 5'4" my whole life, but the office measured my height recently and now I'm 5'3", and just that one inch put my BMI into the range that Medicare covered!
  23. JRT Mom

    86 lbs down

    You were beautiful before your weight loss, but now, you're drop dead gorgeous!
  24. JRT Mom

    10 weeks out with pics

    I want that black dress. Unfortunately, I've got nowhere to go once I have it. It's like "Say Yes to the Dress", I love all the gowns but am already married...so what do I need with a wedding dress?? And I wouldn't look as half as good in it as you do, November11!
  25. JRT Mom


    Talk to your gynecologist. He/she might suggest hormone replacement therapy. That should help with your sex drive!