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  1. When I got back home, I went diectly to the ER from the airport. I incurred a $30,000 ER bill because I lookedso be to the doctors. I was just grateful to finally have some pain relief. After my $30,000 ER work up, the physicians said we dont know what to do about your open wounds (dehised incisions) so they scheduled me next day with a plastic surgeon. Mind you, I was puffing up everyday. they took mu post-op drain in Mexico out on day 4 pst-op. WHen I saw the US doc 8 days post op she put a drain back in my belly and drained ovet one liter of Fluid. It gushed out of me all over her office suite floor.

    I then paid $200-300/ month for after care with the plastic surgeon. Now, I have terrible scars and a lumpy surgical insicion which makes me look pudgy on my left lower abdomen and more streamline on the right. My greatest mistske was the “mini leg lift” in which Dr Saltazr insisted would have a lille scar. I have gaping holes where the sutures dis not hold and hand to leave them open to heal for two months doing wet dressings twice a day. I have cery largevery noticable scars that I am very sad about.

    My take away is to tell you, sprnd the extra money for the best care. Mexico is a huge risk and dont believe then if they promise you great care. I am a nurse and I regret every bit of trust I gave them. If I could do it again, I’d stay in the US.

  2. Just had surgery with Top Plastic Surgeons Dr. Juan Bernardo Baltazar Rendon. I feel extremely foolish. After the surgery, care provided was horrible. I had a big Tummy Tuck, Lipo in 6 areas and a small leg lift. They treated me with Ketoralec (an anti inflammatory postoperative;y). I am now 5 days out and have run out of those pain medications. I am trying to get home for some care. They wanted me to take Tramadol but it interacted with a medication I take and I had serotonin syndrome after surgery. It was hell. Then they said dont take tramadol but they would not give me anything else.

    I am a Nurse. They also did things like wound care without gloves and hand washing with care providers was rare. They also came into my room, got a blanket they gave to me post-operatively, and gave it to someone else. Different standards I guess.
    Keep looking people. It is not worth the savings.

    Why I would not choose this practice:
    1) Little to no pain management post-operatively. Prescribed Tylenol, Tramadol, and ketoralec. Unable to take Tramadol to due a drug interaction. They would not add or change me to anything else so I was only given 7 days of Ketorolec. Prior to booking my flight to Mexico, I asked my surgical consultant David Suez about pain medication and he told me they prescribe percocet and flexeril, which is standard in the US. When I asked for pain management help, they told me to take more Ketoralec (Toradol).
    2) Poor accommodations: beds and pillows are hard, shower has no door and gets wet everywhere, lounge chair is low to the ground. TV is in Spanish with the exception of CNN. Next to a busy and loud road.
    3) They provide you with incorrect information. A doctor does not visit you daily at your hotel. A doctor you don't know comes to check you dressings every other day. This interaction is minimal. She does nothing to help you in any way. Though, patronizingly, she says "everything is OK".
    4) Do not travel alone after these surgeries. You really need help for the first 3-5 days.

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