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  1. Still going strong. My lifts are still increasing, though I'd say not nearly as quickly as when I first started. Same could be said with building muscle.the first 6 months it seemed like muscle packed on quickly. It seems to build much slower now. I'm still working out 6 days per week.
    A couple of bathroom selfies tonight:

    You look amazing!

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  2. I too have lost a lot of hair. I have fine hair in the first place, and surgery has not helped.

    I do use the wet brush. I love it! I also only wash my hair twice a week. Dry Shampoo is my friend. I have an appointment Friday for hair extensions. I am hopeful I have enough hair to do extensions for six months or so. I also am hopeful that they will not do any harm to what hair I have left. I guess I will see on Friday. Wish me luck!


  3. When I woke up from surgery, I felt wonderful. I'm sure it was the wonderful drugs. I didn't really have problems with gas. They had me up and walking by late afternoon and I walked about every 4 hours. ( not when sleeping however). The stitches didn't really hurt that much, and I only took the pain medication for a total of three days. The worst pain was when I would try to sleep on my side. I think I had to sleep on my back for about 10 days.

    so, honestly, pain was very minimal.


  4. I am 11 months out. I will eat a half of piece of toast once in a while. I typically avoid bread, it is to filling and I do not want to use my calories for bread. That is just me. Everyone is different and we all have to choose what is right for us.

  5. Oh gosh! I love sushi! I just can't eat rice any longer. I am not a huge fan of sashimi. I also have a fear of now getting a parasite and my stomach being smaller and not having as much stomach acid to combat a parasite. I wish I could remember where I read that information. I hope it was fake news! Guess I better do some research........

  6. Welcome!

    1- Dumping. I haven't experienced dumping after the surgery, however, since I don't have a gall bladder, I'm no stranger to " dumping syndrome ". I think I don't dump because I stay away from those types of food.

    2- Loose Skin. Since I actually was the size of two people, yes, I have loose skin. The worse was/ is my upper thigh area. When we were about a month out from our Maui trip in May, I was upset that my bathing suit skirt was so short, I didn't feel very confident in it. Thankfully, swimming bike shorts are a thing! So, I just bought a couple pair and could wear all my swimming tops. Since I'm older, I will most likely not have any skin repair. However, I guess I will keep an open mind about that.

    3- Holidays. I had my surgery October 10th, 2017. I will have to say the food was not an issue for me. My husband and I went to a really fancy restaurant for Thanksgiving and had the Turkey dinner. I just had a bite of a few things. I think I was most excited to get out of the house and eat normal food again! Christmas was a wonderful day with the entire family. Me cooking all their favorite things. Including all the Cookies, fudge, candy ect that their Grammy used to bring. (She passed away a year before, so I wanted to surprise the kids with all the things she would bring for Christmas).

    All in all, I have had a great experience. I feel so much better!

    Good luck with your journey. I look foarward to hearing how you are doing.


  7. Hi Jabba,

    I had my wls October 10 2017. I was at a stall as well.

    I decided to go back to Keto and intermittent fasting. Gosh! I am longer at a stall! 10 pound loss in 2 weeks! My Sister is doing as well. ( she is almost at 4 year post wls) My Sis is losing quite well too!

    I'm not saying this WOE is for everyone, however it is working well for us atm.

    Good luck on your continuing journey.


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  8. I love Jason Fung! I also do IF, usually 16 hours. About two times a week I do OMAD. IF has really helped my weight loss stall.

    I want to say Dr. Fung also had a video on fasting and reducing excess skin. That is really why I started fasting.

    I am just leaving for work, but I will try to see if it was Dr Fung that talked about fasting and it's benefits with excess skin, or another Dr.