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  1. Everyone has been so amazing and supportive, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond my life after surgery has changed for the better! I am working full time and so active and happy! Hollymarie36 update me please on how you are doing, I am sorry you are having to go thru this, it is a extremely emotional process I and my husband have decided he will get a vasectomy this month since we would hate to have to go thru something like that again. I have many friends who got pregnant at the same time and are half way thru the pregnancy now and it is a reminder but I know we made the best choice we could.

  2. Thanks that picture really made me see how unhappy I looked and felt. It’s probably one of the worst pics I have of myself but it is a good reminder. It’s only been 6 months but I am so happy where I am today. I shared this because when I was pre op I would troll the net and look at before and after pics and I would get so excited. I hope this motivates someone😃

  3. [mention=324242]Rucamama[/mention]hi there
    it has been about 3 months since your last post.
    how are things going?:rolleyes:
    i hope everything is moving along smoothly with your surgery.
    did you already have WLS (what kind)
    do you have a date?
    good luck

    Thank u so much for checking in on me! It warmed my heart! I had gastric bypass dec.5th I down 70lbs since then. I also started a new job in the medical world which I love! So I’m so happy. I think I would like to make a photo collage of my progress. I would love to see others as well! Thank u for checking on me.

  4. Hi everyone I wanted to share how happy I am to be 1 month post op today!




    I have my 5 week check up on the 9th and have met the goal I needed to reach of 286, I am a waitress so I get most of my exercise right now at work walking and lifting trays, I will get my go ahead to start the fun stuff!! Through my Dr. I get 1 year free membership to a nice gym! Eating has been hit or miss for me. I am trying to just remind myself to focus on my Vitamins, Water and Protein for now slowly introducing new foods. I have experienced my first “dumping” and let me tell u WHAT!! uh no way buddy will I take ONE bite of a general tso chicken again! I took one small bite of a piece of chicken from my husbands dinner nd literally 5 mins of me swallowing that sucker I was violently ill. All I can say is 3 flushes later I was LITERALLY 4 pounds lighter! How are the rest of ya doing? Give me some ideas for food at this stage?

  5. Hey guys!! I'm looking for a good tasting Protein Drink or shake that does NOT contain sucralose. What have you tried or experienced that you just really love?! Preop is January 4th [emoji16]
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    Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app

    Hi There! I love the Protein Shake I use. It’s called UMP by Beverly International, I get chocolate flavor. It’s amazing! I order it online, I don’t know of any stores that sell it. It tastes just like chocolate milk. My kids even try to steal some of my shakes when I make them. It is 20 grams of Protein in 8oz.

  6. I can't believe it, almost a year ago I was 316 pounds. I was nervous, and eating every horrible and unhealthy meal I thought I would never be able to eat again because I knew I was about to change my life on December 14, 2016.
    I was sleeved on 12/14/16 and it was truly one of the best life decisions I ever made. It was not easy, from being in and out of the ER due to dehydration in my early stage.. barely being able to eat anything besides liquids/apple sauce for 2 months.. to now being able to eat honestly anything, just with Portion Control. I'm well known on social media, and people always ask me what do I eat, what should they eat, did I get additional surgery etc.. even on here as I try to respond to all messages I tell everyone the same thing: My journey will NOT be yours. We are all different, we are individuals and our bodies are all different. My experience was deff not easy but yes I love my results. If you are questioning getting sleeved, do your research and then say YES. I was so nervous about getting sleeved, I researched for months before I started the process. I'm so glad I turned my life around. I am literally crying as I type this because I am so happy. food no longer controls my life, I do. The best feeling is self love and happiness... I was always confident but now I truly feel happy. 100%. And my journey is not even over yet, it just began.
    I will post pics because the few friends I have on here always ask lol! Love you guys. And I love all my sleevers. [emoji173]️
    SW: 316
    CW: 174
    Height: 5'7
    Measurements: 32, 27, 40.
    No plastic surgery has been done. IMG_0171.JPG.fdcfe3ead6961a655df5f5169d1639df.JPG IMG_0173.JPG.aaebcdd2285467534d36729a6320664c.JPG IMG_0174.JPG.a5e98cad4c25ba2ff7b950892946015e.JPG

    Our stats are near the same!! I hope I can look as good as u!!! [emoji7]

  7. So I finally made it to the other side! I had my Gastric Bypass surgery on dec. 5th at 730am, I wanted to share the little experience I had after surgery. So a little history on myself bc this is the part I want to share bc I have read everywhere on the internet about people asking about surgery and Suboxone. I’m a recovering addict, I was a iv drug user. I’ve been clean for 3 1/2 years. I was worried they would not do surgery on me because of my past and bc of the meds I currently take to keep me on the straight and narrow. I searched the internet before I saw my surgeon I worried I wouldn’t be able to have surgery, well there wasn’t a whole lot out there. I told my surgeon and he was luckily aware of what the medication was and how it would affect me, his only demand was that I was actually clean from abusing drugs for two years. Which I was, I switched over to subutex a month prior to surgery. The naloxone in suboxone would have a bad affect with the pain meds given at surgery. I had no problems with the switch over. Prior to surgery I met with anesthesia and they had a plan, they suggested I do the duramorph shot (the shot in your spine), which sadly I denied which I wish I would have done because when I got into recovery immediately after surgery I woke up in extremely bad pain. I was trying to sit up and move and I was yelling in pain.... it freaking hurt!! They were aware of my meds which is very important don’t try to hide it. They spent the whole day trying to make me comfortable. I was on dilaudid, it was till the afternoon they switched me to toroidal that I finally got relief. But I still got up and walked and used washroom. I finally got some rest. The next day I was like a new person. Still sore but my pain was under control. I was never treated any differently, which has always been my worry. I started taking my regular meds the 2nd day, I actually got to go home that evening too. We went home filled my meds, and felt so good to go home. I’m home now and I’m doing well, the only thing that is really bothersome is the drain, I get it and my staples removed on Tuesday. Oh and changing the bandaids that is the worst!! I’m drinking Water and on clear liquid diet till Tuesday. If anyone is wanting this surgery and on suboxone and has any questions please feel free to ask me. I can only share my journey and what my experience was but it’s nice to know there is someone out there that you can talk to oh also I have been fine with the pain meds they send u home with. I have only used it twice in the 5 days I’ve been home. So hopefully this helps someone and feel free to ask any questions.

  8. I have to check in at the hospital at 530am and surgery is scheduled for 730am, gonna pack a hospital bag tomorrow and clean the house so when I come home I don’t feel terrible about not helping with kids and chores. My essentials will be toothbrush, robe, slippers, and comfy clothes, and lib balm. Oh also a lanyard... my surgeon makes us have a drain for a week and everyone says that hooking the drain to a lanyard helps with hands free.

  9. I’m sorry your going through this, when I first starting on the journey the first big topic we talked about was the change this process would put our relationship thru. I was so worried after reading many articles of people divorcing after Bariatric surgery. The two people whom are my family members that have had Bariatric surgery both got divorced. Two separate couples. Which is sad. Technically it’s not the surgery but the life style change that comes with it. Support from your spouse is going to be huge for you. I hope you guys can get help maybe see a therapist or something that can get u guys connected. I’m extremely thankful that my husband loves me regardless of my size but I know he is gonna miss my curves... I mean they will still be there just smaller[emoji6]