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  1. I wish I knew I wouldn't be able to eat. I am realizing I will never have a slice of pizza again. I am 3 months out and had a tiny bite of pizza and was so full 😢 I guess I thought I'd be able to have smaller portions, like one slice of pizza, not 2-3. But my cat literally can eat more than me!
  2. Sleeved 8/29. Down 51lbs. Not making an effort I must admit. I drink wine and don't exercise. The little bit of food I eat is extremely healthy though. I have 60lbs to go.
  3. Arielle


    How far post surgery are you?
  4. Wow, we sound like twins. I had internal bleeding and extended hospital stay. I lost 22 pounds first 10 days. I'm now down 51lbs and almost 3 months out from surgery (Aug 29.) 250 to 199. My weight loss is only 1-2 lbs a week now. Can you actually binge? I couldn't if I wanted to. I can only eat 2-3 bites of food. I eat mostly soup because I feel like that way I get to have a meal. I think the weight is going to come off. Slowly at times, but it keeps going down.
  5. The doc said you should be losing a pound a day!?! That seems excessive. after the first 2-3 weeks your body "catches on" and starts to slow down from a metabolic standpoint. I am 3 months out and only lose 2 pounds a week. I eat less than 1000 a day.
  6. I found out my surgery is 8/29. I feel like I'd won the lottery when I got the news! Any advice for someone who is ten days out? anyone else scheduled for the end of this month?
  7. I feel the same with the protein. Are you in meds for the reflux? I really really hope it goes away! 😩
  8. I was sleeved 8/29. I did not lose weight before the surgery. I'm down 26lbs since surgery but I think that is because I did not lose pre-op. I'm eating about 500 calories and 60 grams protein a day now. I'm trying to eat more but I can only manage a few bites of cottage cheese, everything else makes me feel like it is stuck. I have a shake, broth and popsicles. I found a broth with 9 grams of protein. I'm exhausted though.
  9. Arielle

    Vegetarian diet anyone?

    Everything KristyAB said. There is also a nut milk (cashew and almond) by Silk with 10g of protein. Eggs and dairy have a lot of protein. Grains like quinoa have a lot of protein. And of course, edamame, tofu, seitan, nut butters, beans and hummus (from chickpeas.)
  10. Arielle

    3 years post op

    You look amazing! I am less than 3 weeks out so I have a long way to go. I'm a little worried I will never eat again. Will I ever be able to have a slice of pizza? A beer? Tortilla chips and salsa with a margarita? 😢 Did I throw away my whole life for vanity? I was in the 170s two years ago so I have not been extremely overweight very long. I was miserable in the 170s and 160s. But, I was 248 at my surgery (HW.). In less than 3 weeks I am 221 so I know that's good but it doesn't feel good. 130 would feel good Can an I ask how you don't have any scars in the bathing suit photo? I just assumed showing my stomach was over because of the scars. I'm 49. I am hoping I won't need plastic surgery for skin removal. The $ is not really possible. Im trying to get inspired but struggling to feel good about this.
  11. I had surgery on a Tuesday and was told I'd leave on Thursday. My surgery went very well and I walked that afternoon. But that night I woke up in agony and turned out I had internal bleeding. I had another surgery on Wed to remove the blood. When I didn't improve on Thursday, I got a blood transfusion on Friday and was finally released Saturday. Call your doctor just to be sure you're ok! Also, the gas from the surgery is extremely uncomfortable. I regretted the surgery too. I couldn't even sip water for 4 days. I am two and a half weeks out now and I'm feeling better but taking the drinking and eating very slow. I can drink water and shakes now but puréed foods are a challenge, I can only handle one ounce. It is much better than it was though! I'm down 30lbs.
  12. I found something called Pacific bone broth. It comes in chicken and turkey and has 9 grams of protein in 8 ounces. If you boil it and pour in a little egg white and stir as it boils that adds more protein. You only need to cook the egg a little and keep stirring. (Think of egg drop soup.)
  13. Arielle

    I'm really hungry

    Oh no! I thought this surgery was supposed to drastically reduce the hunger! 😢
  14. Arielle

    Need a pal...or several!

    My surgery was scheduled today!!! August 29th! All they said was no alcohol or aspirin two weeks before. I have not been dieting but now that I have a date I eating about 1400-1500 calories a day so I can lose a little before the surgery. I've only counted calories for 2 days and I'm starving. Not emotional, boredom or out-of-habit hungry BUT Real body hunger that's distracting and annoying! For those who have had the surgery, are you a lot less hungry?
  15. Arielle

    looking for mentor/buddy september

    I am waiting for approval. I hope my surgery is September.
  16. I am also dreading comments. I am trying to think of what to tell people when they ask what I'm doing. I don't want to feel like a fraud.
  17. Do you think exercise helps with tightening flabby skin? I've heard mixed opinions on this. This is a reason I would want to do some weights...

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