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  1. GW:178 CW:187 Date: 12/13/17
  2. Has anyone felt dizzy or fainted after having the surgery. I have fainted twice since my surgery. The first time I went to the hospital and they could not find anything. I am wondering if its related to the surgery.
  3. I had surgery on 8/16/17. I am currently down 66lbs. I found this dress I wore in my 20's as I was cleaning out my closet and decided to try it on.
  4. Deegil


    Thanks everyone!
  5. I actually tried to eat everything during dinner. I just had a very little of everything. I am 3 months out from surgery so I am able to eat but I want to make sure I don't start cheating on a regular bases. I still need to lose 40lbs. I am already down 60lbs since the surgery. What are you doing to maintain during the holidays?
  6. Congrats, you look great!
  7. I am 5'8" and my highest weight was 256. I was sleeved 8/16/17 and currently weigh 196. It does appear that it takes longer to lose when you have a lower bmi. My BMI was 38 the day of surgery but I had high blood pressure. While I did want to get off of the meds I also wanted to lose the weight. When I got to 200lbs I stalled for several weeks. I have been at 196 for a few days now. How is everyone making out since you first posted this post?
  8. Deegil

    My first goal accomplished!!!!

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work!
  9. Deegil

    Diner ideas

    Thank you everyone! These are some great meal options!
  10. I am hungry but tired of eating the same things. Can you tell me what you are eating tonight?
  11. Deegil

    Diner ideas

    Thank you! I eat a lot of sea food as well. I am trying to expand my options.
  12. I am 11 weeks out and feel the same way. I lost 56lbs but have been the same weight for weeks now. I am just going to roll with the process. My sister reminded me that I don't want to lose too much to fast because I might start looking sick. So as long as I lose 33 more ponds in the next 3 months I'll be on track.
  13. Congratulations! You really look great! Can you provide a sample of what you eat in a day?

    1. BGOV1225


      Thank you!! I usually have a protein shake in the morning, then some fruit for snack, my favorite for lunch is the chili from Costco deli, then a protein bar, or some type of nuts for snack, and for dinner I finish the chili

    2. Deegil
  14. How are the August sleevers doing? Are you losing weight? What are you eating? Are you doing meal prep and exercising? I'm at another stall and I know I need to increase exercise.
  15. Deegil

    August Sleeve

    Wow, you look great! Down 73lbs that is a lot of weight! What do you eat throughout the day?
  16. I'm going to try it. I stopped taking vitamins because I was having so much difficulty with them.
  17. Deegil

    August Sleeve

    Yes I can relate. I keep having stalls. I think I'm going to start exercising to see if that will help. I also should start cooking at home instead of choosing healthy meals that are already prepared. Some days I don't even want to eat and have to force myself.
  18. Deegil

    August Sleeve

    Are you pleased with your results?
  19. I'm two months out and my taste buds have changed. It's a struggle for me to find things I like to eat. Prayerfully it will help with the weight loss because before the surgery there was nothing that I disliked.
  20. Most likely you still have gas and swelling. It will start going down! Keep following the doctors instructions.
  21. Deegil

    August Sleeve

    Are you pleased with your results?
  22. I lost 50lbs but have been at the same weight for weeks. I still can't eat a lot and I don't know why I'm not losing.
  23. How much protein do you think you're getting in?

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