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  1. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Eating for road race

    7 miles isn't very far. I don't think you really need to carb load much for that.
  2. FlyFatA$$Fly

    August 14 surgeries

    I was August 10th, and had the same thing. You need to walk as much as you can. I was better by day 4ish. Hot shower helped also. I'm one week post op today, and feeling really good. Hang in there!
  3. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Any August 2017 Sleevers?

    Awesome! Mine was on the 10th, and today I feel pretty good. Gas is finally gone, and I can drink easier. I'm also not hungry, but I'm making sure I get in some soup and premier protein.
  4. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Just out of getting sleeved

    I was sleeved 8/10. I also had more pain than I thought, but today is already feeling better. I'm having a much easier time getting water down.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new on here. I have my sleeve this coming Thursday 8/10. I'm excited and nervous. My wife had her sleeve done on July 10th, and is doing great. We both had to do the 6 month supervised diet. At first I wasn't happy about that, but it ended up being a blessing. I learned how to eat, and lost 35lbs in the process. I started at 41 bmi, and now I'm at 35 bmi. Just wanted to say hi as I've been lurking, and learning a lot from this forum. Oh, and the best part is zero dollars out of pocket for both my wife and I!
  6. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Any August 2017 Sleevers?

    Mine is fast approaching. Next Thursday 8/10 is mine, and that day will be exactly 1 month post op from my wife's VSG.