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    Natural remedies for nausea?

    Forget natural, and ask your dr for zofran. Stuff is amazing, and works almost instantly.
  2. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Air Fryers----

    LOVE my air fryer! I make naked air fried chicken wings, and then toss them in sweet baby rays buffalo sauce. The sauce very low carb. I'm going to try low carb air fried chicken.
  3. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Solid food

    I'm 2 weeks into solid foods, and eat until you are full. I still can barely do 3oz. It's also depends on what I eat. If it's dense like beef I'd be lucky to get 2oz.
  4. My wife and I both had vsg one month apart, and have kept it secret. We were already losing weight on our 6 month pre op diets. So no one has noticed our post surgery weight lose.
  5. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Anyone from the Chicagoland area

    The surgeon's office won't tell you that you have a choice as they sell the other shakes( $$$), but you do. No complications, I'm 8 weeks post of, and feeling good. Only one night in the hospital, and I was so happy about that . I hate hospitals lol I did have a lot of gas pain in the hospital, and the first few days at home. Only way to help that is to walk. I will say the night of, and the first day at home I questioned why I did this, but it gets better fast. I'm very happy I had this surgery. I'm doing really good, and wouldn't do anything different. Follow the meal plan. The few days you won't be able to get much fluids in so sip, sip, sip as much water, power aid zero( I diluted mine with water) as you can to hydrate. The first 2 weeks I thought I was hungry a lot, but it was really gas, and me not knowing what my sleeve was telling me. It's a learning curve. I also didn't not need a sleep study so the Pulmonologist is easy. They do a breathing volume test, and an exam. He then sends over your script for blood thinners to be used when you get home from the hospital. Good luck! If you have any more questions feel free to ask.
  6. FlyFatA$$Fly


    That's just a pic I grabbed off the Internet ( my bad), I get single serving bags from work. They are 110 calories per bag ( 1oz which is about 3 cups), and 15 grams of carbs. Not bad at all.
  7. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Carbonation after WLS?

    What is their reasoning for wanting you to switch to stevia?
  8. FlyFatA$$Fly


    If you like popcorn this stuff is amazing! 110 calories per bag, and the carbs aren't bad. Tastes just like butter movie popcorn.
  9. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Anyone from the Chicagoland area

    Kane center does 2 week pre op diet, but I didn't use the shakes they had. I used optifast shakes, and soups that I bought from my dietitian's office. Way better option because of the soups. They are high protein low carb soups. There is chicken, tomato, and vegetable. All were good, and filling. The shakes are also good. The strawberry reminds me of a strawberry shake from McDonalds. My dietitian( who works with the Kane center ) said I could do some solid food if needed like eggs, but only low carb high protein.
  10. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Shitataki noodle???

    I'll second zoodles. I cook them up with a little olive oil, and put some sauce in them. So good!
  11. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Anyone from the Chicagoland area

    Yes, on both. Dr Wallace has been awesome! My surgery was at Alexian Brothers in Elk Grove. Hospital was good, no complaints there.
  12. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Carbonation after WLS?

    Crystal light has been my go to.
  13. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian

    Same here, my RD is amazing! I travel for a living, and mine helped me learn how to eat in airports and on the road. I lost 40 lbs in my 6 month supervised diet with her help. She still responds to my calls and email.
  14. This is mainly for people in the United States. I see almost everyone on here referring to their nutritionist. My question are you really seeing a nutritionist and not a registered dietitian, or is it just a terminology error. I'd caution if you are seeing a nutritionist, and not a registered dietitian. There is no actually professional certification for a nutritionist unlikely a registered dietician. A registered dietitian is a board certified professional similar to a doctor or nurse. FYI
  15. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian

    It's just like doctors. Some are outstanding, and some are terrible. Do you know what they call the person who graduated last in their med school class? Doctor
  16. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian

    That's correct the RD is a registered dietitian, and RDs are educated to deal with more than just diet like you said. My post was informational. The more educated people are the better. Especially when it comes to a nutritionist who may have gotten some online "certification", and is really qualified to help us.
  17. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian

    The benefits of my nurse wife having a minor in nutrition.
  18. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Free of Sugar Free

    That is absolutely incorrect about artificial sweeteners linked to 90+ diseases. There is mountains of peer reviewed data on the current artificial sweeteners on the market, and they are very safe. Adverse reactions to artificial sweeteners are very rare. The other misconception is that there is some difference in sugars. The OP posted about using sugar, but avoiding corn syrup. Your body doesn't know the difference, and processes all sugar just about the same way. Doesn't matter is it table sugar, cane sugar, hfcs, or fruit.
  19. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Anyone from the Chicagoland area

    Did you have your surgery yet? Dr Wallace from the Kane center did mine on 8/10. My biggest advise is ask for pain meds when you go home. They started a new pain management program where they are trying not to send you home with pain meds. I asked for them, and thank god I did. The first 2 days at home would have been bad without them.
  20. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Anyone from the Chicagoland area

    I'm in Aurora also!
  21. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Carbonation after WLS?

    My mom and sister had RNY 15 and 10 years ago respectively. Both drink diet pop without a problem. I'm 7 weeks vsg post op, and tried a few sips of Diet Coke. I felt awful!
  22. FlyFatA$$Fly


    The first few weeks I always felt hungry, but in hindsight I think that was the stomach healing and confused. I'm 7 weeks post op now, but almost never hungry. I still get some mental hunger, but it passes quick.
  23. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Learning Nutrition

    I would suggest finding a good registered dietitian ( not a a nutritionist as that's not a professional certification) that will work with you. Mine is great, she points me towards great books, and articles. A great book is "why we get fat" by Gary Taubes.
  24. FlyFatA$$Fly

    No appetite

    Same here. I'm almost 7 weeks post op. I don't crave food like I used too. I just don't care about food anymore, and to me that is great thing. Food was the center of my life before, but now it's only to get the protein I need. I'm learning that food is no longer my focus.
  25. FlyFatA$$Fly


    Nothing wrong with Splenda.