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  1. I am 11 days out from surgery I was cleared to start purée diet on Jan 13th 🥳 I did a weight check in today and I am down 8.4 pounds from surgery day weight! This liquid diet has been quiet a struggle for me.
  2. Omg my hw was 312 and starting weight was 275 🤯🤯🤯🤯 I’m currently 257
  3. You’re doing amazing I am 2 weeks out and 9.8 pounds down as of today. I started purée today! I made egg salad and I am making taco soup. They will both last me all week. I will be doing refried beans and cheese, ricotta bake, and chicken salad next week.
  4. That is so awesome! My surgery was 12/30. I’m having a hard time meeting my goals 😖😖
  5. Are you eating enough? I heard people talk about a stall 2-5 weeks out, I’m sure it will pass soon! Just keep it up!!
  6. smb123

    Happening so fast

    The hardest part is remembering to sip water. For me mainly the mental part of not being able to eat like a regular portioned plate. I was a very fast eater before and drank so much drink during meal time. Separating the two was a real struggle. The gas pain after surgery is probably the worst part in that aspect.
  7. smb123

    Happening so fast

    I have BCBS and I had to do the 6 months. They did say they have to give a decision within a 15 day period of receiving the paperwork from your doctor. In all honesty, I would not have been ready for this if i didn’t go through the 6 months of preparing myself. I am a week and half post op and it’s very hard even with the long preparation. I would suggest giving yourself a few months to prepare before going into surgery. However, do what’s best for you, you know your body and your mindset!
  8. smb123

    Surgery Tomorrow

    Pain is still a struggle, found out they tore a muscle under my diaphragm and that’s where all the pain is coming from. It makes it hard to breath and when I stand or walk my stomach pulls down on it and makes it cramp! 😩😩😩😩 I need it to hurry up and heal!
  9. I am so nervous I feel like vomiting! 😬😬
  10. smb123

    Surgery Tomorrow

    Hi everyone I really appreciate they words of encouragement. Procedure was at 10 today. The pain meds they give don’t even touch the pain and I don’t know what to do I keep telling them. All they come back with is well they cut your insides and outside so your gonna have pain....
  11. I’m on day 3 of the pre-op diet. So far so good 😊
  12. How much did you lose in the first month?
  13. Did anyone get Barimelts? For the schedule, how many times a day did you take the multivitamin?
  14. smb123

    First month

    That is so so awesome congrats!! 🍾 you did great. Yeah my BMI is 48 right now but was 53 when I start the 6 month diet.
  15. smb123


    I already have slight hair loss with PCOS so I take HSN vitamins but stopped for my two weeks diet. I would like to find some good ones to take. I feel like I am going to have some bad hair loss 😭😭
  16. smb123

    Pseudo tumor Cerebri

    Yeah, i will be so happy when I reach a healthy weight and can work out freely without pain. If it does helps in anyway with this I will be grateful so weeks are bad with migraines almost everyday. So a week without a migraine would be awesome!
  17. Anyone have VSG that has Pseudotumor Cerebri? Did this help it go away and with migraines?
  18. smb123

    Pseudo tumor Cerebri

    Thank you so much for those encouraging words. I am hoping it helps it and so is the doctor. If not then I will need Shunt surgery. Hoping for the best. I have 9 days until surgery 🤗🤗🤗
  19. I called them and they told me I could take Zicam, Airborne, or Emergen-c. I got Zicam and Airborne. I tried the Zicam first and glad I did. I feel so much better and able to breathe!
  20. Will this cause a delay in surgery? Has anyone went into surgery with sinus congestion. It’s not severe, what can I take to clear this?
  21. smb123

    First month

    Thank you for that, I struggle with a few health conditions and hope it doesn’t affect my weight loss after surgery. 😔
  22. How did you get so lucky to only do it one week? 😭
  23. I am feeling pretty good! Day 3 is off to a good start! Thank you! I am excited but so nervous, this is my first surgery ever! 😬😱
  24. Surgery is on 12/30, on day 2 of the pre-op diet!!

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