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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    Lisette703 got a reaction from ZinNH in Is this what regret feels like or is just a phase?   
    It's normal. I regretted it for the first month but Monday marks two months and I'm no longer feeling like way. It gets better.
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    Lisette703 got a reaction from graziellabs in Any good protein shakes ?   
    I love GNC Total Lean Strawberries and Cream and Swiss chocolate. 25g Protein 6grams of sugar.
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    Lisette703 got a reaction from scooterbyrd in Going into week 5   
    You've been cleared to eat regular foods since day 1? I can't imagine that helps with the healing process of the sleeve.
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    Lisette703 reacted to melty29 in Pureed diet   
    The first few weeks for me were emotional as well. I am about to start week 5 and I still feel a little out of whack. If you like refried Beans I would try that. I made a crockpot of pinto beans and made my own. That way I could control the sodium and sugar. I added a little enchilada sauce and reduced fat cheese. Cottage cheese is also something I am eating a lot. I made a recipe from my doctors website that was basically puréed ground turkey meat, ricotta cheese and low sugar marinara sauce. It wasn't as good as lasagna but it was tasty. Good luck with the upcoming weeks!