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  1. My surgery is planned for the end of November. I am paying $554.68 a month for Cobra. I do not want to pay for December. I want to wait for my Medicare to start in January. Does anyone know if the first follow up appt, after surgery is free? My husband had a hip replaced at a different hospital and the follow up was no charge. Thanks for any advice or experience.

  2. I finally got everything submitted to Cigna on Tuesday 10/24. This is turning out to be the longest weekend just waiting and praying. I'm also praying for a November surgery date. My surgeons office said they don't assign surgery dates until after they get insurance approval. I'm hoping Magee Hospital is not backed up or has a waiting list.


  3. Well I didn't get to go to my overnight sleep study on 10/1. On Friday 9/29 the sleep study center called and said they didn't get approval from Cigna for the sleep study. I left a message with my surgeon's office to see where I go from here. I thought I would be able to submit to insurance on 10/17 but now I'm not so sure. I'm already paying outrageously for the Cobra insurance I cannot afford to be hindered by any form of denials. The sleep centers around here have waiting lists and I was lucky to get that appt and still had to drive a long way. I am getting rather concerned and frustrated.

  4. I live about 45 minutes from where my surgery will be performed and have the same concerns as you. A five hour drive after surgery seems a bit much. Maybe once you leave the hospital you can just spend a few days in a hotel nearby just to heal and be sure everything is okay before you start that long drive. There's also the consideration of how much pain you'll be in, access to bathrooms, winter driving conditions, and if the hospital will even let you leave by yourself. Have a backup plan ready just in case. I've already prayed for your smooth and uneventful surgery and safe passage home.

  5. Thank you so much for the info. Since I failed the at home test I will be going to the overnight study this Sunday 10/1 and will see where I go from there. My last NUT appointment with my PCP is on 10/17/17. This sleep test is my last obstacle and then I can submit my paperwork to Cigna. I'll wear a football helmet to the hospital if I could just get this surgery over with. I am so thankful for all the information and advice everyone has provided.

  6. I took the at home sleep Apnea test and now I'm told I have moderate Seep Apnea. I have to go into a sleep study center for treatment? Does anyone know if this will cause a postponement of my surgery? I actually do not have a problem sleeping and am truly adverse to wearing a mask on my face every night. Is anyone aware of any other treatment or workaround in place of that mask or even any timeframe of how long the treatment takes? Any advice or comment is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  7. Well, received a call that I did not pass my sleep Apnea test so while I was on the phone with the PA, I asked about the three month diet requirement. She said Cigna is a stickler about that and they actually count the days and it must be at least 90 days for approval. So now I have to back up my last PCP appointment and concern myself with the Sleep Apnea treatment.

  8. I have Cigna Insurance with a 3 month diet requirement. My last appointment is set for October 13th which is exactly 87 days of the diet program. I'm wondering if I need to try to set my doctor's appointment back because I heard they may deny you if it's not a full 90 days. Just wondering if they go by three separate months or actually count each individual day?

  9. Wow, I didn't know they would actually kinda force that stuff on you. Maybe as long as it's non narcotic that would be okay. I guess I'll have to have several options ready and available to me whenever I get ready to cross that bridge which I hope will be soon. Thanks everyone for all the advice.

  10. Thank you for responding with some positive information I can consider instead of name calling. There's always one in the crowd who really does need a net which is part of the reason I'm not even telling people. I only posted looking for suggestions on the best way to get home without telling anybody I had surgery. I am a responsible person and have no intention of driving down the road high on painkillers. I'm glad to hear things went well for you and you were able to get yourself home safely and uneventfully. I am earnestly praying the same for myself.

  11. Should I ask for a surgery date or do they automatically just give it to you? October 17th will be my last visit to my PCP and he will sign off on my 3 month diet plan. I have my Cardiologist and Psychologist appointments already in September. All of my other test/requirements have been completed. Now I see people on here who have surgery dates scheduled all the way to December. I don't want to rock the boat but I don't want to wait until the last minute either. I must have this done before the end of the year due to my deductible having met completely met for this calendar year.

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