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  1. As I stepped on my scale this morning I wasn't expecting anything because I had stall a few days ago and figured it was going to stay that way. I knew stalls were going to happen and I'm okay with that. I feel like it's part of life. What actually happened was not what I was expecting. I made my 100 lb goal this morning. From my highest weight of 421 at the first of the year I am down to 320. 2 lbs. I was shocked. I had ordered my 100 lb progress bead for my key chain knowing it wouldn't get here until after thanksgiving. Giving me enough time to drop the weight if it was going to happen. If it didn't happen I would just hang on to the bead until I did and add it to my keychain. Guess I'll be adding it when it gets here. 

    Each bead represents a goal I made for myself things like walking around the grocery store every week for a month to losing the exact amount of weight my pit bull weighs (60 lbs) Little things like that give me focus and a goal to work towards. 



  2. Tomorrow is the day. I don't have to be there until 2 pm and my surgery is scheduled for 4 pm. I had thought I was was strangely calm, but after it was pointed out to me that I was barricading myself on the couch with all the things I had to pack I have a clothes basket in front of me and a bunch of stuff beside me along with my sweet furbabies who love to lay next to me. Apparently I do this when I'm anxious. my way of protecting myself I guess. 

    Anyway here is a picture of my sweet furbabies who are trying to help me through the anxiety. 


    1. Apple203


      I see that LaylaLoveDogs, too! Best wishes for tomorrow.

    2. hap314ness


      I have a feeling I will be in the exact same position with my cats in 5 days. Sending positive, calming vibes your way!

    3. LylaLovesCoffee


      Indeed I do love furbabies. They give me sooo much love and amusement.

  3. I started my liquid diet yesterday. I feel like I should be missing eating food, but I'm not. I don't get it. Maybe it'll show up later after a few weeks of being on liquids. Maybe I'm in denial, who knows. Right now I'm feeling calm and positive. I hope this lasts until Wednesday. 2 more days!

    1. Paloomino78


      Good luck ! I’m on my third week ! 23 lbs down. Keep that attitude!

  4. 5 more days. Anyone have any ideas on how to relax before the big day?

    1. CarpeDiem129


      I'd love to know this as well! :)

    2. Berry78


      Relaxing isn't a big deal. You'll want to relax plenty after the surgery ;) Use this time to make sure everything is in order, so when you no longer can bend over and touch the floor or pick up more than 10 pounds, that everything is set up, and ready for that. Most doctors have the weight lifting restriction in place for 6 to 8 weeks. So make sure you have already purchased any large items that you need for the next couple months (pet supplies, or bulk shopping trips. Canned food gets very heavy, very quickly).

      Make sure all the laundry and house cleaning and yard work is done. Bills are paid. Pet sitting, childcare, houseplant watering.. maybe even work on your Will or advanced directive (living will and/or medical power of attorney). Those won't be needed, but they could be SOME day, so it doesn't hurt to have them made up, regardless.

      You're like, I wanna relax, and here I am, saying better write your Will! Gotto love it! Almost no one dies from this surgery, so it's not really about this operation.. it's just one of those things that everyone should have in place, and almost no one does. Even a verbal Will can work, if you're not particular. "Hey, Honey.. if I don't make it, you get the kids". {Honey will be, oh, so grateful!}

      On a less morbid topic, maybe go through your closet, and arrange clothing according to size. (If you have sizes smaller than you currently wear). You'll start needing them within a couple months.

    3. Apple203


      "Hey, Honey.. if I don't make it, you get the kids". {Honey will be, oh, so grateful!} -- hahaha

      Lyla, best wishes for a successful surgery and your future health!!

  5. I don't know if anyone else feels this way. Other than my husband and mother in law I'm not having anyone else around when I have this surgery done. On the one hand I would love to have a surgery buddy, but on the other hand, I think I would be happy with just my hubby and his mother. Anyone else feel this way?

    1. Rainbow_Warrior


      Yeah ... 22 days back, my wife dropped me off at the hospital on the Thursday (OCT 12) 7AM.

      She picked me up after a Saturday shift in the pharmacy at 3:30pm.

      One sister, my brother and my mother called in as visitors on the Friday evening.

      I shared my WLS news with my daughter and daughter-in-law, my siblings, my mother, my best man and a supportive male neighbour (a former professional friend).

      Other wise, it's near to a closed secret.

    2. LylaLovesCoffee


      Mine really isn't a secret except to my mother. She's one of those people who will make it all about her, and how she's medically worse off than anyone else. I don't need that negativity. I'm going to tell her after I get home from the hospital. She's more supportive then.

    3. Rainbow_Warrior


      Seems she's in the same grandstand as my mother.

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