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  1. I am happy to answer any questions. From 356 to 207lbs. Who is a happy boy? That would be me. Best decision I've made in my life. Healthier, more confident, better family and social life. Thumbs up all around from moi. Loose skin, hell yeah, does it bother me, not really. It's part of the package. Love y'all, sorry I have not been around a while. I have a life now
  2. Half-Tum

    Sushi in soft phase? Rice?

    Rice and pasta are NO NOs. They do not work at all with me.
  3. Half-Tum

    Sushi in soft phase? Rice?

    How doth you doctor it up?
  4. Half-Tum

    Progress pic! 6 months post op

    You're very pretty.
  5. Half-Tum

    Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

    Depends on if you're a smurf or not, doesn't it?
  6. Half-Tum

    Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

    Bluedick, Anxiety, Fleas, enlarged eyeball, tummy ache, Rickets, Gout, Chlamydia, Wobbly feet syndrome, donkey breath, Units, Polshanks, East River Gorgonzola Drip (I don't know what it is either but it sounds nasty), Pink Pubic Hair, scarring of the inner nostril, webbed fingers and webbed toes.
  7. Sometimes "Damn." is all you can say.
  8. Sorry I haven't been around as much...new life and all....but you look HOT!! Go girl!!!!
  9. Helps a lot with the "afters" when you're gorgeous before.
  10. Half-Tum

    Turkey vs Human

    Very inspiring post. Thank you.
  11. Half-Tum

    Turkey vs Human

    I can eat so little, I don't worry about what I'm gonna have for Thanksgiving. Whatever I can actually eat will not matter. Not for one meal for one day.
  12. I am a little more than 4 months out and I'm still there so....
  13. It's a definite mind and body reconditioning for sure, but for me, it was the best decision to make. I am 4 months out. I am eating "regular" food, but it's not the same experience food was in the past. I like that I have to consider what I'm putting in me, and I eat so little that it's almost a zen-like experience everytime I eat. I have to go slowly and deliberately, think about the taste and texture, make sure it sits well after I chew and swallow. Weird when you've been conditioned to shovel something down. I can't drink liquids and eat at the same time at all. But it's all good though. I'm not hungry and don't waste time thinking about eating or the next time I'm gonna eat. I walk a lot and enjoy it. That's new. I feel better. I forget still that I can probably do things now that were just a burden to me before. Like were going to a neighborhood trick or treat the other night and in the past I was always tired of walking but i wasnt at all. I love putting on smaller clothes. I feel better going out. As of this morning I am down 76lbs from where I was right before I started the pre surgery regimen. That's not chump change. So yeah, there are a few things that are downsides but they're mostly mental and they can be worked out. I'll post pics at 6 months
  14. Half-Tum

    Progress Pic from Halloween Share yours?

    God Bless America.
  15. Once an old master poopologist got a huge microflorian reading from a young skinny boy. He thought this was the Poop-phrecy spoke of in olden outdoor outhouses that this child would bring balance to the poop flora. But then he got killed By Darth Pooper. It was also a shitty movie.
  16. I used to love Avocado. Since surgery they make me feel bad. Too much fat?

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