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  1. You are going the right thing for your health! I was able to lose weight unfortunately I too had a yo yo existence and it was horrible every time I made progress I would gain back twice as much as I loss and as I am getting older it is getting harder & harder to bounce back.

    You go girl and get yourself healthier. I plan to be around for a very long time☘️☘️☘️🌻

  2. I am 62 and had a lower BMI of 35 w/ sleep apnea, arthritis, Gerd, post menopausal & asthma. I had my surgery on 7/10. Today is my 1 month anniversary!! I have lost 27 lbs so far. I am not suffering from my arthritis pain, my sleep apnea has improved, I haven't used my asthma meds since the surgery. I am gaining energy and have started walking again slowly but with No pain! My joints aren't killing me now. My inflammation in my body has gone down. This was not for cosmetic reasons this was because I wanted to live longer, be active and have a better quality of life! Do not let anyone judge you for your reasons to have this surgery just do it! My life has improved in the last month alone. I feel good!!!

  3. Sleeved July 10th. You know i feel fine and my incisions are healing perfectly. My hardest issue is feeling hungry and needing to eat something. I have gotten so bored of the puree stage and started to eat soft foods early, which i know i am not supposed to do. I just have to bare with this a little longer and let myself heal inside. I also have a lot of issues with the 2 oz i eat seeming to just sit in my esophagus. I don't throw it back up but it takes it longer to go down. I will try smaller portions to see if that helps. Maybe i am eating closer to 3 oz and i just don't realize it when i measured it out. I am 22 pounds down and really excited for the future.

    I was also sleeved on 7/10. I am on puréed for one more week. I am down 22lbs which is great because when I came home from the hospital I was up 5 lbs! I have had stalls on & off for several days but I am still moving the scale downward. I too get that feeling when I eat sometimes and for me it usually means I am eating too fast & filling up the baby spoon too much in one bite. I have to remember to practice chewing 20 times before I swallow and pick the spoon up again. I need to set up that habit now because after I move to the next diet level it will be harder to do & I need to slow down.

  4. I was sleeved the 3rd. How much food are you getting in? I just got over the 3rd week stall. The dermabond on My incisions are almost all the way gone. I honestly feel great, for the most part. My doctor told me to stay out of the heat because I will dehydrate quickly and it is so hot here. So I've tried my exercise bike, but the large incision hurts when I do that. So hopefully that will heal up soon. There is a very large knot there, where they move my inside out of the way and it feels horrible to put pressure on. I am able to sleep on my stomach again and it is the best. I get down food pretty good. Not so much the shakes though. So I try to get in one a day, with a scoop of GENEPRO and benefiber mixed in.
    My diet that the nutritionist gave me said that I should be getting in 3 meals, two Snacks. And the meals should be like 2-4 tbsp. Sometimes it is easy to get in those 4 tbsp. Depending on what I eat. For example, I just ate some tofu and it was super easy to get down. Other times, 2 tbsp of tuna is hard. And a boiled egg is tough too. It feels like the egg just stays in my throat.

    I was sleeved 7/10 and I am on @ 2 week puréed diet. Soft scrambled eggs are the secret not boiled. Yogurt, cottage cheese, pea Soup and mashed cauliflower, potatoes, hummus ( plain). Steamed carrots and butternut squash. Tonight I tried re fried Beans. So far so good.

  5. I am 62 & had my sleeve done on 7/10. I too am having a hard time getting in the 3 Protein Shakes plus the all the Water. I am eating mashed cauliflower, scrambled eggs, hummus, pea & lentil Soup, beef consommé which is salty, low fat cottage & part skim ricotta cheese. Today 1/4 mashed banana w/ tbsp of plain fat free Greek yogurt. But it's like midnight before I can get all my Protein & liquid requirements in plus the Vitamin supplements schedule. I went back to work yesterday & I am hoping I can get a better routine going!!!!!!

  6. Interesting I was also told my stomach very large. Portion Control was extremely hard. The other thing is I watched my mother and aunt go from trim active women to obsese women with arthritis, joint replacements swollen legs , ankles and feet once they hit their 60's. I realized I was heading in the same direction and I have the same body type, my husband also noticed it. My family all have thyroid issues. It was the final reason I looked into this surgery as my family trait was moving down to me and also my brother.

    I am totally confident that I made the right choice for myself.

  7. I am scheduled for gastric sleeve surgery on Aug 21, 2017. I am 5' 1 1/2" and weigh about 167lbs, so my BMI is about 31. I was an over weight teenager and had to lose weight to enter the military. After my first child, I gained a lot of weight and was worried about being discharged from the military so I began dieting and exercising. I was able to lose all the weight and went from a size 8-10 to size 2-4 and stayed that way for many years. I had two more children and both times was able to get back down to a size 2-4. When I turned 35ish, I found it more and more difficult to lose the weight and began to put on about 2-4lbs a year (I'm 44 now). About a year ago, I retired from the military and since I don't have to do unit physical training 3 times a week, I have managed to put on about 20lbs. Obesity runs in my family, and at this rate, I will be morbidly obese in a matter of a few years. I figured it was inevitable that I will need this surgery, so why not get it now while I only have to lose 45-50lbs. My biggest fear is that I will have the surgery and not lose any weight. I would love to hear other peoples experiences, especially from those who had a low BMI. I've read stories about people who've had this surgery and gained all the weight back. My doctor told me those individuals are probably not following a high Protein diet and not exercising. He told me if I eat a high protein diet, control my portions to my new stomach size, and add power walking, I will lose it and keep it off. Your thoughts????

    I had my surgery on 7/10. When I started this I was 190 at 5ft 2 inches and I am 62 yrs old. My BMI was 34.5 by the time of surgery I was 180. I am a extreme foodie & gourmet cook as is my entire family!
    I have always been athletic and able to drop 25 lbs very quickly & easily. I eat healthy foods except larger portions. But I could not sustain it and always gained back more than I lost. I had early menopause at 46 and they have had me on hormones for 15 yrs. I stared developing commorbidities such as severe sleep apnea, pre-diabetic, asthma and every joint in my body was aching!! I felt as if I was going to become old quickly & a invalid. I got married 2 years ago and no way did I want this to happen to me. I am normally a very active person but all that was stopped. My husband totally supports me in this.
    My 2 grown children felt I didn't need the surgery because when I put my mind to it in the past I always could lose but with that I spent every night in the gym for 2-3 hours exhausting myself, with a trainer and serious dieting. My husband & I were like ships passing in the night. This was not how I wanted to live in my new marriage. I need balance and I want to enjoy the next 30+yrs!! So I say if you are ready to be committed to your change in lifestyle from now on and have done your research go for it!!! I make no judgements based on people's BMI. It's the first day of week 3 and I am extremely happy to be on this new lifetime journey. Ps... I have gotten off sleep medications(15yrs), hormones (15 yrs) and am feeling good!

  8. 4 hours ago, Banded2003NYC said:

    How have you been feeling?

    I am feeling good. It's been 2 weeks today yand this is my first day back at work. Moving slowly but moving!!! I am still having a hard time meeting all my water/ shakes, Vitamins and meal schedule. Hopefully being back at work I can get a routine going. I am still very bruised from all the heparin shots they were giving me and especially the very big hematoma it caused so it still looks like someone took a bat to my entire abdomen but I have no pain!!! I gained 5 lbs when I had arrived home from the hospital but as of today I have lost 21lbs. Very very pleased!☘️😎💙

  9. Today is the day!!!! Leaving for the hospital in 1 hr!!! 11:00am surgery. I am some what calm which surprises me. I had my husband take my before pictures just now. I am keeping good healing thoughts for all today's sleevers a uncomplicated and swift surgery and a minimally painful recovery today!!!

  10. My surgery is in 4 days. I had my last pre op appt with the surgeon this afternoon. It's almost here!!!! Monday at 11:00am. I still trying to stay in the day and manage to get all my Protein & Water in. My dr. Said if all goes well I will go home on Wed. I am very afraid of blood clots but he told me that besides using the leg pump stockings they give me a shot of heparin on surgery day to aid in blood flow. The journey continues 🌻 To all this week's sleepers good luck & healing thoughts being sent!!!!

  11. Looks like July is a busy month!!!! Good luck on your surgeries. I am both excited & scared but I am reading everything I can about it. I am a true foodie & gourmet cook so this will be a challenge for me so I am taking it one day at a time. My dream was to eventually retire and write cookbooks ....now they will be bariatric cookbooks!! food is not my enemy, my choices were bad. I now have to eat to live & be happy, not live to eat!!! July 10 I start my journey but I am grateful that I can share my experiences with others that have chosen this path. July 10 is coming fast!!!!