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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    SKhan got a reaction from Frustr8 in Has anyone heard of Dr. Jorge Green in Tijuana   
    I like to know what you find out about this surgeon and his facility as well please. I am considering to go with this one.
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    SKhan got a reaction from Creekimp13 in Morning acid indigestion issues   
    Yes they did. I am taking it twice daily plus Mylanta 20 mins before each meal.

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    SKhan got a reaction from annamolly760 in Would you do it again?   
    I am in the same situation as yours. I do not have any co-morbidity but been on a rollercoster to loss and keep my weight off.
    I am at a point where my sciatica problem is getting worse, my back feels like it's in pieces, my knees are hurting all the time and don't even let me get started with Acid reflex and digestion issues, unable to walk for long, unable to sit for too long, and the list goes on.
    I am done trying weight loss centers, B12 shots in my stomach, Protein diets, fad diets, boot camps which are a killer with all the pain I am constantly in
    I am scheduled for my gastric sleeve for 2/16. It was a very tough decision but had to be made. I know it's a lifestyle change and I am ready to make one.
    I am going with BeLiteWeight in Juarex Mexico. I have heard nothing but excellent feedback on the staff, hospital, and the surgeons.
    I was provided with the list of Patient referrals (actual patients) whom I contacted directly (about 10 of them) I spoke to each one and some of them we exchanged Text messages.
    I did a lot of my research. I selected to go with this team mainly for 2 very important reasons:
    1) Most importantly, I am staying at the hospital the entire time. Not in a hotel post op for couple of days unlike some others
    2) Highly recommend and excellent surgeon credentials
    I will be traveling to El Paso from Chicago. So my flight is approx 4 hours.Then driven to Juarex directly to check-in to the hospital.
    I understand what you mean by staying closer to home. I was very skeptical about this myself. After talking to many of the patients, they indicated we have a choice to stay extra days close to the hospital till we feel comfortable enough to go back home. I opted out of that as I have my kids waiting for me at home.
    I will be provided with direct nurse and patient coordinators cell phone numbers, will be added to the group so post op support is available to me 24x7.
    Sorry for the long, lengthy post. I know what you are going thru. I can related thus shared my story.
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    SKhan got a reaction from FluffyChix in One Year Update   
    OMG! You look great! Kuddos to you. What a great accomplishment
    I would love to hear all about your 1 year - what worked, what did not, what's your routine when it comes to meals & exercising?
    I wanna look that good my 1 year post op too and be able to actually show/take pictures.
    CONGRATS again!!
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    SKhan got a reaction from RosieQueenofScots in Where does the Fat go?   
    So i saw multiple gastric sleeve procedure youtube videos but none showed where the fat goes after the surgeon cuts it out from the stomach? They take out the cut-off/sleeved part of the stomach but does the fat just stays in?
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    SKhan reacted to Rainstorm77 in Mexico? All the Basics Please: Success and Problem Stories, etc.   
    I had to fly from San Diego to Miami and then to St Thomas. After the 4th day you are pretty good actually. No problems walking around. Definitely don't need anything like a wheelchair. For me the pain was about 4 /10 and I also had my gall bladder removed at the same time which was apparently a more painful recovery than the straight sleeve surgery. Just be careful and go slow! Take a walk up and down the aisle every 30 mins or 1 hour on the plane just to keep the blood pumping. Good luck!