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    charsarie got a reaction from Dashofpixiedust8 in NSV and SV!   
    Hello, if I can ask a question. I feel hungry all the time but I can't eat hardly anything . Also some days my stomach feels gross and I don't want to eat. Did you have any of these issues. Also it's embarrassing but I have a terrible diarriah problem. Any encouragement will help!you look great!!!! Thank you
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    charsarie reacted to Berry78 in Metimucil is my new best friend!!!   
    Miralax sends me urgently to the toilet, and it takes a bunch of my fluids out along with it. Not cool.
    Metamucil sounds pretty good..
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    charsarie reacted to Dashofpixiedust8 in NSV and SV!   
    I am beyond ecstatic. I am now below 300 pounds! I started at 540 pounds on October 29, 2015 when I started this whole journey. I had surgery on May 29, 2016 at 480 pounds and Now, 10 1/2 months later I weigh 297.8! I have not had a 2 in the front of my weight in FOREVER. I only have 98 pounds to go until I hit my goal! (Which may change, I'm more going for a clothing size goal now more than a number goal )

    I used to have to be on oxygen all the time because I was so fat I could not breathe properly. Now I can walk for over an hour with no break and not be out of breath! I am so extremely happy with my progress!

    I used to HATE getting my picture taken, it was the WORST. Now I love getting in front of the camera, I ASK for pictures to be taken! This is the craziest thing for me. I feel pretty for the first time in a very very long time.

    I started out at a size 6x (36-38) and now wear a an 18/20 on top and 22 on bottom. I even wear leggings now!

    I have a large hanging skin on my stomach which I am having removed on June 5th! I will need a revision surgery when I get to goal but I am very excited for the surgery and the relief it will give me.

    Here are some before and after pics for you guys!

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    charsarie reacted to rosemary79 in found out what was wrong   
    I am 6 weeks out from surgery and have been admitted back into the hospital twice because of a seroma beneath one of my incisions and stricture so sever I only had a pin prick opening from my stomach pouch into my intestines. I've now had 4 endoscopies with balloon dilation. I am finally keeping down soft foods and seeing a light at the end of this tunnel. Anyone else been down this road?
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    charsarie reacted to My Bariatric Life in Digestive problems many years after gastric bypass - help needed   
    @@TXJess I developed celiac disease and lactose intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome and candida in the years after my RNY. I have eaten a Paleo diet for years, no red meat. I take a lot of expensive supplements recommended by my clinical nutritionist, and follow a very limited diet to kill off the bad bacteria and promote the good, while also removing a potential biofilm that may be covering and protecting the bad bacteria. How long did it take you to get well? Are you able to eat normally now?
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    charsarie reacted to RJC5197 in Digestive problems many years after gastric bypass - help needed   
    I had the same issues after about 6 years with my VBG, but that was done 20 years ago.
    I feel great with the revision to RNY, but something did need to be done years ago, but I never found a Dr that could help till last year.
    I feel the medical knowledge is much better today, and hope you can find a Dr. that can really get to the bottom of it soon.
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    charsarie reacted to crocodoxie in Poop Color   
    ...or anything with blue food dyes can do that...ex: s/f grape kool-aid, etc

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