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    Neversaynever reacted to Jenwill630 for a blog entry, I worry for nothing.   
    So my appointment at the PCP went perfectly fine.  
    There I was, all prepared with a speech in my head of how to tell him of my decision that i wanted weight loss surgery and that oh I must of shrunk because they measured me at the surgeons office and height is different.  I get in there and Dr. has a med student with him.....so that threw me off.
    Dr. decided to discuss my labs and asked if there was something I wanted to tell him.  I must have looked at him puzzled because then he told me that he saw another lab order in there from another Dr.  So that broke the ice.  He then explained the different surgeries to me and the med student, which one he felt would benefit me more and why.  Luckily it is the one I wanted.  LOL
    He then told me that if he were to recommend a Bariatric Surgeon, without a doubt, he would recommend Dr. Gagne that he is one of THE best in the country at the bypass, his reputation is impeccable, his results are fantastic, he ran one of the best bariatric programs in the country at one point.  So hearing this truly made me feel even more comfortable with my decision.
    He also said he is behind me 100% with opting for surgery.....that's great...would have been nice if he had recommended this a couple of years ago though!  LOL
    So he very willingly filled out all of my paperwork that Dr. Gagne requires and on my way I went.
    I got home, looked at the paperwork and realized oh ****.  I forgot to tell them about my height being wrong and now my BMI is wrong on the paperwork I have in my hand!!!!!!
    This morning I called and spoke to the nurse explaining everything.  Of course she laughed at me (in a good way) and so I need to stop on my way home to get the height notated properly in the file and for the form to get re-done.
    Could I have waited until my next visit next month?  Probably, but I can't let things sit...my anxiety does not allow that.  If I had let it wait, my mind will play that game of "the worst possible thing will happen and I won't get the form re-done".  

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