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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Aspiring Evangelist. I can begin to express how thankful i am to your advice. I am know able to wrap my head around this entire DS weight loss strategy needed for weight loss. Your thorough outline clearly assist me with understanding this surgery. I think I am use to practicing looking at the foods you suggested as a form of eating bad and unhealthy, but I know get why eating that way supports the type of surgery we've had. I am going to spend time researching the food lineup needed to better benefit me and how I can implement it in my meal plan daily.

  2. Wow! Aspiring Evangelist your pics are inspiring! How did you do it? OMG! Just looking at your journey has given me a whole new perspective on how I am to go about accomplishing the weight loss goal I've set for myself. Thank you so much for replying to my request. As I mention to OutsideMatchInside, I've been practicing very little Protein intake and my appetite has changed drastically. I'm not sure if it is because of the Constipation, or a mental rejection to food due to the slow down of weight loss. I'd appreciate your feedback on how you remain on track because you are a true success case......thanks!

  3. Thanks OutsideMatchInside! That was great info and clear detail to how this DS process can possibly work for me. My weight loss journey is similar to your experience. However, I notice i have loss 4 additional pounds after weighing myself today. I have also notice my Protein and eating intake has decreased. Lately, my protein, eating and exercise activity slowed down due to the demand of my job. I guess I better pay better attention and get back on track. The information you provided helps knowing because now I know I have to stay on my game with being consistent. i honestly appreciate your feedback....this is an ongoing battle that i must beat. Have a great day.

  4. Hi OutsideMatchInside, My expectations of this surgery is not to assume I would forever loose 10 to 20lbs monthly, that would be an unrealistic in addition foolish assumption, right? However, deciding to join this forum I am hoping to receive honest and concise responses with less judgement. Overall, I assume we all here to motivate and provide each member with the necessary advice and support that will improve this amazing journey each of us have chosen in hopes of a healthier lifestyle.

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