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  1. It just takes a while for you to get used to having something in the stomach. I couldnt each much at all the first few months. Now, a year and a half later i can eat about 6 wings.

    Cant say much about the hair since mine was gone long before surgery.

  2. On 10/18/2018 at 8:54 AM, Creekimp13 said:

    Yep, I eat them all. Love them. They're a daily part of my diet. Sometimes multiple times a day.

    OMG, they're carbs!

    Yep, they are. But they're not refined, over-processed, or bad.

    And you know what else they are?

    Excellent sources of plant based Protein and Fiber.

    A baked potato has 160 calories. By itself, it has 4g of Protein. Throw some vegetarian chili on there and you're in the high teens. Awesome lunch!

    Brown rice...half a cup has around 100 calories and 3g of protein. Add some bean or peas and you've got complete amino acids...tons of protein... and a crazy awesome amount of Fiber.

    Why is dietary fiber important? To grow good gut bugs. Your microbiota and the health of your gut (and metabolism) depend on happy little bacteria. The strains of gut bugs that live in the guts of skinny people....have a favorite food: dietary fiber. Feed your good bugs good things and they'll be good to you.

    They like to eat fruit, veggies, Beans, whole wheat bread...

    Whole wheat bread? I eat this A LOT:)

    For instance.....A lite Thomas English wheat muffin has 5g of protein for 100 calories. This dietary powerhouse has 8g of dietary fiber! Smear that sucker with your favorite nut butter or fruit preserves, and you're in business.

    One of my favorite go-to dinners these days...... is fresh homemade wheat bread with 16 veggie soup...and fruit for dessert.

    I eat about four servings of fruit a day...and that's not even counting the watermelon I huddle over in the car while hissing "My Precious...." LOL:)

    A banana is not "a candy bar" A banana is a wonderful healthy food. I eat lots of them. Hell, I have a Yonanas that makes them into ice cream. They're terrific.

    Normal weight does not HAVE to mean giving up carbs. It means being carb smart, balancing, and making mindful choices.

    More than one way to do this whole thing.

    Weight loss success does not mean ONLY eating meat for the rest of your life with broccoli on the side. That's great once in a while, though!

    Not trying to tell anyone they're doing it wrong.....just sayin'....there's more than one way to do it right:)

    Extreme thinking, extreme dieting, extreme self denial....is not sustainable.

    Work on a forever diet you can live with.

    Be mindful, be accountable....but be kind to yourself.

    Im with you on this. Im about 1.5 years out. I eat pretty much whatever i want, Ijust dont eat a lot of it. And I usually have some kind of dense protein at the center of most meals. But its not unusual for me to have potatoes, or a slice of pizza every now and then.

    Ive found that as long as i am excercising i can keep my weight steady now by just eating multiple small meals - even if i have some cheat foods in there. Or even GASP BEER!

  3. 2 hours ago, summerset said:

    Just a quick question: after reading this thread I thought once again that users on here seem to associate "carbonation" automatically with either "soda" or "diet soda".

    I think that most users on here seem to be US Americans. I'm curious because in Germany bubbling Water is a big thing. You can buy a really big variety of brands of bottled Water and many brands come in "no carbonation", "medium carbonation" and "usual carbonation".

    Aren't US Americans simply not into carbonated water?

    HAHA! I was walking around Berlin a few years ago checking out the sights, and i stopped at a small convenience mart near the city center and ask for a bottle of water. The lady behind the window asked me if i wanted "still" or "fizzy" (I think it was fizzy). I couldnt really understand because of the accent.

    She could obviously tell I was a dumb American who didnt understand, so then she said "You vant zee bubbles or not zee bubbles".

    I said OOHHHHHHHH!!! No bubbles please!

  4. Eh... i asked my surgeon about alcohol and carbonation post op and she told me you have to live your life. If you think you will never have anything sinful you’re just setting yourself up for failure. She also said carbonation is fine for some and hard to tolerate for others, but it’s not harmful to your pouch. She said there is a lot of misinformation out there on the topic, many times used as scare tactics to keep people from drinking full sugar soda.

  5. 1 hour ago, J San said:

    Looked into Camp Gladiator and it looks great but when I did the search for my area I came up with 0. It doesn't exist in my area but I'll look to see if there are similar programs near me. How far out were you when you started that.

    About 6 months out. Just google group fitness camps, I am sure there are some in your area.

  6. Im a year out and can now finally eat a decent meal. I would try to skip the rice.

    My strategy has been Protein and some kind of veg. I can now eat about a 6 ounce steak and a small amount of veg and feel pretty good.

    If i eat starchy stuff like rice it makes me feel way to full and then hungry again in a short time.

    But for the first 6 months i was worried i would only be able to eat a couple ounces of food at a time for the rest of my life which would suck because i am doing these fitness bootcamps 4 times a week and without the calories they are super hard.

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