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  1. the premade ones were just too sweet for me so i started making my own concoctions and still have one each morning. I use either sprouts veggie powder in vanilla or chocolate, or VEGA smoothie powder in choc or vanilla. Much less cloyingly sweet. and with a big scoop and skim milk you can get a whopping 20-30 grams protein pretty easy. My usual morning drink consists of: in and 18oz ninja blender container 2.5 inches crushed ice 1 big scoop of sprouts powder or 2 using the VEGA scoop fille the rest of the way with half skim milk and half chameleon or homemade cold brew coffee blend its about 3-400 calories for breakfast and lots of protein. I use that kroger carb master skim milk.
  2. jaminator

    I regret this surgery

    Non-sequitur aside, luckily computer tech hasnt evolved enough for you to be worried. Maybe we can have a coffee next time Im in TN....LOL
  3. jaminator

    I regret this surgery

    It cant be for real. All these posts have got to be a joke. Were being punked.....
  4. jaminator

    I regret this surgery

    My point exactly which is why I asked why you quoted and replied in the first place. I havent been on this thread in 13 days because the crazy train went off the rails. THen you show up. Common denominator?? Why would i ever want to force myself onto you? I dont even know who the hell you are. Delusions of grandeur I guess...
  5. jaminator

    I regret this surgery

    hump hump hump. Keep humping. Its comedy gold!!! Kind of hypocritical though since you are the only one making threats.
  6. jaminator

    I regret this surgery

    Only on this circus of a thread can a mental patient like the one two posts above QUOTE and REPLY to your comment and then accuse you of vying for their attention. Its a whole new realm of psycho! State an opinion and your forcing your "manhood" on someone. K..... Folks its pretty simple - don't want a reply? Don't QUOTE and REPLY to that person with verbal vomit. But then again the person i am referring to spent a couple of hours on this thread last night humping several peoples legs like a horny puppy and continues to do so.
  7. jaminator

    I regret this surgery

    Then why did you quote and reply to me in the first place? PS. it was only the first paragraph that was really about you. That must be a blow to your ego.
  8. jaminator

    I regret this surgery

    its ok. We can tell by your prior comments that you have the attention span of a 12 year old.
  9. jaminator

    I regret this surgery

    This thread is still a thing?? And now its been joined by Abeille, the most insufferable commenter yet. Thank you for your comments, I just spent 4 minutes giggling at all your responses. Between the tweener sarcasm and the grammar nazi, you bring it all. Your professional counterparts of which you speak must be in awe of your superpowers. While its honorable of you to play protector to the OP, if you pull your head out of your @$$ for 10 seconds you will realize that any reasonable person can see that i did not personally attack, bully or belittle the OP. I simply used straight talk with no fluff that the OP claims to prefer. If you feel like your life is ruined only 3 weeks post op, then you need to review your materials and your plan to remind yourself why you did it in the first place. This thread has turned into the message board equivalent of a YouTube video from WalMart, where the OP is arguing with several posters telling them "Im gonna get up in yo azz so you sit the f*** down" and somehow that behavior is encouraged here, whereas straight, REAL talk about the issue is perceived as bullying. Two weeks of lashing out and raging one moment and then telling us all how she wants it honest and real and raw. Total contradictions. The thing about online communication is people tend to focus on certain words that they perceive as negative or personally focused and then the whole comment is taken in the wrong context. One thing I have learned from my short time on this website is that people here are generally in one of two camps. Some want straight up, real talk and support. Others dont. Its because of the latter that i quit commenting here, until your silly callouts. Continue on, feel free to critique my grammar and psychoanalyze my comments. Its all just words on a screen.
  10. jaminator

    My sleeve is too big

    Yeah it's sliding right through but at least Greek yogurt is better than a lot of other things you could be eating
  11. jaminator

    My sleeve is too big

    How much is too much? And too much of what exactly?
  12. jaminator

    Chicken too early dangerous?

    White meat chicken has been a no go for me since the surgery. I tried chicken kabob and it felt like a rock and the only time I've felt like vomiting. Dark meat chicken work fine for me.
  13. You don't have to refrigerate the horizon single serve milks. Canned meat will be your friend.
  14. jaminator

    In uncomfortable pain

    cold brew coffee should help.
  15. jaminator

    Purée Food

    I was the same way. Remember from your documentation where it says only try to eat a couple ounces at a time. It takes a while before you will be able to put much in your stomach at a time. Also eggs can feel quite bulky.
  16. jaminator

    How do I get enough protein

    Agree with above, i am three months out and every morning i have a smoothie made from 2 scoops chocolate VEGA 1 protein powder (24 grams) and 6 oz skim milk with extra protein (10 grams) and 6 ounces chameleon cold brew coffee. Throw into a cup of crushed ice and blend in ninja. that makes sure i get a good protein boost in an easy way in the morning. In the puree stage put that unjury unflavored powder on everything you can. beyond puree stage order some pure protein bars (15 grams) or kind (there are some that are 12 grams) barsand have those between meals. get some of those oikos triple zeros yogurts and eat those. Go to smoothie king and get one of the high protein smoothies and tell them to sub the turbinado for non cal sweetener. There are lots of little things you can do to get the protein in over the course of the day.
  17. jaminator


    I waited for two months before i had any, and havent had any problems. My surgeon said it wasnt a big deal so long as not loaded with cream and sugar.
  18. jaminator

    Purée Food

    I was and still am eating small amounts every couple of hours.
  19. jaminator

    Day 2 post op

    Try different temperatures. Sip it.
  20. jaminator

    Someone help me.

    or it could be youre not getting enough water. I had a similar issue and it turned out it was thirst.
  21. Its important to remember that you are going to have triumphs and defeats before AND after surgery. Its probably not realistic to think you wont ever give in to temptation and eat something they tell you that you arent supposed to. You have to live your life...If you give in, then focus on doing it right the next day.
  22. jaminator

    I regret this surgery

    It's clear you have frustration by the way you lash out. I never told you to stfu so you can stop with that drama. Get as ugly as you want I don't care. But you still need to follow your program and get your head clear if you want to feel better
  23. jaminator

    I regret this surgery

    I most certainly did not. You just cherry picked the words you wanted to focus on from my first comment. In the midst of my first comment I told you "Until you are three months out i would focus on hydration and Protein and take it one day at a time. A couple months of following the plan will not affect you in the long run if you are playing the long game here." for some reason you think that's telling you to stfu so not much else I can do. The whole point of the comment was that your doctor should've made clear how your life will be changed after this. You should've been given documentation to follow to get through the first three months. When in doubt read it again to remind you.
  24. jaminator

    I regret this surgery

    You're being a whiner. I gave info on how to stop being miserable and move forward by focusing on the end goal. You encouraged her to feel like giving up after three weeks.
  25. If youre like me it wont matter because whatever you decide on, you wont be able or want to take in much. for me it was water skim mil with extra protein broth popsicles yogurt i couldnt take in much food stuffs so i just tried to drink a lot of water and mix flavorless powder in when i could.

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