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  1. Hi everyone! Newbie over here in Austin, TX. My surgery is next Tuesday and I'm soooo excited and totally ready to drop some weight before the hell fire of a summer gets here. Excited to interact with all of you and soak up your knowledge and support!

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    2. Newme17


      It does. I've managed to meet one other person in my city (in person) for added support too. Maybe there's a support group there in the lovely city Austin (So pretty) you can see about joining as well. Every bit helps.

    3. Erkaderka


      That's a great idea! It's always nice meeting new people and knowing we're not alone during our journeys. Sounds like you've been to Austin before. If you're ever here again, holler! We can meet up. 😊

    4. Newme17


      Quite a few times and through it too. 😊 Don't care for the traffic on 35! Although it's not as bad as Houston's traffic. Good Lord! 😂