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  1. Ellie2: can you also have soup, jello?
  2. Finally17

    Any August 2017 Sleevers?

    Fromky2002: yay! Same date as a couple of others here. Where are you from KY, I guess? What are your stats? How old? Best of luck!
  3. OlderLoser: no, but I see my surgeon tomorrow, so maybe he'll start me on a plan then.
  4. OlderLoser: want to stay in touch via email? Mine id annbehan47@gmail.com
  5. Angelgloria: Good luck on your upcoming surgery. Only 2 days away--excited or nervous? Keep us posted😊
  6. I live in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. Maybe we could email each other, especially since our surgery date and stats are so close. I used to live near Bel Air. My email is annbehan47@gmail.com.
  7. Finally17

    Any August 2017 Sleevers?

    Jessalene: I'm 69, 5'3", starting weight is 210.
  8. Finally17

    Any August 2017 Sleevers?

    Where are all those from that are having surgery on Aug 2? I live in Hot Springs Village, AR
  9. Finally17

    Any August 2017 Sleevers?

    I had mine in May also. It's basically a breathing test with various elements. The EGD is putting a scope down your throat while you're sedated. You also have an IV. I understand most of the time the surgeon takes biopsies. Mine were fine. Plus he could see a hiatal hernia he will fix at the same time as my Sleeve.
  10. Finally17

    Any August 2017 Sleevers?

    Great! I'm Aug 2, too. Good luck to us all!
  11. Finally17


    Sooo sorry to hear this!😧 Will you be getting of your. Money back? Suggest you talk with a patient advocate at your hospital to see what can be done for you. Can they tell you what steps need to be taken to make it happen? Best of luck!
  12. Angel Gloria: let me know how your surgery goes. I also gave a hernia. My surgery is Aug 2. Best of luck!
  13. I read that people are getting lots of info on you tube. Im one of the older set, yet am doing research. Where do I go and what do I look for? Thanks[emoji4]
  14. Finally17

    Any August 2017 Sleevers?

    Kamjmm25: Ive been working out when I can at a gym, 3-4 times a week. And I'm avoiding bread, pasta and rice. I leave to go on a 10-day cruise later this week, so that will really be the test with all that great food.
  15. Finally17

    Turkey neck

    What is the tape that's mentioned?
  16. Finally17

    Turkey neck

    Im 69 and surgery is Aug 2. I have the beginning of a turkey neck (check Pinterest for neck exercises), I have bat wings already (applying oils to try to help), and I have an apron (not related to the kitchen)...and all this prior to surgery. Yes, Im concerned about the extra skin getting worse, but I want to be healthier and no longer be the fat one in the room, at the activity, etc. Good luck to us!
  17. Finally17

    Any August 2017 Sleevers?

    Im 69 and my surgery is scheduled for Aug 2. Getting anxious to be beyond the surgery.
  18. Im 69, surgery scheduled for Aug 2
  19. Finally17

    Fibromyalgia and Sleeve

    I am 69 and also have fibro. Will be interested in any results the rest of this group has. My surgery is scheduled for Aug 2
  20. Finally17


    What are some of the non-food rewards you've used?
  21. Finally17

    And Arkansas or Oklahoma sleevers?

    My surgery is scheduled for Aug 2. When was yours?
  22. Finally17


    Cant seem to find My Fitness Pal in Ap Store. What am I missing?
  23. Alex: could you offer t shirts with the pink and blue with the tape measure? At the least, Id wear it working out[emoji106]
  24. Finally17

    And Arkansas or Oklahoma sleevers?

    Can you please give me an update on your surgery, especially since Dr Tucker will be doing my surgery, too? TY
  25. Finally17

    T shirt

    Is there any way you could use just the logo without Bariatric Pal? Im sure you'd like to use it for advertising, but some may not be anxious to display the name. I'd rather have people ask me about the logo so I could tell them individually.

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