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    Seeing as I just love to Sin I had my first drink, homemade sugar-free, no carb margarita (through a straw no less) about 6 or 7 weeks after my surgery. I was amazing. I limited myself to one drink as it didn't hit me hard. I haven't had anything since. I have no regrets
  2. LadySin

    Any regrets

    My biggest regret is rather silly. I regret that I didn't have this surgery a few years ago when my wife and I had our last baby. I was obese when I was pregnant and due to the way I carried my weight no one ever knew I was pregnant. I always wanted to be one of those tiny mommies with the huge bellies that they proudly show it off with beautiful maternity clothes. We're doing with babies now so it was never meant to be.
  3. LadySin

    Michigan sleevers

    Yup I'm in the Metro Detroit area. I'm a little over 3 months post op, and I'm completely in love with sleeve. ^.^
  4. LadySin

    January 2019 sleevers

    It's an app called Fitindex the goes with the digital scale I bought on Amazon. I don't believe the app works without the scale. I highly recommend them both! You can pair the app with Fitbit as well. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078HW8BPY/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. LadySin

    January 2019 sleevers

    So yesterday I made it to onderland! 198.2! I haven't been under 200lbs in a decade! It's all the morning monumental because I know I'll never again be over 200lbs. I'm supposed to weigh myself weekly but I had to weigh myself today because I had a couple of shots of tequila yesterday night, and gluten-free pizza slice with extra cheese, chicken, and onions that was so good I was worried it was actually laden with carbs. 😂 It was all good though because now I'm sitting pretty at 196.8 but I'm not allowed to record anything until Friday. This month I'm hoping to make it to 180 something but my ticker has a conservative 190.
  6. Still here, still queer! Anyway... I'm disappointed that I didn't make my goal of 200lbs by today. I'm 3.8lbs shy but I know why 😬. Overall I am happy. I weight in a 255 on my surgery on 1/15/19. Today I'm 203. That's 51.2lbs in a little over 2 months!😀 I restarted my whole journey on 6/7/18 weighing in at 280. So altogether I've lost 76.2lbs! 😍 I lost my preop weight doing IF. I tried doing in for a while after my sx. It isn't compatible while my stomach is so restriving. Besides I eat so few calories (around 600 a day) I don't need IF yet. Now when I start upping my calories after 6 - 9 months I'll definitely be back to IF! I lift weight 3 to 4 days a week. I don't do cardio. 😞 I need to hop on the elliptical regularly. Once spring actually sticks around I'll try my feet at jogging!
  7. LadySin

    Non Scale Victories

    This past weekend my wife and I went to the movies. I was so nervous because I reserved the "cuddling" seats. The last time I did that years ago my wife was pressed up in that chair like it was a clown car. I was so big. This time, room to spare and lots of cuddles!
  8. LadySin

    January 2019 sleevers

    I'm stalling along but I'm used to it! I'll lose a lot really fast then nothing but inches (which is still great). When I look at the overall, I'm extremely happy. 31lbs gone forever since my surgery!
  9. LadySin

    January 2019 sleevers

    I got one of those scales that will tell you everything about your body. I love seeing my muscle mass going up, and my bmi going down. Seeing the number go down in the amount of fat in my body is great too! I try not to concern myself with weight. I'd love to see the scale say 20% body fat! Get you one of those scales! So much better for my mental health. Especially during a stall. My weight may not move during one of my stalls but muscle always goes up and fat goes down. Thus I've learned by body doesn't stall at all. Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  10. LadySin

    January 2019 sleevers

    You feel you should have lost more? When have you ever lost 25lbs in less than 4 weeks? Thats amazing! I was sleeved on the 15th as well and I'm down 21lbs, I'm thrilled! We've got this! Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  11. LadySin

    January surgeries?!

    I'm loving poached eggs. (my first time cooking them and I'm a master already, never going back to overeasy!) I'm also loving pureed beans, soups. I had some salmon the other day and that went down with no problem. Tried some chicken. My stomach said "This aint it chief". So far the only solids I can tolerate are eggs and seafood, and only very small amounts. 1 medium egg, 4 oz of soup, 2-3 oz of pureed food.
  12. LadySin


    Day1! Surgery status: Post OP and losing Weight: 229 Goal (challenge specific): Reach 219 following no Junk challenge. Lifting weights 3x weekly, and the occasional self love post!
  13. LadySin


    I have already decided to do this for sure. Not only that but I'm doing it outside of the US. ^.^
  14. LadySin


    Same. I've been trying to keep my carbs around 30g a day but pureed bean have been a lifesaver! I've always loved beans. I don't know if I can do the whole keto thing and not eat beans. Rice and bread, and pasta sure, but beans?
  15. LadySin


    It took a picture for me to really see the difference. I'm hitting week long stalls but I ain't worried! Will definitely be doing the February challenge!
  16. LadySin

    January surgeries?!

    My surgery was on the 15th, so far I'm down 12lbs. I feel like it was forever ago except for the the very dull ache at the biggest incision. I'm worried that the hernia that I didn't even know I had but the surgeon repaired is going to come back. Other than I get can get all my protein in if it's in liquid form. I drink about 60 oz of water a day. I was doing a 128oz everyday before surgery. All in all I feel great. I've even gone back to exercises though I'm not allowed to lift more than 20lbs. I miss working my abs! 😭
  17. LadySin


    Me too. Thank you ❤️
  18. LadySin


    Day 22: Music I've fallen off the challenge wagon. I still follow all rules religiously but I haven't felt like doing anything lately. Going into one of my moods again. I do want to be here for this one. If anyone has seen other posts of mine music is everything for me. My mom had playlist going when I was born. I had one going when I died. I have one going full of my desire to live. This song is the first on the list: https://youtu.be/D5Y11hwjMNs
  19. LadySin


    Day 17: Now that I've been sleeved this is Just about everyday's meals!
  20. Yes the did but there mostly gone. Now I'm with the foaming and gurgling in the back of my throat. I can also feel my guts moving around and contracting or something. I can tolerate warm liquid better than cool but cool liquid quenches my thirst so much better. I'm on full liquids until the 29th.
  21. I know I joke around a lot. I have to or else I'd go even madder, but I do wish the best for you sis. I wish this wasn't even something you have to deal with. I'm sure you married that man because you loved him to the Death Star and back. I'm a helpless romantic I'm ashamed to say. I hope that someday YOUR prince will come. Even if it's your now husband coming to realize all that you are to him, or Mr Emerald Isle, waiting for you at home. Don't ever give up on love. Don't let anyone steal that from you.
  22. Woah. That's heavy as f**k. And to think when I was kid all I wanted to was be an adult riding off into the sunset with my princess and living happily ever after. Didn't quite work out that way. I'm an adult with many debts, who lives on a dark street in the hood. At least I've got my princess *she's got a hot accent as well* ❤️ Well sis sounds like you already really know what you're going to do. Since I'm full of Sin I say do what you gotta do! Ride his old drunk ass out to pasture, leave with them Euros and be happy with your daughter. Or come on over to Michigan! My wife and I will treat you and that irish brogue like the queens you are ^.^ lol
  23. Same here sis. I also had/have the hiccups on and off something fierce! My surgeon's assistant says burping is bad, he says it means I'm drinking too fast but I really am going slowly. He's saying the gas should be coming out the other end. I'm just glad it coming out period! I was feeling a lot of pressure in my shoulder and neck. Walked my rump off and it's all but gone. I do a few laps around my house every two hours, and sip, sip on protein all day. Lets hang in together everyone, and hang on to some of these awesome vets around here!
  24. Why is this nurse getting on my nerves. Lady just do you job! I don't need nor want your opinion! Just let me live my life 😂
  25. LadySin

    Getting sleeved right now!

    Can I get that hug Mrs Frustr8? lol I'm doing great guys. Doc repaired a small hernia I had no idea I had. No trouble swallowing liquid but it I go too fast there is a bit of discomfort. Ya'll weren't lying about the healing powers of walking, walking, walking! I'm so happy right now , just a little tender ^.^