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  1. So I had a Kanye West moment recently. I went off on a rant. I got my scale it said that I had gained 8lbs in 1 day. How Sway!! How!!

    I finally got the courage to video myself doing a workout. I am proud. 



    1. Sleeve1stFitNext


      FYI please excuse the language in my post. I was very upset that day and my feelings was really hurt.

      *Also it was in one week...not one day!!

    2. Sosewsue61


      Muscles holding onto water....but yeah that would be a ****** to see on the scale!!! Drink some milk right after your workout, and maybe part of a protein shake and up your water.

    3. Newme17


      Not cool, but it’s not fat. So be encouraged that an 8lb gain in one week is most likely water, unless you decided to eat 5 cheesecakes all week long. 😊 it’ll come off as fast as it went on.